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Chapter 1608 Chapter 1601: Mortal Vs Mystic (2)


Five minutes prior-

Wei Wuyin and Young Master Shang had long left the Soul Cycle Array sealing the Soul of the Meadows, nouris.h.i.+ng it by using the energies of a galaxy, refining itself by relying on the gravitational condensation of a superma.s.sive black hole, and elevated by the souls of countless non-beast living existences within the galaxy. The Soul of the Meadows was no longer present. Wei Wuyin had extracted it. He discovered that the heart of a galaxy was unaffected by the Prohibition of Heavens' Resonance executed by that infamous expert long ago. It might be the only location throughout the Sky Heart Galaxy where Laws could freely develop, capable of resonating with the Three Thousand Realms of Laws governed by the heavens.

With that restriction gone, Wei Wuyin only had to rely on his Minor Origin Law and Void Crystallization to seal the Soul of the Meadows. The tree wasn't fully mature, but Wei Wuyin felt the strongest urge from the Heavenly Daos here, and it urgently attempted to influence him to take it away somehow and use every means to do so while tampering or destroying the soul refining function of the array, even if it meant destroying the Heart of the Galaxy!

The influence was wild given doing so would result in catastrophic levels of death in the Sky Heart Galaxy. It was evident that trillions upon trillions of lives weren't worth the dissipation of souls. Even if the Heavenly Daos hadn't given its two cents, Wei Wuyin wouldn't have allowed the Soul Cycle Array to remain active. After all, he had subordinates and lovers here. If any accident occurred...

After doing so, disabling the soul extraction and refining function while sealing the tree, the influence went away, and he felt a weight lift from his neck, replaced by a warm feeling that could induce great satisfaction within anyone, very reminiscent of a drug elevating one's dopamine levels to the extreme. With this feeling, even without the Heavenly Daos' future urges, any Blessed would find themselves wanting to halt any other formations or cultivators who were performing similar atrocities to the soul.

It was fortunate that Wei Wuyin's Alchemic Eden Starforce was the bane for all formations and arrays when paired with the exceedingly perceptive means of the Celestial Eyes. All its flaws and functions were easily located and exploited, even allowing him to give the appearance of remaining active and not sending out an alert.

Young Master Shang was informed of the details of the Soul Cycle Array and deduced a large majority of its effects after Wei Wuyin used his spiritual radiance generated by the Celestial Eyes to illuminate the surroundings. He was initially aghast and then gritted his teeth with nearly enough force to shatter them, not taking a single sip from his flagon since Wei Wuyin had begun sealing the Soul of the Meadows.

"Those vile b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! They all deserve death!" He cursed from his heart. Unfortunately, his words were consumed by the vacuum of this region, never to be heard by anyone. The Blessed Yri Empire had strict rules against interfering with the natural cycle of a soul, and this blasphemous artificial Soul Cycle to nurture a treasure was as cruel and disgusting as anything could be.

'What's our next move!' Young Master Shang mentally asked.

'Our?' Wei Wuyin gave Young Master Shang a side-eye as he inspected the Soul of the Meadows within the one-inch void crystal hexagonal prism emanating prismatic light. The phenomenon was rather odd and the first time he had ever encountered it while the shape of the void crystal seemed to be influenced by the Soul of the Meadows.

Young Master Shang furrowed his brows and revealed an angry light in his eyes exuding righteous rage. 'Yes! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds deserve to die! I refuse to sit idly by!'

"..." Wei Wuyin didn't insult Young Master Shang's feelings as his words were genuine, likely a sign of his upbringing and beliefs. Even he had his principles and morals and given how Wei Wuyin understood that feeling all too well-when he felt those wailing and grieving dragons suffering within the War Devil Realm-he didn't discount any of his anger.


'You can just watch. If something happened to you, I'm sure your family would be displeased and your sister definitely would have some heartbreak that might affect our bodily union later. I much rather she perform at her peak. I don't like distracted or dead-bed partners,' Wei Wuyin sent honestly.

"..." Young Master Shang was d.a.m.n-near speechless. Unfortunately what little speech he could do wasn't an objection because it was reasonable! Too reasonable!

Wei Wuyin moved closer and gently pat Young Master Shang's shoulder. This was the second time that they had ever come in bodily contact, with the first being that vicious kick! Wei Wuyin smiled and said, 'I'll handle this.'

Those three words were like a reliable mountain uplifting his soul to the clouds, and that smile that was as calm and gentle as a breeze, as warm as a brother's embrace, and as dazzling as the starry skies made it hard to muster up any objections. Young Master Shang found himself nodding subconsciously. After realizing his gesture, he felt a little calmer, and he gave Wei Wuyin a direct stare into his silver eyes.

'You can't spare any of them.'

Wei Wuyin's smile transformed into a grinning laughter, a hearty and carefree air exuded from every ounce of his body. 'I never intended to.'

He lifted his palm and a Void Portal manifested before them. It was thinner than others, likely due to the gravitational forces currently. The two entered with smiles.

For the first time, Young Master Shang felt that maybe having a brother-in-law like this wasn't so bad. Especially when Wei Wuyin left him near the border, in full view of Easy Spring, and then walked off into another Void Portal. That tall and broad back of his exuded a firm and unprecedented sharpness that caused his heart to palpitate at the mere sight.

Wei Wuyin entered Easy Spring without alerting a single ent.i.ty on board, his aura was concealed with the void. This supreme concealment was hard to distinguish without active and targeted spells or arts. After his Draconic Void Bloodline firmly entered the First Level of the Mark of Mystic Myth, the effectiveness of all his bloodline abilities had elevated to an unprecedented level.

