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1576 This isn't Going as Planned.

'What c.r.a.p are you spewing?' Felix frowned, 'I am not interfering around, announce your surrender telepathically for all to hear...Don't make me reiterate it, otherwise, I will get you demonized.'

There was no way Felix was going to let Lord Marduk out of his grasp without him surrendering first.

After all, even when everyone could see that he defeated him, if he uttered nothing to confirm it, he would be the shmuck for letting him go.

As for killing him? Felix would never make such a dumb mistake.

Lord Marduk was too useful for his operations and if he didn't fulfill his end of the bargain, then he would demonize him coercively even if it meant starting a war with all the primogenitors in place!

'Demonize me? Go for it.' Lord Marduk smiled, 'You have my blessings.'

His nonchalant att.i.tude threw off Felix and the tenants completely.

'Was he always like this?' he asked the tenants, his voice tinged with a mix of curiosity and frustration.

'No, Lord Marduk is too smart to play hard to get, especially in such a situation. His indifference could be a facade, a calculated act meant to throw you off balance,' Lady Sphinx suggested, her tone indicative of respect for Lord Marduk's tactical

'I feel the same, something is off about the situation.' Lord s.h.i.+va frowned, 'I honestly never thought you would be able to take him down even with his lack of knowledge, he is too astute to end in your grasp.'

'Thanks for the trust.' Felix's eyelids twitched.

Still, deep down, Felix also felt that it shouldn't have been this easy in spite of his a.s.sault being close to perfection.

But, Felix's senses didn't pick any foul play about Lord Marduk's body...Both his soul and body were perfect, and if he was using a wisp inside a clone or such, he would have easily found out.

'There is only one way to find out.' Felix eyed Lord Marduk coldly and said, 'You brought this upon yourself.'

With a determined expression, he began to direct his crimson mist, attempting to initiate the process of demonization on Lord Marduk right before the eyes of the primogenitors!

The very concept of demonizing a fellow primogenitor sent shockwaves through the cosmic a.s.sembly.

"Landlord! You can't do this!" Cherufe's voice carried a rumble of anger as he seemed like he was about to spring into action and attack him.

"Boy, you have already won the battle, no need to be extreme and humiliate him." The silent Lord Osiris spoke expressionlessly, his voice carried a tint of warning.

Felix's allies, however, rallied to his defense.

"He left him no choice, he refuses to surrender." Lady Sphinx said.

"Then kill him." Lord Osiris replied indifferently, "I haven't uttered anything about the darkins' demonization since you were enemies, but this is too far gone for a mere showdown. Kill him or let him go, but you won't enslave him before us."

All nonaffiliated primogenitors to Felix took the same stance, making him understand that it wasn't going to end pleasantly for him if he went for it.

Their reaction was understandable since demonization was merely another word for enslavement.

They refused to have the creation primogenitor enslaved not for his sake but for their own sake.

If even the current strongest primogenitor could be enslaved, what would stop Felix from making a 180-degree switch and coming after them too?

So, they had to make a stand before him, right now, right here, to show him that they wouldn't roll to the side and let him do as he pleased just because of his spiritual pressure!

Unfortunately for them, Felix had no plans to listen to their pleas. All he cared about was getting as strong as possible to rescue Asna and he understood that every little a.s.sistance was important.

In other words, he was getting the creation primogenitor's powers either amicably or forcefully.

"Will you still feel the same if I told you that he knew abo..."

'Okay, that's enough.' Before Felix could finish his sentence, Lord Marduk interrupted him. 'I was curious to see how the demonization would work on me, but you had to ruin my fun by being a little snitch.'


Felix didn't even focus on what Lord Marduk was saying...His stunned eyes were focused on his body, which was melting before his own eyes into a pool of vivid colors!

His spiritual pressure, which was his ultimate weapon could do nothing to contain it.

After it slipped from his grasp, the colorful pool exploded into a starry color rainbow, astounding everyone watching it.

Just as everyone was about to snap from their daze and react to this unexpected development, the fabric of the cosmos s.h.i.+fted once again, causing thes.p.a.ce around them to begin to warp and s.h.i.+mmer.

Then, a colossal, ethereal figure materialized before the a.s.sembly!

