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Chapter 502:

Lin Yuan also had a very clear feeling that Xie s.h.i.+xuan was indeed quite majestic.

Lin Yuan felt as if his arm is being ma.s.saged.

It feels quite comfortable.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but think of Gui Qingtong who is also cute and delicate.

They’re cla.s.smates and are all young girls.

You can even say that Gui QIngtong is a little cuter than Xie s.h.i.+xuan and Xie s.h.i.+yin.

But in terms of development, it’s a world of difference.

If Xie s.h.i.+xuan can be regarded as the summit then Gui Qingtong is plain…


By contrast, it can only be considered a basin…

As one great man once said, ‘No harm will be caused without comparisons’.

Xie s.h.i.+xuan is already very well-developed.

Coupled with her loli figure makes it even more astonis.h.i.+ng.

And the most important thing is their age!

If it’s purely in terms of figures, Xie s.h.i.+xuan and Xie s.h.i.+yin are still a bit worse than Mei Yuxian.

But the point is their age.

The twins Xie s.h.i.+xuan and Xie s.h.i.+yin are not even 20 years old!

And they are both young maidens.

So Lin Yuan can only sigh with emotion for the potential of this twin lolis.

Xie s.h.i.+xuan enjoyed hugging Lin Yuan’s arms tightly, while he touches her head.

This is the first time she had such intimate contact with a man.

But she was in no discomfort.

On the contrary, she feels very comfortable and enjoys it very much.

She wishes Lin Yuan would hold her like this all the time.

Although she was a little afraid that Lin Yuan would want to push her away.

Lin Yuan, however, still touched Xie s.h.i.+xuan’s little head a bit.

After comforting her, Lin Yuan finally withdrew his hand.

After all, if she kept touching her like this, she might go bald.

But Lin Yuan did not let go of the softness in his other hand.

After all, Xie s.h.i.+xuan is now holding it.

First, this is good for her to feel calmer.

Secondly, what’s so bad about feeling it in advance?

Although it may not be as breathtaking as Mei Yuxian, it has another flavor to it.

After calming Xie s.h.i.+xuan a little bit, Lin Yuan turned to look at her sister Xie s.h.i.+yin on the side.

Xie s.h.i.+yin’s personality is a little cold.

She is not as direct as her sister Xie s.h.i.+xuan.

So she dare not touch Lin Yuan, let alone embrace his arms just like her sister does.

However, Lin Yuan saw Xie s.h.i.+yin’s small hand that was originally placed at the hem of her JK uniform now grabbing the corner of his clothes

Xie s.h.i.+yin noticed Lin Yuan turn his head.

Her eyes were also drawn to the corner of Lin Yuan’s suit she was holding.

Her pet.i.te pretty face immediately flushed.

“Brother Lin Yuan… bro… brother. Are you okay?” Xie s.h.i.+yin was so nervous that she doesn’t even know what to say.

She could only subconsciously ask the same question her sister asked.

Lin Yuan smiled and replied, “I am okay.”

Xie s.h.i.+yin has a cold personality.

Except for her twin sister Xie s.h.i.+xuan, she does not even like to be close to other girls.

Not to mention men.

Right now, she is so close to Lin Yuan.

It was the first time she ever gets close to a man

But Xie s.h.i.+yin found that she did not even feel the slightest discomfort or resistance.

Instead, she even felt a feeling of peace of mind.

She should have felt shy with Lin Yuan’s gaze and let go of her hand holding the corner of Lin Yuan’s clothes.

But then, she still did not let go.

Instead, she blushed and continued to grasp it.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s answer that he was okay, Xie s.h.i.+yin was relieved a lot.

Her racing heartbeat calmed down a little bit.

But she still did not dare look at Lin Yuan.

She just bowed her head to express her grat.i.tude and then said, “It is good that you are fine. Thank… thank you, Brother Lin Yuan. Thank you for saving us.”

”It’s okay. It is just a little effort.”

Lin Yuan looked at Xie s.h.i.+yin’s shy and awkward appearance, Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and touched her smooth black long hair.

Although Xie s.h.i.+yin’s black long straight hair doesn’t look as cute as Xie s.h.i.+xuan’s double ponytail, the texture however is slightly better than that of Xie s.h.i.+xuan’s double ponytail.

Her hair is silky smooth.

Feeling Lin Yuan touching her head, Xie s.h.i.+yin’s pet.i.te body stiffened immediately.

This is the first time she had been touched by someone.

And it belongs to the opposite s.e.x!

But she didn’t feel anything untoward.

Instead, there is a slight sense of enjoyment being touched by Lin Yuan.

Because Lin Yuan’s touch gave her a feeling of peace of mind.

The warmth of his touch made her very comfortable.

The comforted Xie s.h.i.+yin couldn’t help but slowly raise her head.

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