Despite that, he was still limited by the Existential Mortal Framework of his soul, so his body was still intermixed with a perfect unity of Mortal and Mystic, with the Mortal aspects leading the Mystic, only capable of doing so because of his Stellar-Paragon Physique. It was similar to a Star Core containing Mystic Runes, being faintly empowered by them. By all accounts, Wei Wuyin was a true mortal in body, spirits, and soul.

Wei Wuyin had already acquired the layout of the Easy Spring the first time he saw it with his Celestial Eyes and had memories of Teng Jiangwen to a.s.sist in guiding his knowledge of void vessels at this level. He immediately found the well-hidden core, the very engine that powered everything within the vessel. It was silent yet pulsating with intense energy at close range. He could visually perceive the faint ripples in the air.


Wei Wuyin found himself in an enclosed room without any doors, only tubes and thick streams of solid energy that pumped energy through it, seemingly like wires, veins, or arteries. There was no one nearby, not a single guard. That was because the core was protected by the strongest defensive formation and enveloped by the st.u.r.diest materials.

'So this is the power source of this void vessel, huh?' Wei Wuyin eyed the diamond-like pentagonal trapezohedron core with curiosity. It had ten sides and each was pulsating at odd times, connected to ten thick streams of solid energy that split off into countless other energy streams into various parts of the s.h.i.+p. The energy streams were also multicolored as they split, likely converting themselves into the needed type of energy for each formation.

It was very different from the Minor Elysium's dodecahedron which had twelve sides in the shape of a pyramid and considerably larger. It was evident at a glance that this s.h.i.+p was inferior. Vastly. If this could be considered a Sage's vessel, then the Minor Elysium was a Resonant Soul Realm expert's vessel.

With this knowledge, he had no hesitance in executing the next phase of his plan. Using his palm, he pushed through the ripples of pulsing power and used his Alpha Origin Starforce to morph the metallic material encasing it, pus.h.i.+ng it aside and revealing it entirely. He touched it and s.h.i.+fted his starforce into Alchemic Eden Starforce.

After injecting enough, his eyes brightened. His Celestial Eyes felt an abnormality within the World's Trend as if something was interacting with it, scouring it for information about him, and his eyes narrowed sharply.

After injecting enough, he waited for the very last second and vanished with a flash of spatial light.

-A few minutes later.


An explosion of catastrophic, apocalyptic, and heaven-sundering proportions erupted! The very sharpness of the Galactic Layer was pushed inwards, and many planets were violently thrown off orbit within ten million miles!

Young Master Shang's eyes widened as he hurriedly projected a Mystic Ward to defend himself and the planet he resided on. Despite his best efforts, the planet was blown away! WHOOOOOs.h.!.+

Meanwhile, every planet was affected! The beasts of great strength moved across the void to protect their young and old. Some larger beasts even expanded their bodies to planetary sizes and used their wings or bodies to block the rus.h.i.+ng wave of power! This event greatly showcased that these beasts loved their world!

Meanwhile, the weaker beasts on these planets immediately went into disarray as they observed the radiantly growing ma.s.s of cloudy-like material. They barked, howled, roared, cried, and hid!

Even the gigantic hyena looked over, an easily recognizable look of shock and fear permeated its gaze. It anxiously used its paw to cover Yue Songli, Qing Qiumu, and Wei Si. Wei Si was already in a defensive position, using his big body to guard the two women as he promised.

A silver-scaled fish sunk into the fixed s.p.a.ce but was blasted out of it alongside a pegasus carrying two young women. A unified ward made darklight starforce and black lightning energy enveloped them protectively.

A young blindfolded archer's body trembled as they began forming seals, seeking to gather the traces of this explosive energy, and even rushed in like a loose arrow, slicing into it bravely and crazily! Few knew of Yao Houyi's reckless ambition that could almost match his emperor's!

Shui Fengbao blinked and just watched, his body swept by the wave as he turned into the embodiment of flames. The planet of the almiraj was torn apart without any defenders, slaughtering the remaining, while he held out his arms and laughed joyfully. It was like a young child welcoming a great gift, innocent and pure. The heat of the explosion roasted the planet as it did many of those powerful beasts that enlarged themselves, and risked their lives for their young and old. He absorbed this abnormally pure heat!

Chaos reigned for a solid minute.

When the cloudy-like material began to dissipate, millions of miles in the Void-Blank s.p.a.ce between galaxies, scattered in every which way, five figures were revealed in varying states.

The first and most horrendous to reveal themselves was the interim captain. He had no legs, a single right arm with four fingers blown violently off alongside a large portion of his forearm, shredded clothes that looked depressing, his eyes burnt into hollow sockets, hairless entirely from head to toe, and half his mouth had its skin and muscles torn asunder revealing fragmented and broken bits of teeth and missing s.p.a.ces.

He released a gurgling sound laced with heavy fear and disbelief.

'I live!' Was his only thought as he felt his existence continue. Unfortunately, his Mystic Core was cracked to an extreme limit with his Mystic Soul half dissipated. He exhausted a significant amount of his potential, lifeforce, and cultivating going forward would be extremely difficult.

'Unfortunately,' a voice echoed in his scattered and weakened mind, continuing with an indomitable sharpness within: 'No.'


It was truly unfortunate as his name wasn't even remembered by his killer as his damaged head was lopped with a swipe of a finger. An annihilative energy ended his life thoroughly. Today, a talented World Emperor who could rival some Original Magistrates perished.

Wei Wuyin walked out of the void, his steps light, his breath even, and his robes pristine and untouched.

'Four left.'


[Author's Note: Survivors of the Easy Spring: 5. Survivors of Wei Wuyin: Currently, 4/5.]

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