It was Lord Marduk, but not as he had seen before.

His spectral form was immense, transcending the physical confines of s.p.a.ce...His body, a manifestation of pure cosmic energy, glowed with the intensity of creation itself!

The most striking feature, however, was his eyes...The twin stars, dangerously close to each other in the sky, now served as his eyes, blazing with the fire of a billion suns!

They cast their gaze upon the onlookers, a silent testament to the unfathomable power of the Creation Primogenitor!

One look at him and everyone would be left with a single description...A Litrall G.o.d!


"This... this is impossible. No primogenitor should possess such boundless energy."n--)/.)/-(---I-.n

"Is this some kind of trick? It defies all logic!"

"I can feel his real presence, this is incredible... I'm at a loss for words."

The enraged primogenitors all put their anger aside, replacing it with a sense of wonder and incredibility, not daring to believe what their eyes were feeding them!

Their reaction was understandable as they knew that primogenitors' size upper limit couldn't surpa.s.s a small star.

If they grew beyond it, they wouldn't be able to sustain it due to the energy consumption.

Siren, her voice reflecting the awe of the moment, whispers, "He's become a cosmic ent.i.ty unto himself..."

'Wait, wait, wait, this isn't part of the script...How can a primogenitor be this powerful?'

Even Felix, known for his unshakeable composure, found himself frozen in place, his previous confidence shaken by the sheer magnitude of Lord Marduk's transformation.

As Marduk's form stabilized, revealing a cosmic being of unfathomable size, his ma.s.sive mouth opened.

His voice, now resonating like the rumble of the universe itself, boomed across the expanse. "Do not be surprised...This galaxy, every star, every planet, every black hole, has been crafted by my hands. I have woven the fabric of this cosmos from scratch."

"Are you kidding me?"

"This defies the laws of the universe. How can it be?!"

The revelation didn't really ease their shock. In fact, it doubled down on their reaction and added a tint of horror in their hearts.

They wanted to disbelieve him badly, knowing that it should have been even more impossible to create a whole d.a.m.n galaxy from a creation domain!

The energy needed to pull something like this couldn't even be put in numbers!

While Lord Loki's illusion domain in the UVR could be accessed throughout the universe, its energy intake was sustainable for him since he was bringing everyone's consciousness into his illusion domain.

It was like he was inviting them into an already manifested illusionary world and whatever they do in it wouldn't exhaust his energy much since they were merely imagining themselves doing those things.

But this was different...It was a literal galaxy in the universe supported by creation energy!

"Marduk, looks like you have finally managed to decipher some new techniques from the inscriptions." Lord Khaos commentated expressionlessly while manifesting himself into a ma.s.sive humanoid void with starry lights in his body.

"Lord Marduk, is he right?!"

"Did you really master a new one?!"

His comment caused everyone's expression to light up akin to a Christmas tree, knowing that the only path left for them to improve relied heavily on those techniques.

If an elemental technique was really responsible for allowing Lord Marduk to pull this off, then, they must have it at all costs!

"I did decipher a couple of ones, and I have utilized their combination to help me create my very first galaxy." Lord Marduk confirmed it calmly, not too bothered by them knowing the truth.

His answer sure did startle all of them, even the elemental lords.

"A couple?!! How can you hide it from us?" k.u.miho acted super upset, "We would have offered whatever you wanted for the sake of learning just one of them."

"It's never too late, my lord, just voice your request, your order, and it shall come true," Erebus announced with a tone filled with unyielding resolve.

Most of the primogenitors shared the same crazed reaction...They didn't even seem to care anymore about what Felix was going to say before the transformation happened.

Who could blame them? Everyone was left stagnated in the same place for eons after mastering their elements fully.

The only ways of improvement left were either mastering a domain or learning to advance in their third stage of manipulation.

Whether it was an elemental lord, a normal primogenitor, or even Felix.

They were at the same step in the third stage of manipulation, which was mastering the conversion technique.

Now they received a confirmation that new techniques were learned and were shown their capabilities, how could they not go nuts?

When Felix saw their reaction, he had a feeling that Lord Marduk could literally order them to jump his a.s.s for their sake and they would go for it blindly.

'This isn't going as planned at all...' Felix's expression wasn't so good.

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