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Chapter 1510 - 1510 Why Is She Here Too

1510 Why Is She Here Too

“We’re fine,” Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao shook their heads in unison.

“Your situation is more serious than ours. You should worry about yourself.”

“Look after yourself. Why worry about us when you should protect yourself?”

Speaking of the situation, Ling Xiao still had palpitations in her heart.

Faced with Ling Xiao’s rant, Qi Xin shook her head with a serious face, “At the time when it happened, I had no other thoughts in my mind. I just wanted to protect you guys.”


These words moved the two people.

Who wouldn’t be relieved to have a daughter who cared about them in this way?

Although this child was not very grown-up, this kind of heart was already enough for them to be proud and satisfied.

“Kid!” Ling Xiao nudged her uninjured area. “We are so much older than you. We should be protecting you!”

Thinking about what happened earlier, Ling Xiao still had a lingering fear.

If not for several people’s timely reactions, they might have been killed on the spot.

“I don’t think about it that much.” Qi Xin pouted at Ling Xiao, “If you give me another chance, I…”


Ling Xiao immediately interrupted her words, “Another chance? What nonsense, take it back!”

Qi Xin stuck out her tongue and smiled cheekily, “I said it wrong. There won’t be such a chance again!”

Ling Xiao rolled her eyes, “It’s enough for you to get well! Don’t think so much!”

“Yes, the most important thing for you is to heal. We’ll take care of the rest,” Qi Zhi’an also followed.

“Good,” Qi Xin nodded, then asked, “By the way, what happened? Have you guys found out yet?”

“Not yet,” Qi Zhi’an shook his head, “We’re still continuing to investigate.”

“We must find out!” Qi Xin was filled with righteous anger. “We must find the culprit and punish him severely!”

“I know,” Qi Zhi’an patted her hand. “You don’t have to worry so much. Just leave the rest to us.”


Qi Xin also did not continue to ask, just nodded obediently.

“It’s time to apply the medicine.”

A voice rang out as the family of three was getting close.

Qi Xin stiffened, then turned her head to look, and her face froze.

Xia Xibei?

“Why are you here?!” she couldn’t help but scream.

“Hey now.”

Before Xia Xibei could say anything, Ling Xiao patted her and snapped, “Beibei knew you were injured, so she came over to see you.”

“Yes, and she helped you with your injury. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have woken up so quickly,” Qi Zhi’an added.

This made Qi Xin feel angry and nervous.

Why would Xia Xibei know about this?

Who told her?

As if reading her mind, Xia Xibei laughed. “I received a call from my father earlier and heard that you had been in a car accident, so I came over to see if there was anything I could do to help. Luckily, I’m still somewhat useful.”

“You’re not just useful. You’re great!” Ling Xiao laughed and answered.

“Yeah, if it weren’t for you, Xinxin wouldn’t be awake yet,” Qi Zhi’an followed suit and said thanks.

Looking at the people smiling, Qi Xin’s hands and feet were cold, and her heart screamed.

How could Qi Zhiqiang be so gossipy?

What was there to say about this? What was it to him?!

“How many days have I been in a coma?” Qi Xin asked.

“More than a day,” Ling Xiao replied. “You woke up soon after Beibei came.”

Only a day or so?

Qi Xin’s mood was suddenly bad.

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