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Chapter 443:

Lin Yuan had told Qiu Wanxi yesterday while they were chatting that he will be staying in the Riverview villa today.

And Qiu Wanxi is thinking about Lin Yuan almost all the time.

So she really wanted to come to the villa this afternoon.

But she is afraid that it is inconvenient for Lin Yuan.

And so she asked him first.

Lin Yuan knew what Qiu Wanxi thought.

He smiled immediately and said: “Of course, it won’t be an inconvenience. Wanxi, come if you want to come over.”

Lin Yuan then lowered his head and said to Qiao Siying: “Press harder. It is too light and I couldn’t feel anything. Also, clean the floor of the house in a while. Someone is coming.”

Hearing Lin Yuan being bossy, Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and immediately hit Lin Yuan’s leg harder.

But for Lin Yuan, whose physique is extremely terrifying, it was just the right amount of force.

It does not hurt at all.

Qiu Wanxi on the other end of the phone heard Lin Yuan and seemed to have sensed there was something going on.

Qiu Wanxi asked curiously: “Young Master, who are you talking to?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Who can it be? It is our family’s new maid, but she is a little ignorant. You will know when you come here.”

Qiu Wanxi nodded and said: “Ooh!”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying pressed his legs harder.

Lin Yuan chatted affectionately with Qiu Wanxi on the phone for a while.

Then hung up the phone to prepare for their meeting later.

After Lin Yuan hung up, Qiao Siying couldn’t help but ask: “Master, who is coming to the villa?”

Qiao Siying was very curious about the person that called Lin Yuan.

Based on their conversation over the phone, this person seems to have a very good relations.h.i.+p with Lin Yuan.

And it seems that they are slightly affectionate.

Qiao Siying first thought of Yan Ruyue who used to be Lin Yuan’s fiancée.

But she didn’t seem to hear Lin Yuan mention Yan Ruyue’s name.

So she was quite curious.

Also, she was ashamed of letting anyone know about her situation.

If only Lin Yuan knows, then it’s fine with her.

But showing this situation of hers to others, she might not stand it.

So she couldn’t help but ask who will be coming.

Lin Yuan glanced faintly at Qiao Siying and said casually: “Why does it concern you. It is none of your business as a maid. Just give me a good ma.s.sage and don’t ask more. Also, pay attention to how you shall address me.”

For Lin Yuan, this is incredibly arbitrary.

He was too lazy to care about Qiao Siying.

Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth.

She is angry but can only endure it.

Qiao Siying lowered her voice as much as possible and asked in a soft tone: “Master… who is coming over? Our agreement is that I will only be your maid. I don’t want to be seen by others. Okay?”

Qiao Siying told her dissatisfaction to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also understood.

Then he said casually: “Don’t worry, you don’t know the person that will come. She also doesn’t know about your ident.i.ty as the young lady of the Qiao family. You’re simply my maid. Don’t worry about it.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying was also helpless.

She can only continue to ma.s.sage.

”Top… Left left… Not there, press harder, didn’t you eat? Didn’t you just steal my leftovers this morning? Silly…”

Lin Yuan not only enjoys the ma.s.sage of the young lady from the Qiao family, but he also directs how or where it shall be done.

Qiao Siying was so furious.

But she has no choice.

She ma.s.saged Lin Yuan for a while before Lin Yuan finally let her go.

But she was sent to sweep the floor right after.

Qiao Siying had a very difficult time.

Then came noon.

Qiao Siying already finished sweeping the floor.

Then she collapsed on the sofa.

She was not moving at all.

She is already tired like a dog.

Lin Yuan did not urge her to cook lunch.

First, she can’t make anything edible.

Second, Qiu Wanxi would come over and say she would cook.

He wants to eat the food cooked by Qiu Wanxi.

Soon the door to the villa opened.

When Lin Yuan heard it, he knew immediately that Qiu Wanxi and the others have come.

Chen Yu drove Qiu Wanxi here.

Qiu Wanxi is not very good at driving for now.

Moreover, Lin Yuan is not at ease if Qiu Wanxi wanders around alone.

Therefore, she is usually accompanied by Chen Yu.

Lin Yuan then saw the figure of two women inside a car parked in the courtyard of the villa.

Qiu Wanxi got off the car directly.

It is indeed a bit hot today, so Qiu Wanxi was wearing a sleeveless white dress.

Her exposed arms looked dazzling.

There was a small bow on the waist part of her dress which outlined her slender waist very clearly.

Lin Yuan could tell that Qiu Wanxi deliberately dressed up for him.

She looked very beautiful.

After getting off the car, Qiu Wanxi’s beautiful eyes stared closely at Lin Yuan.

She cannot move her eyes off him at all.

”Young Master!”

Qiu Wanxi shouted.

The relations.h.i.+p between the two has already reached the stage where Qiu Wanxi does not need to be too reserved.

Qiu Wanxi smiled and run towards Lin Yuan and threw herself on his body.

Then she opened her arms and hugged Lin Yuan tightly.

Lin Yuan also opened his arms to receive Qiu Wanxi.

After a significant breakthrough in their relations.h.i.+p, their feelings have been like they never wanted to be apart from each other, like glue.

If possible, Qiu Wanxi even wanted to just stay in Lin Yuan’s arms.

Feeling the heartbeat of Lin Yuan and the rea.s.suring warmth, Qiu Wanxi tightened her hug.

She is not willing to let go.

Naturally, Lin Yuan would not let go of Qiu Wanxi’s gentle and delicate body.

After a while, Qiu Wanxi noticed Chen Yu had finished parking the car.

And she is watching the two of them.

Qiu Wanxi blushed slightly and released Lin Yuan.

”Let’s… let’s go in…” Qiu Wanxi said.

”Okay.” Lin Yuan touched Qiu Wanxi’s hair and nodded slightly.

The three of them entered the house together.

As soon as Qiu Wanxi entered the house, she saw a golden figure lying on the sofa.

It is Qiao Siying who has blonde hair.

Although she had done a lot of dirty work from was.h.i.+ng the dishes to was.h.i.+ng and mopping the floor, she still looked stunning.

Qiu Wanxi can see that she is a very beautiful woman.

Her blonde hair is quite compelling.

Her facial features are also exquisite.

She looked like a mixed-race beauty belonging to a rich family.

She doesn’t look like a maid at all.

Qiu Wanxi has never seen this person in Lin Yuan’s villa.

This made Qiao Siying very curious.

’Who is this woman? What does she have to do with the young master?’

Qiu Wanxi had a lot of questions in mind.

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