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Chapter 2104 Young Master Xiao

Yue Ya was captured?

Qi Xibei's expression darkened." Tell me clearly. What exactly happened?"


Before Yueyuan could finish her sentence, footsteps came from behind.

Yueyuan turned around and her face turned pale." They're coming! Run!""

Qi Xibei looked over and saw a few servants running over.

These people were holding sticks and ropes in their hands. They were arrogant and did not look like good people.

The few of them should have followed Yueyuan here, but they did not expect that there was a great beauty among them.


When they saw Qi Xibei's appearance, their eyes widened and they almost drooled.

They originally thought that the two sisters were pretty good beauties, but they did not expect that there was a great beauty here!

Such a beauty was more beautiful than all the women they had seen!

If he brought it back, Young Master would definitely reward him handsomely!

"Great beauty." The leader of the servants walked in with a greedy smile on his face." Come back with us? Our young master is a woman who cherishes women!"

"Sister Bei, hurry up and leave!"

Yueyuan's face was pale. She immediately opened her arms and blocked Qi Xibei behind her.

She did not expect these people to follow her back!

Moreover, they had their eyes on Qi Xibei!

They had never dared to let a beauty like Qi Xibei meet outsiders.

Even when they went to see a doctor previously, they had always found a female doctor.

After all, Qi Xibei's appearance was too outstanding. If he was discovered, it would be troublesome.

But who would have thought that these sc.u.mbags would actually catch up!

"I'm fine."

Qi Xibei pushed the full moon away and stood out.

"Beauty, do you want to go back with us? Don't worry, our Xiao family will definitely not mistreat you!"

The few servants laughed, their smiles very wretched.

"Xiao family?" Qi Xibei raised an eyebrow.

No matter what the beauty did, her every move was so charming.

The servant immediately smiled and explained," Our Xiao family is the number one family in Linyang City! As long as you follow our young master, you will definitely be rich and powerful!"

If he could bring this beauty home, Young Master would definitely be very happy!

As long as Young Master was happy, they would be able to earn money that they would never be able to earn in their entire lives!

"Young Master Xiao?"

Qi Xibei turned to look at the full moon.

Yueyuan's face was pale, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead." The Xiao family is a big family here. They have many people. The young master he mentioned likes to kidnap women…"

"Little girl, how can you say that? Our young master is a good person who takes pity on women! Those girls are all living a good life with our young master!"The servant shouted, and the people behind him immediately nodded.

Yueyuan bit her lip and glared at them nervously." The most powerful person in their family is a fifth-grade marquis, who is also the local tyrant here."

Marquis Wu?

Qi Xibei frowned.

She was now a fourth grade Revered Martial Artist, and there was still a distance between her and a Martial Marquis.

If she hadn't been injured, she might have already become a marquis.

If she was Marquis Wu, she wouldn't be afraid of fighting him.

"Now you know how powerful our family is, right?"

The servants were very proud.

Marquis Wu was a top expert here!

"Do you have many Martial Marquises?" Qi Xibei asked calmly.

"Our Old Master is Marquis Wu!"They answered proudly.

"Oh, I understand."

Qi Xibei smiled. Before they could react, he had already rushed out.

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