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1397 Chapter 1391: CKC, The Hunt (1)

Countless eyes honed onto the dirt mound from tens of thousands of miles away, all watching the proposal of Tambu Ma, this was especially so for the Earthly Saints in the surroundings. The current situation was quite stale and befuddled with too many variables, so few wanted to make any move, impatiently waiting until another impatient fool or two decided to sound out Zuhei.

Since the Evercrown Ceremony began, strange mortals of incredible power and means began to arise without warning, and conflict between these mortals and the World Beyond Chosen was increasingly hectic. Eventually, after word of countless Ascended beings dying at the hands of these mortals, the Chosen from the World Beyond had simply avoided them outright.

The interesting thing about these mortals was that they were truly mortals! Despite their incredible powers and equipment, the limitations on their mortal senses were still firmly there. If an Ascended being devoted themselves to hiding and fleeing, these mortals would find it nearly impossible to track them down. If not for this particular characteristic, few World Beyond Chosen would escape the grasp of these peculiar mortals.

Shui Fengbao, the Child of Fire, a Prime Ascendant, had lost his target and been fooled into allowing her to escape, spending an enormous amount of time trying to hunt her down. Despite his nearly a month and a half of fiery effort, he had come up entirely empty.

The vast lands and myriad regions of the Evercrown Ceremony granted Ascended beings a greater advantage in hiding and fleeing. Normally, this would be an overly disgraceful act, fleeing from a mortal as an Ascended being, but none of these Chosen were so stupid to not realize that the 76th n.o.ble Prince, an Earthly Saint cultivator, had met their untimely demise to a single disastrous swing of a demonic sp.a.w.n. Countless instantly reevaluated the situation and acted accordingly.

The vast majority simply outright avoided mortals. Because of this trend, the Ascendants have mostly been facing each other in fierce combat over the resources of the Evercrown Ceremony. The majority of them seized the good fortune of these lands without contest while the Ascended beings focused on finding the fragments instead to seize that good fortune.

Now, two of these fragments were in the hands of a mortal beastman that they would normally evade. This didn't bode well. None of them dared to underestimate this silver-haired beastman after a demonic sp.a.w.n and a mysteriously handsome human youth slaughtered two Earthly Saint-level Chosen. Unfortunately, they couldn't avoid this one!

Moreover, their pa.s.sive decision to avoid the Ascendants and other fortune mortals led to many of the greater opportunities of the Evercrown Ceremony being seized by these same mortals. Even if they wanted to try to scour for benefits now, the tens of thousands of mortals had strange fortune-seeking spells and arts that allowed them to obtain the best available opportunities for themselves, and then they set up their domains selfishly.

For example, there was an area of Yin-Nouris.h.i.+ng Profound Mist that had been claimed by a young mortal woman. The other female Chosen that tried to cultivate in the area was repelled mercilessly. While they hadn't been directly killed, a few lost more than a few strands of hair and pieces of flesh. This was an area that even Worldly Saints would fight over in the World Beyond and had almost always been a heavily contested location throughout every iteration of the Evercrown Ceremony, yet it was currently being monopolized by a single mortal woman!

"What do you say?" Tambu Ma asked once again, trying to obtain Zuhei's attention. While he felt inwardly displeased, he didn't showcase it without reason. Even if he acted and acquired the fragments right now, it would only cause him to have to deal with too many enemies. It was better to follow through with the human and elf's idea first before deciding on the next plan of action.

Zuhei fiddled with the two fragments that seemed to be depowered and lifeless. He slowly lifted his serene scarlet gaze toward Tambu Ma's group, but his eyes seemingly didn't even register the existence of this Earthly Saint Chosen of the t.i.tan Race, reflecting only the exceptional figure and gorgeous countenance of the golden-haired female elf.

"Princess of Everlore?" Zuhei's eyes flashed with a trace of recognition as he carelessly muttered.

Qingye Ying's eyes widened slightly as a wisp of panic surged into her expression. Instantly, countless gazes zoomed toward her with indescribable swiftness. Princess of Everlore? The t.i.tle 'Everlore' was something everyone in the World Beyond recognized in an instant. After all, the King of Everlore's status as a Heavenly Saint Alchemist and the recent cause of the sudden explosive surge of the Alchemic Dao and greater quant.i.ties of alchemical resources were extremely well-known. The Everlore Starfield was a treasured holy land for Alchemists, considered by countless Chosen as a blessed world with special exceptions.

