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Chapter 1256: Dreadful Pressure

Proofreader: Papatonks


The sound of explosions echoed continuously, and the screeching of eagles pierced the ears as ghostly shadows howled. The Falcon Emperor and Wraith Emperor’s sudden attack had not only thwarted the Demonic Emperor’s army, but even regained five cities.

All of this was because the Wraith Emperor had abandoned his own territory and joined forces with the Falcon Emperor. Although they both had few forces after the last great battle, their combined strength was still not to be underestimated, especially with two Eight Emperors leading the charge.

Listening to the miserable cries and screams, the Falcon Emperor, riding atop a divine eagle, led the way and turned to Wraith Emperor with a friendly gesture, “Brother Wraith, it’s rare for you to put aside your territory and come to help me this time. I’m extremely grateful!”

“No need to thank me, brother Falcon. We can’t hold on our own so we joined forces to fight back. After we take Demonic Emperor’s lands, we can just divide them. A few losses are nothing.”

With a gray cloud around him, the Wraith Emperor laughed. The Falcon Emperor nodded. “Brother Wraith has remarkable insight. With the two of us working together, even the Demonic Emperor can’t stop us. This time, I’ve also informed the others, so we won’t’ get caught off guard like before.”

“It was Zhuo Fan who made a mess of things last time. Once we take the Demonic Emperor’s lands, we need to deal with him to save us the trouble later.” The Wraith Emperor’s bloodthirst spiked.

The Falcon Emperor nodded with a wicked smile. The kid was too cunning to be left by the Demonic Emperor’s side.


The two stepped over the corpses to arrive before a city gate. A mere wave blasted it to pieces.

The two had smug looks.

That marked the fall of the Demonic Emperor’s 6th city, quite fast, ha-ha-ha…


An evil aura swept them just then. The army rus.h.i.+ng into the city felt their hearts seizing and their blood ran cold.

The Wraith Emperor frowned, “Is this the Demonic Emperor’s aura?”

“It can’t be. We saw him only recently. How can his aura be so evil and powerful?” The Falcon Emperor was puzzled.

The dreaded pressure grew stronger as a familiar and eerie voice echoed, “Ha-ha-ha, Falcon Emperor, Wraith Emperor, you two codgers dare mess with my plans? Surrender now!”

“It’s really the Demonic Emperor!”

The two of them shouted in shock, looking at the creepy human wrapped in black energy, feeling a sense of urgency and madness from him, “How did he end up like this?”

Zhao Chen struck first, “Devil Palm!”


Countless black palms fell down like meteorites, blasting the ground with booming explosions.

Their joint forces howled before exploding in a shower of gore and blood, littering the place in their ghastly remains.

Falcon’s Flight!

Wraithful Sky!

The two Emperors didn’t take chances, fighting back. Countless eagle cries and shadows filled the skies. Hundreds of them rushed at the gigantic palms.

Amids the explosions, however, their arts broke apart on contact. The Emperors shook under the backlash, flung back. They spat blood and looked at Zhao Chen and saw dementia.

“T-this can’t be!”

They gasped in disbelief, “He overpowered us like nothing. Why is he so strong? What happened?”

The swirling black aura around Zhao Chen grew more intense. He couldn’t contain his glee, “Ha-ha-ha, decrepit relics, now you know my strength. I am your executioner today. Die!”


Zhao Chen charged.

“Demonic Emperor, don’t get You think you can take both of us? Humph, you don’t have it in you. You think yourself your master, Zhuo Yifan?”

They sneered, for surrender was still far off. They made signs and two golden auras shot from them. A five hundred meter golden falcon and a hundred meter tall golden wraith appeared in the air, their Imperial Marks. 

Zhao Chen had a wicked grin, “My master was the head of the Eight Emperors, and now I shall follow in his footsteps, even surpa.s.sing him. From now on, people shall call Demonic Emperor Zhao Chen the strongest, not Zhuo Yifan, ha-ha-ha…”


Zhao Chen shook and a black dragon flickering in golden lights shot into the sky. The black dragon was different from before, with a sinister darkness that sent s.h.i.+vers by just looking at it.

“Why is his Imperial Mark different? It looks darker and makes me uneasy.” The Falcon Emperor was worried.

The Wraith Emperor said, “We don’t have time for that. No matter how much it changed, we still need to destroy his Imperial Mark.”

The Wraith Emperor made a sign and his wraith Imperial Mark roared toward the black dragon. The Falcon Emperor gritted his teeth, making the golden falcon Imperial Mark follow. 


As the three Imperial Marks clashed, the deafening explosion shook the world. The Falcon Emperor and Wraith Emperor felt their heart shuddering and coughed blood.

[How is this possible?]

They looked on with fear.

[How could both of our Imperial Marks be overpowered?] 

They were also sporting heavy wounds…

Looking up, their Imperial Marks were flung back.

Zhao Chen had them shocked to the core. They were all Emperors, but this gap was unheard of.

[Is he on the level of Zhuo Yifan?]


They suddenly shook and felt their hearts seized.

Their Imperial Marks flew back, and were now coiled by a black tail, coming from Zhao Chen’s dragon.

“Demonic Emperor, what are you doing?”

The Falcon Emperor panicked. The Imperial Mark was their soul. While powerful, it was also to being damaged. They were uneasy seeing them captured.

They had their Imperial Marks struggle, but the two couldn’t break free.

The two Emperors s.h.i.+vered in fear.

The black dragon roared, coiling around the two Imperial Marks tighter. Its sinister eyes shone with desire and malice, just like its owner.

“What, you ask? He-he-he…”

Zhao Chen wiped his drool, “Relics like you dared to stop me from getting my ingredients, so now you’ll take their place. As part of the Eight Emperors, your power will be a great boon to mine, ha-ha-ha…”

From his crazed eyes, the two felt terror. Falcon Emperor cried out, “Demonic Emperor, don’t be rash. You started this while we’re just defending. Let’s just talk. The Sacred Mountains sent word that they would replace some of the Eight Emperors. Causing trouble now will get you replaced.”

“Sacred Mountains?”

Zhao Chen raised an eyebrow, “They’re nothing! When I finish my training, they’re finished! They think they can replace me? Humph, soon I’ll have those fools kneel before me. They’re utter garbage, ha-ha-ha…”

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