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Book 2: Chapter 442

‘I need to investigate.’

He wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking for, but Lukas couldn’t shake that thought. His heart pounded in his chest and his lips became dry. Anxiety filled his entire body, making the peace that he’d experienced so far seem like nothing but an illusion.

Lukas remembered all of his conversations with Kasajin. If he was looking for clues, he should first look for them in his conversations with him.

Kasajin had probably been trying to teach Lukas from the moment they’d first met.

Then he remembered.

A place that had the highest potential to answer his questions.

‘…the bottom.’

The end of Demonsio.

The lowest and darkest place.

And the place where the two battles that determined the fate of this territory took place.

There might be some clues there.

* * *

Two Apostles stood in front of the office.

When they saw Sedi and the Beginning Wizard approach, they began to tremble.


“That one behind you is…”

Sedi replied without even looking at them properly.

“The Beginning Wizard.”

“O-, one of the Twelve Void Lords…!”

The bodies of the two Apostles stiffened. But Sedi didn’t seem to notice their reactions.

“Move aside. I need to use my office. Don’t let anyone get close to this place till our conversation is over.”

“Are the two of you going to talk alone?”

“What was that?”

“…you can’t.”

“Please reconsider.”

The Lord could not be left alone to talk with one of the Twelve Void Lords. This was a statement made of pure loyalty.

There was no way that Sedi didn’t know that. Perhaps if she was in her usual, relaxed state, she would have appeased them with a blunt but clear tone.

But at that moment, Sedi’s displeasure was already reaching its peak.

“I can’t? I should reconsider? I don’t think I heard you clearly, are you two giving me orders?”

“That’s not it. However, the other is one of the Twelve Void Lords. You should be prepared for any situation…”

“At a time like that, we can serve as your s.h.i.+elds.”

A corner of Sedi’s lips curled up.

“That’s a lot of self praise, you two.”


“Against that monster, do you think you guys could even serve as s.h.i.+elds?”


The bodies of the Apostles trembled. But the twisted smirk on Sedi’s face didn’t change as she continued.

“I will say this one more time. If you are next to me, you will only get in the way, so leave.”

Shattered pride, humiliation, and the misery of hearing such an insult from none other than their own Lord silenced the Apostles.

Just as Sedi ignored them and grabbed the handle of the office door.

“My Lord. Then please allow me to accompany you.”

It was the Snake Apostle standing behind her that said those words.

“You know the power of this Uros. I’m sure I will be of help in a time of need.”


Sedi’s eyes narrowed coldly.

But Uros, the Snake Apostle, faced her with a face that said he wouldn’t back down.


Clicking her tongue, Sedi looked away.

Realising that her att.i.tude meant permission, the faces of the Apostles brightened at the same time.

* * *

“I’d like a cup of tea please.”

“You should shut up before I pour it directly into your face.”

Sedi shot back fiercely. She didn’t sit down because she didn’t want to lose even the slightest bit of tension.

On the other hand, the Beginning Wizard sat down, placed his staff across the table, then leaned back into the chair as if he was trying to bury himself in it.

Uros, the Apostle who had succeeded in joining their talk, couldn’t help but think as he looked at him.

His body was filled with openings.

It felt like it would be extremely easy to smash that hideous mask, snap his neck, or grab his heart through his robe and crush it.

Right. This was something that even Uros, who had just experienced death from a mysterious attack, was feeling. So the Beginning Wizard’s current defencelessness went without saying.

However, at the same time, a sharp instinct was warning him.

It would never be that easy.

That point was easy to see. After all, he still couldn’t figure out what kind of trick this guy had used. Without knowing that, their side would be at a tremendous disadvantage if a fight truly was to break out.

“I have no intention of fighting you.”

As he said this in a relaxed tone, the Beginning Wizard picked up a teacup. The teacup was filled with clear, bright liquid, which had steam coming out of it as if it was freshly boiled.

Sedi’s expression hardened. Naturally, she hadn’t served any tea. On the contrary, there weren’t even any teacups, teapots, or even tea leaves in this office.

And yet, a cup of hot tea had appeared on the table.


“Hmm. The taste is very stable.”

Click. Sedi didn’t remove her gaze from his mask until he put the tea back down.

“…is this your goal?”

“What do you mean?”

“To keep playing dirty tricks and keep my guard up. Clearly, it’s working pretty well. If I’ll be honest, I still haven’t figured out what tricks you’re really using.”


Uros was startled by the last remark.

Not knowing how he attacked.

Confessing that was not a good tactic. What would they do if he were to attack in that way again?


Had she grasped some of the mysteries of that man’s magic?

Still smiling, the Beginning Wizard spoke.

“It’s a small habit. It’s always a Wizard’s job to create a sense of mystery.”

“That’s different from the Wizards I know.”

“Fufu. Those that you know can’t be called Wizards. It would be more accurate to call them Magicologists.”


Sedi didn’t reveal her own distinction, but the Beginning Wizard spoke as if he knew everything.

The feeling that she might not have even noticed her own mistake made her stomach turn. What was even more annoying was that she didn’t think this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was wrong.

It was just her speculation, but it felt as if the Beginning Wizard knew exactly what Sedi’s definition of Wizard was.

“Why did you let Uros come with us?”

Sedi asked about this first.

“Didn’t you want us to talk alone?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s just one. It’s fine if he’s here, it’s fine if he isn’t.”


“I’m surprised you didn’t just go straight to the point. Of course, I’m a chatterbox who prefers private conversations, so what can I do? Would you like to continue talking about trivial things like this?”

Although he said it in a roundabout manner, the Beginning Wizard’s suggestion was clear.