Qingye Ying felt all the gazes on her body, seemingly crus.h.i.+ng her with unsaid inquisitions and inspections. Who would dare t.i.tle themselves the Princess of Everlore? In the Everlore Starfield where society was fairly disconnected from the rest of the world, this was perfectly fine, but even in the Endless Voyage Realm, calling herself that was no different than provoking mockery. Moreover, she was once paired with Wei Wuyin as the Prince and Princess of Everlore, the duo of alchemical geniuses that could carry on his legacy, but she knew full well that only Wei Wuyin had the right to retain that t.i.tle!

But Zuhei recalled what Wei Wuyin had once said about Qingye Ying during some idle conversation decades ago. He had only praised her, vaguely mentioning that if her innate deficiencies were solved, she would definitely leave her name on the annals of history one day as an Alchemist. Seeing her today, he could tell that her bodily state was full and without any overly obvious deficiencies.

Tian Xiaolu frowned slightly. Zuhei's gaze felt like a predator eyeing the entire world as its prey, and while he might not be targeting Qingye Ying specifically, that gaze made her uncomfortable as she inched closer to the beautiful young elf protectively.

"Since Master holds your talents in high regard, I'll leave the task of merging these fragments up to you." Zuhei couldn't be bothered to give Tambu Ma a single glance of acknowledgment as he calmly stated. He slowly rose, causing the atmosphere to tense as faint signs of rustling Mystic Auras emerged in the starless sky.

Qingye Ying was stunned. Before she could even respond, before anyone could, two fragments were tossed over and arrived before her. She subconsciously reached out with both hands and allowed the fragments to gently land in her palms. She felt wisps of Alchemical Aura within the fragments, and her Alchemic Soul strongly vibrated with an instinctual antic.i.p.ation.

Then, Zuhei looked toward Tian Xiaolu and the other Alchemists. He ignored Tian Xiaolu. Despite his att.i.tude, he recognized her face from Wei Wuyin's extremely short list of 'No-Death' individuals but that was all. There were only a few faces on that list and their auras attached to the list but that's it, lacking any explicit details of their relations.h.i.+p or why she was on the list. Zuhei didn't care why Wei Wuyin didn't want someone to die, but if he didn't, then even if the person tried to die by plunging themselves into the Aeternal Sky Star unprotected, they certainly wouldn't be able to enter h.e.l.l's judgmental embrace with him there. Even if G.o.ds or ghosts wanted them, he'd used his fangs and claws to wrench their souls away. This was the unshakable resolve of the Silver Wolf.

As for any lovers, Ascendants, or other individuals, Wei Wuyin generally attached his aura to them or allowed them to bear his mark in some way. Yi Yun, for example, had the Mark of the Ascendants's aura, while someone like Yue Songli's disciple would have a spatial ring he'd personally crafted. This was no different than a Death-Exemption Edict bestowed by an Emperor.

Zuhei glanced at the two Hepta-Dawn Alchemic Corps Alchemists and they gave him respectful smiles and spiritual greetings in reply. Only then did the silver-haired, bare-footed beastman look away, verifying that the fragments were in good hands.

"Princess of Everlore?" Seeing the reaction of Zuhei, especially how he seemed to dismiss all the Ascended beings before him but treated the female elf with significant importance, the facial expressions and thoughts of the Chosen from the World Beyond went wild. A few Chosen were more knowledgeable and heard of the stories of an elf being accepted as a disciple of the Myriad Transformations Alchemic Saint in the unique realm tethered to the Sealed Regions. Speculations spread as countless spiritual transmissions were rapidly exchanged. They couldn't help but give the golden-haired elf another look.


Abruptly, without any warning whatsoever, the atmosphere grew incomparably tense. Tambu Ma's eyes widened to nearly eye-popping lengths, the pupils of his eyes expanded to resemble a full moon, and his Mystic Aura released a low, forceful roar.

Zuhei had vanished.

Without any indication, while he was looking directly at the silver-haired beastman, Zuhei had inexplicably vanished! Every sense that Tambu Ma had was unable to grasp any sign of Zuhei, inducing a sensational wave of unreasonably inexplicable fear in his heart as a b.l.o.o.d.y scent permeated his every sense.

