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Chapter 1506 - 1506 Broken Brakes

1506 Broken Brakes

Speaking of this incident, Ling Xiao and Qi Zhi’an’s faces didn’t look too good.

They didn’t expect that a car accident would happen!

“The matter is still being investigated, it should be clear soon.”

Qi Zhi’an’s face was cold and stern, and he was very angry.

Who wouldn’t be angry?


The family of three almost went to G.o.d together. Could they still be that relaxed about it?

Now, Qi Xin was lying inside by herself. Even if they knew that she was not seriously injured, she was their own daughter. How could they not worry about her?

When they thought of the person behind the scene, they were so angry that they wanted to find him and cut him into pieces!

“How is Qi Xin doing now? Is she okay?”

Xia Xibei released Ling Xiao’s hand and smiled at her.

Ling Xiao’s problems were not serious. They were all superficial injuries.

The Qi family had enough useful ointments to fix these problems quickly without her help.

“She’s still unconscious,” Ling Xiao sighed, heartbroken. “If it weren’t for that child, we probably wouldn’t be able to see you right now!”

Qi Zhi’an was busy rea.s.suring his wife, “Don’t say such demoralizing words. We will all be safe.”

Ling Xiao pursed her mouth feebly, still not fully recovered from the incident.

The three of them were ready to go out and have fun together, but then they turned around, and these things happened.

A great family gathering was just ruined!

Qi Xin almost couldn’t be saved!

“Who was driving the car?” Xia Xibei asked.

“The driver drove the car, and the three of us sat in the back.”

“You all sat in the back?”

Xia Xibei narrowed her eyes and brought suspicion to them.


Qi Zhi’an nodded. “Xinxin wanted to chat with us, so we sat together.”

They were traveling in a business car, and the back seat was quite

s.p.a.cious. The three were not big people, so they sat together quite comfortably.

Besides, they hadn’t been this close for a long time.

So, when Qi Xin suggested it, they agreed.

Since they were sitting together, Qi Xin s.h.i.+elded them when the accident happened.

“What about the driver? How is he now?”

“The driver died.”

Speaking of this, Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao’s expressions were not good.

“The driver is dead?” Xia Xibei frowned. “What about the car? Have you guys checked it?”

“We’re checking it,” Qi Zhi’an sighed, “The car has a problem with the brakes.”

They wanted to go for a walk in the countryside today, but when the car arrived at a place with little traffic, the driver suddenly looked alarmed and said that the car’s brakes were broken.

Shortly after that, a car rushed in front of them.

The car just came straight at their car with a lot of momentum.

The driver dodged, but because the brakes were broken, there was still an accident.

When it hit the tree, Qi Xin s.h.i.+elded them, and she herself was. .h.i.t instead.

“If I find out who did it, I won’t spare him!”

Qi Zhi’an gritted his teeth.

The thought of his daughter still unconscious made his heart ache.

Listening to them talk about this matter, Xia Xibei’s eyes darkened a bit.

“I’ll go check on Qi Xin.”

“Okay, go see her!”

Ling Xiao was a little pleasantly surprised.

They all knew that Xia Xibei’s medical skills were profound, so if she helped Qi Xin with her treatment, there would be no problem.

It would be great if Xia Xibei could take the initiative.

Xia Xibei said goodbye to them and went to Qi Xin’s ward.

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