Let’s get to the point.

“Right. Let’s carry on.”

Sedi immediately rejected his offer.

Then, she plopped onto the chair in front of the Beginning Wizard and raised her chin in an arrogant manner.

“Are you going to drink tea on your own? I have a mouth too?”


A chuckle crept out from the Beginning Wizard’s mask. Then, the moment he snapped his fingers, the tea in front of him split in two.

It was as if its cells had been divided.

Just as Sedi touched the teacup.

“My Lord…!”

Uros raised his guard. They didn’t know what was in that cup!

But Sedi drank the steaming tea all at once. Naturally, she didn’t burn her tongue.

“What’s this made of?”


“No wonder it was somewhat savoury.”

Just as Sedi twisted her lips.

Crunch, the teacup in her hand twisted like a dry leaf before becoming powder and scattering.

“Talking about trivial things, carry on. I’m interested.”

With a gesture of her chin, she crossed her legs.

It was as if she was giving an order to a subordinate, but the Beginning Wizard still spoke in a bright tone.

“I visited Flower Mountain before coming here. Before that, I met the ‘Sinking Man’, so, in order, you are the last one.”

“Did you travel all over the west? The Magic Planet’s Void Lord sure is lucky.”

“It’s not just the west. Demonsio is just the last area I visited. Before coming here, I met all of the Twelve Void Lords in the North, South and East.”


“Well I say visit, but it was a bit different from that. Because I had a clear goal.”

“To meet the Twelve Void Lords?”

There wasn’t an immediate answer to this question.

Instead, the Beginning Wizard stared down at the remainder of his tea. The blue eyes behind the mask seemed to s.h.i.+ne exceptionally brightly.

“This is like the opposite. I said we should talk about trivial things and you brought up such a heavy topic.”

When Sedi said this with a snort, he responded after a while.

“For me, this is trivial.”

“Meeting all of the Twelve Void Lords? So sitting here and having a conversation with me now, from your perspective, is trivial?”

“That’s right.”

When he nodded his head in a cool manner, Uros could no longer restrain his killing intent. Sedi stopped him with just a glance before saying.

“Then I suppose you didn’t come here to see what the new [0th Demon] looked like.”

“I visited each of the territories because I was looking for something. And I got results in a few places. To be exact, in five places.”

The Beginning Wizard spread his fingers.

“Utopia, Dump Site, Grigorison, Flower Mountain, and finally.”

He pointed his index finger, which was still outstretched, towards Sedi.


The eyes behind the mask drew into a curve.

“What these areas have in common, I’m sure you know-.”

The Beginning Wizard was unable to finish his sentence.

A black thorn that shot out from Sedi, pierced his neck.

* * *

He fell endlessly into a pit which didn’t seem to have an end.

As he sank into the darkness, Lukas couldn’t help but think.

It was strange in the first place.

When Kasajin had become the [0th Demon], he should have been strong enough to surpa.s.s almost all Absolutes.

After that, he wandered the World of Void and devoured other ‘Kasajins’, so his strength would have continued to exceed his limits.

…The Twelve Void Lords.

Even if it was in the past, the weight of that name would not have been much different from now.

Was it possible for Sedi to defeat such a Kasajin in one round?

‘It’s impossible.’

Even if the modifier ‘Absolute’ was added in.

It would have been impossible for the former Absolute, ‘Sedi Glaston’, not to mention the fallen ‘Sedi Trowman’.

Lukas felt ridiculous. How had he not even had the slightest doubt?


He bit his lip.

Kasajin was right. It wasn’t that Lukas hadn’t had doubts. It wasn’t that he hadn’t had such thoughts before.

He had been aware of this in a corner of his mind. He’d had that lingering suspicion.

But it was none other than himself that had prevented that doubt from rising to the surface and instead forced his mind to think about other topics.


He reached the bottom of the Pit. Lukas looked around.


The battlefield where the first 0th Demon and Kasajin

And Kasajin and Sedi had fought.

The black ground was engraved with countless scars of those times. He could feel the traces of Kasajin. He could also see the fragments of stone statues scattered across the area.

Each of the statues contained Kasajin’s memories, and it would have been possible for Lukas to sympathise with many of them.

However, there was something that drew his attention away from all of that.

Something which boasted an overwhelming presence was embedded in the middle of the area.

It was a long, sharp material that seemed even darker than the darkness that engulfed the surroundings.


His fists clenched tighter. Lukas could not take his eyes off of it.

This trace.

It was something that shouldn’t be in this place.

* * *


With a groan, the Beginning Wizard coughed up a mouthful of blood.

It had happened so suddenly that he hadn’t been able to react to it. Even though his face was covered in a mask, his robes were visibly getting wet with blood.

Twitch, twitch. His body shook from time to time before finally going still.

“…you are certainly an annoying being, Beginning Wizard.”

As she said that, Sedi got up from her seat. Not noticing the way her tone had changed, Uros called out to her.

“M-, my Lord… what the h.e.l.l is-”

At that moment, Sedi turned to look at Uros.


The moment he saw her pitch black eyes, Uros’ voice was blocked.

“You didn’t see anything, right?”

“J-, just now, that…”

“Do you need me to say it twice?”

“M-, my Lord… B-, but… that power, that thorn…”


Sedi spoke cheerfully.

“That look… I see. You know about my power.”


“Amazing. No. I’m really impressed. You are quite knowledgeable. But didn’t you know? Being smart isn’t always a good thing, Uros.”

“H-, huh?”

“Firstly, relax your expression.”

A smirk spread across Sedi’s lips.

“It’s not that surprising that I’m using the power of the Black Horned Demon G.o.d.”

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