Suddenly, the sky's hue changed. A sanguine light cascaded downwards, painting everyone as if they were drenched in blood.

Countless eyes lifted upwards subconsciously as many felt their swelling curiosity erupt with the desire to see what type of newfound Solar Star had appeared up above, but when they observed only a starless sky remained starless, simply that the air, light, mana, energy, essence, and gravity and seemingly began exuding a b.l.o.o.d.y radiance, their hearts began to violently pound within their chests.


Within the Lin Kang's group, there was a half-human, half-elf Yi Yun. The hybrid Blessed youth had unwillingly decided to accompany Lin Kang's group after being captured and his fragment seized, but his cultivation had experienced great leaps as he reached the Temporal Eye Phase, the eighth stage of the Astral Core Realm. Despite his position, after a few days, he'd grown to respect Lin Kang's conduct and temperament, finding that he wasn't as dismissive as most of the pompous Chosen from the World Beyond. In fact, he appreciated Yi Yun deeply for his unique sensory talents and offered him a position in his group.

Even made an oath that, if Yi Yun decided to decline, he would still allow him to leave and not a single member of his group would retaliate for refusing. While slightly unwilling in the beginning, he slowly eased his way into being a willing member of Lin Kang's group.

From the beginning, all eyes were on Zuhei and Tambu Ma. This was especially the case for the Earthly Saints such as Lin Kang as they didn't bother to hide their presence too heavily as if to deter others from acting foolishly. However, Yi Yun's eyes were wholly focused on Zuhei, his emotions unable to pull his eyes away.

Then, Zuhei tossed the fragments to Qingye Ying. Without any warning, without any further words, his eyes exuded a type of deathly sanguine light and he vanished before Yi Yun's very eyes. For a moment, it was as if Zuhei had concealed his entire existence, bearing a strong resemblance to a ghost!

But Yi Yun's sense of smell was unimaginably exceptional, and despite the dense scent of blood, he could never lose track of Zuhei's position. His eyes followed along as he found Zuhei's figure standing behind Ka Song-Ho of the Brightlight Empire, a Celestial Race's Chosen, and the individual that had taken the fragment containing the Aspect of Transformation.

Ka Song-Ho was extremely handsome, containing a type of unique valor befitting a warrior, but his eyes had been tugged upwards as he observed the starless sky's sudden s.h.i.+ft of hue. A wisp of shock and signs of his heart pounding in his chest could be seen through his robes. But he wasn't the only one.

Somehow, Yi Yun felt that the red hue was suppressing the killing intent in the air and the instinct towards a deathly crisis of each and everyone under its radiance. This was especially so as he witnessed Zuhei bearing his claws, swiping a claw toward Ka Song-Ho's neck.

The claw was incomparably brutal as the Earthly Saint of the Celestial Race had their neck ravaged by a wolf's claw, ripped to shreds as blood and flesh blasted into the surroundings. A splash of blood touched the nearby cultivator's faces, but they seemed entirely unaware as if the b.l.o.o.d.y radiance had dulled their senses.

Zuhei's movements were incredibly fast and if not for his unique Martial Cultivation Method and the special Temporal Eye he's birthed due to it, granting him exceptional dynamic vision, he wouldn't have been able to see Zuhei move! By the time Yi Yun realized what had happened, Zuhei was already moving after a third fragment appeared in Qingye Ying's hands unbeknownst to her.

And it was...


At this point, he realized that Lin Kang was unaware that Zuhei was hunting the fragments!

"WATCH OUT!" His panicked shout was backed by his explosive physical power, disrupting the b.l.o.o.d.y light slightly, and causing Lin Kang to respond instinctively, conjuring his Mystic Ward!


Erdiul's Note: Another r.e.t.a.r.ded blessed itching to die, thinking the world is their oyster. The s.h.i.+t this Yi Yun character does man, leeching of ascendant status, going behind WW's back scheming with San Yongli even though WW saved his family. And now, helping this random guy he met days ago, against someone he knows can kill him within seconds, all because of a woman he fancied, that MIND YOU tried to kill Zuhei first. This character is just so useless, joining the ascendants should have drained his karma dry with the amount of benefits he's gotten out of it. Alright, rant done. I just hate MC characters like Yi Yun, they're in a lot of Xianxia, happy to know this character will die soon. Good riddance.

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