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Chapter 1227: Extra

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Many years later, Master Yun Wei’s painting was still hanging in a bookstore.

An old man in his nineties walked into the bookstore. He took out a few thousand taels of silver, and shakily bought the treasure of the store.

It had been more than sixty years…

When he was in his thirties, he was lucky enough to get a copy of Master Yun Wei’s painting. From then on, he tried to find out about the old man’s new work… At that time, everyone said that Master Yun Wei was definitely an old man in his seventies or eighties…

However, so many years had pa.s.sed, and every few years, he would be able to buy a painting…

Master Yun Wei’s paintings were becoming more and more exquisite, but… he was already in his nineties, and he was still alive…

The old man’s legs trembled, and when he walked out of the door, he gritted his teeth.

He had to endure it, he had to endure it. When Master Yun Wei no longer produced any new paintings, the prices of the paintings in his hands would increase by several times! H-He had to… persevere!


Unfortunately, before he could climb onto his carriage, the old man’s vision turned black, and he pa.s.sed away.

This year, Xie Qiao turned eighty.

The year after she gave birth to the twins, his elder brother had completely smoothed out the fate of being a lonely man and married Yu Xian.

Xie Pinghuai was not considered to have gotten married early. He only settled down when he was twenty-five years old. His wife was not of n.o.ble status and was a cousin from the Lin family. She was eight years younger than him, yet she still wanted to marry him.

However, the two of them were childhood sweethearts, so Xie Qiao could not stop them.

In this day and age, cousins getting married… was not uncommon.

Moreover, another cousin from the Lin family was hired at the imperial hospital when he was only twenty years old. He had the talent of an expert doctor, so Xie Pinghuai did not have the right to look down on the Lin family. He had to respect them.

However, Xie Xi…

In the end, she married a military official.

It was a man named Lu Lin. He did not have any backing, but he was rather likable. According to her father, this kid was someone who knew how to fight with his life. He was also quite capable and was young. When Mount Rong stirred trouble back then, he was one of the vanguard. He killed many people.

Her father also said that in order to be the son-in-law of the Xie family, this man kowtowed so hard that his head almost cracked….

Xie Xi had seen him secretly and even chatted with him quite a bit. For some reason, the two of them took a liking to each other, which was why they were married for life.

Of course, Xie Qiao could not marry his sister off just like that. She got people to monitor Lu Lin for a long time.

He was really a good person.

Although he was a military official, he knew his manners and did not have any bad habits. He saved money and did not squander.

With military merits and spoils of war, he also had a house in the capital. He did not spend his money on entertainment, and he did not have concubines.

That was why Xie Qiao agreed to the marriage…

When she was forty-five, she was tired of the hard life in the palace together with Zhao Xuanjing.

Zhao Xuanjing abdicated to his eldest son.

At that time, when Meng jifang became the new grand preceptor, he no longer had the arrogance he had when he was young. Although he started late, he was very intelligent. Ten to twenty years later, his ability would be on par with Mo Lingzi’s.

Xie Qiao’s son was taught by a great scholar since he was young. He was very intelligent and had a good character. After he ascended to the throne, he maintained the rule of peace.

Perhaps it was because the previous two emperors abdicated early, her son only became the emperor for more than twenty years before he pa.s.sed the throne to the emperor’s eldest grandson.

Now, she already had seven or eight great-grandsons.

The current Crown Prince was only six years old. He was very thick-skinned and playful. He often came to the courtyard to disturb her and Zhao Xuanjing’s retirement. Several times, he was thrown out by Zhao Xuanjing’s men.

“Great-grandfather, great-grandmother! I went to the gambling den yesterday, and guess what?! There was actually someone betting on whether you guys would die this year!” The little guy snorted angrily. “Hmph, it’s not a proper gambling den to begin with, and they dare to be so arrogant. I’m so angry that I smashed that place!”

Zhao Xuanjing did not even raise his eyebrows, and his beard moved.


Xie Qiao was only eighty years old, so she would not die.

In the past few decades, as long as she did not appear in a while, people would say that her body was weak, but in fact… she had been great!

Now… Although she was eighty years old, she felt that she was getting younger and younger.

She could still continue to live!

The little Crown Prince always thought that the two elders’ eyes were a bit crafty.

It was not until many years later, when the two elders were still alive, that he realized how naive the people out there were.

The two of them had long lives!

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