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Chapter 1693 The Last Dance. I

1693 The Last Dance. I

With a single traded glance between them, their expressions, once marred by desperation and fear, hardened into a resolve as strong as the foundations of the universe!

In that instant, they acknowledged a truth they had hoped to avoid: there was no escape, no turning back from the precipice upon which they stood.

The end, if it were to come, would be on their terms!

With a solemn nod to each other, Zeus and Poseidon made their decision.

It was a choice born not of cowardice, but of a last stand against an inescapable fate. Their divine essence, the very core of their being, began to glow with a foreboding light. It was the light of sacrifice, a brilliance that heralded the end of an era.

"We won't allow you to freely take our cores and replace us!"

"Paragon, you have forced our hands!"

Zeus and Poseidon declared, their voices echoing through the dream realm with a gravity that belied the impending catastrophe!

And then, with a divine command that resonated with the power of their untold millennia, Zeus and Poseidon initiated the self-

destruction of both their souls and cores!!!

If even mortals were able to self-implode their souls, the unigins could do more than that as their self-implosion command could impact even their cores!

Not a single unigin in the history of the universe had done this before as there wasn't anything or anyone to force them into this deadly end.

After all, G.o.ds could be reborn with new cores later on in the future in case of their death. Why go through the trouble of self-implosion?

But in this case? All the G.o.ds realized that if they got caught by Felix and he gunned for their cores, self-implosion was the only way out!

If Hephaestus knew that Felix would be able to ascend again through his core and erase his existence forever, he would have done the same since it would ensure his rebirth with a new core!

Alas, there was no fixing to the past, and it seems that even the future wasn't in their hands...

"You are truly insulting my intelligence if you a.s.sumed I didn't predict this final desperate act." Felix commentated with an unfazed look.

The moment he finished speaking, the cataclysmic energy of their cores surging towards its devastating crescendo, was abruptly quelled, extinguished as if it never was...


"Don't tell me..."

The two unigins' expressions, initially marked by the solemn acceptance of self-sacrifice, morphed into disbelief and shock.

They watched, helpless, in despair, as the very essence of their divine cores was stifled, the expected implosion rendered impossible by an unseen force...

Felix, amidst the tension, wore a faint cold smile, the calm amidst the storm.

"I've used a wish here," He revealed, his voice a calm whisper that carried the weight of absolute authority within the dream realm. "Any core-related self-implosions are banned. Why do you think I didn't waste any wishes during our battle?"

If Felix desired, he could have ended this battle in a heart beat by simply using a wish to remove the laws of those two.

This would be enough to cripple them once and for all. But, he knew that wis.h.i.+ng for this, plus the removal of divinities would leave him broke.

If he couldn't afford to wish to stop the act of core self-implosion in his dream world, all of his efforts would have gone to waste!

"Ha..haha...You brat...You brought us here for this."

"You didn't do the same for our souls...Is it? Haha, ha, you are truly the worst possible version of the paragon of sins to grace the universe."

The two G.o.ds could only watch with defeated looks as their souls, untethered from the safety of their cores, continued their catastrophic contraction, teetering on the brink of annihilation...

Felix's smile expanded ever so slightly, his eyes alight with a cold, strategic fire.

"Of course, I didn't extend that prohibition to your souls. Your soul explosion, after all, is necessary for what comes next."

The realization dawned upon Zeus and Poseidon in that suspended moment, trapped within Felix's dominion, their ultimate escape was barred, and their final defiance turned against them.

Their cores were rendered inert, their souls remained on a precipice, their imminent dissolution now a p.a.w.n in Felix's grand design.

As their souls hovered on the edge of oblivion, the atmosphere heavy with the stress of their impending demise, the reality of their situation settled in.

"We have lost..."

"Is this the sensation of death?" Poseidon murmured to himself as he placed his palm on his panicked heart, feeling like it would explode any moment.

As much as both of them felt genuine fear engulfing their hearts, they didn't want to make their last moments disgraceful.

If they had no control over the battlefield or the time of their death, the least they could do was control how they could go.

Meanwhile, Felix couldn't care less about their reaction and unveiled a new sin-symbolic technique of profound power and dread: The All-

Devouring Void Puppet!

With a wave of his hand, a sigil materialized in the air, crackling with dark energy, from which appeared a gigantic pitch-black humanoid puppet!

This eerie figure, towering and sinister, was marked by a grotesquely ma.s.sive mouth on its stomach, while its eyes glinted ominously with a mix of green and orange light.

From a first glance, it was clear this puppet was created out of greed, gluttony, and void laws.

As the stress reached its zenith, with Zeus and Poseidon's souls teetering on the edge of catastrophic self-destruction, the puppet acted.

It opened its gaping maw wide, an abyss within an abyss, and a palpable force emanated from it, a hunger insatiable and indiscriminate!

"The devouring puppet...I see...You are truly one sinister individual..."

"Sinister or not, you will soon be joining us as nothing will save you from the three rulers' wrath...Mark my words, paragon, mark my words.."

As both G.o.ds released their last remarks, their souls collapsed at last and what followed should have been a catastrophic explosion, powerful enough to erase a hundred times the size of the dreamrealm.

However, the impending explosion, a maelstrom of soul energy about to burst forth in destructive defiance, found itself drawn inexorably toward the puppet's dark void!

The tenants, with a mix of awe and horror etched into their faces, watched as the very essence of the explosion, the culmination of two G.o.dly souls' final stand, was devoured whole!

Not a trace of the energy wave, no whisper of its might, managed to escape the puppet's insatiable hunger.

In what seemed less than a heartbeat, the catastrophic force was gone, consumed entirely, leaving behind nothing but the eerie stillness of the aftermath...


With a loud burp, the puppet proceeded to close its mouth and gave a slight head bow to Felix...Then, it receded into the sigil from whence it came, disappearing without a trace as if it had never been.

As for the two unigins? The only thing left behind were their cores and weapons...

After losing their owners, the cores halted their struggle immediately, allowing Asna's core to devour them without an ounce of resistance.

With that, two new stars were placed on the skies of Asna's core, one was made completely out of electricity and the other out of foggy water!

"Is it done...It's done, right? Right? Right?!!" Candace murmured again and again while her voice kept getting louder like she couldn't imagine the notion of Felix defeating two G.o.ds and harvesting their cores at the same time!

"It's not the time for celebration."

Felix didn't even crack a tiny smile...He looked into the distance and uttered with a serious cold look, "The job isn't done yet."

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