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Chapter 869: She Was a Pitiful Wretch

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There was a lot of discussion over here.

Normally, the two of them would not attract too much attention.

However, Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan were too dazzling.

They could not help but pay attention to them.

A portion of the words reached Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan’s ears, but they ignored it.


“Sheng Sheng, be careful. You rarely wear such a long dress. Don’t fall.”

Ever since Qin Sheng had changed into this evening dress and put on the high heels, Fu Hanchuan had kept reminding her, afraid that she would not notice and fall.

In Fu Hanchuan’s impression, this was the first time Qin Sheng had dressed like this.

Of course, he had forgotten that in her previous life, Qin Sheng had often appeared at banquets to help Qin Real Estate.

Initially, the Lin family had already prepared an evening gown for Qin Sheng.

It was a strapless gown.

Fu Hanchuan felt that it was too revealing. Moreover, when it was worn, Qin Sheng was extremely dazzling.

He did not want other men to see Qin Sheng’s appearance.

Thus, he arranged for someone to rush a gown for Qin Sheng.

Once Qin Sheng changed into it, he regretted it again.

The design of this evening gown was also excellent. It was only a little simpler than the previous one. However, it did not hide Qin Sheng’s figure. Instead, it made her appear even more charming.

If it weren’t for the fact that there wasn’t enough time, Fu Hanchuan would have really changed Qin Sheng into another one.

From the moment Fu Hanchuan left the house, his heart was filled with jealousy.

In order to prevent others from targeting Qin Sheng, Fu Hanchuan let Qin Sheng hold his hand and walk into the hotel.

He was declaring his sovereignty.

Qin Sheng already had a boyfriend.

Old Master Lu was also present. When he learned that the Lin family was holding a family recognition banquet, he boarded a plane and came over.

He was the one who brought Qin Sheng in, but Fu Hanchuan intercepted him.

Old Master Lu was furious.

He couldn’t do anything to Fu Hanchuan. Who asked Qin Sheng to side with Fu Hanchuan?

Lin Haocheng and Lin Haoyu followed Fu Hanchuan and Qin Sheng as they stretched out their hands. They stared at the arm that the two of them were holding, and it was still that extremely intimate action. They felt very uncomfortable in their hearts.

They wanted to be the person who walked in with Qin Sheng’s arm.

The two brothers argued about this matter in front of Qin Sheng. They did not take Fu Hanchuan into consideration. After all, it was very inappropriate for her boyfriend to bring her into the banquet. Fu Hanchuan probably would not do that.

They did not expect Fu Hanchuan to be so shameless.

Hearing Fu Hanchuan’s concerned words, Qin Sheng was very helpless. “Brother Fu, you have already said this more than ten times.”

Fu Hanchuan chuckled softly, his voice tinged with affection. “Sheng Sheng, are you feeling annoyed?”

Qin Sheng shook her head. “Why would I be?”

Fu Hanchuan could not help but reach out and scratch Qin Sheng’s nose. “Alright, let’s not talk about it anymore.”

He could be more careful. He would not let Qin Sheng fall.

The two of them moved very intimately.

Many people at the scene had already guessed the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them.

In the crowd, Ye Yutong’s hands that were hanging by her side had already tightened. Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan were walking together and it was very eye-catching.

She wished that she could go up and separate them.

Fu Hanchuan was hers.

He should not appear in public with Qin Sheng like this and still act so intimate.

When she saw Lin Haocheng and Lin Haoyu behind Qin Sheng, Ye Yutong was stunned and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Why were the two members of the Lin family following behind Qin Sheng?

A guess faintly emerged.

However, Ye Yutong shook off this thought as soon as it appeared.

That was impossible. How could Qin Sheng have such a family background?

She was just a pitiful wretch that no one wanted.

As for the fact that Lin Haocheng and Lin Haoyu knew her, it must be because of Fu Hanchuan.

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