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Chapter 487: Lost in love

Two weeks, 14 days, 336 hours!

Victor and Scathach had been 'training' for all this time non-stop and had completely lost track of time.

Ruby tried to enter the room but couldn't because her mother's ice prevented anyone from entering, and not even she was strong enough to break Scathach's ice. If the woman really wanted to, she could make incredibly tough ice. With no other choice, she had to ask the G.o.ddess for help.

The moment Aphrodite broke the ice and entered the room along with Ruby and Natalia,

They bore witness to the absolute devastation of the room. Everything was destroyed. Not even the mattress was able to withstand the battle of two Vampire Counts that long.

But that's not what caught the girls' attention. Somehow, they all knew the consequences when two strong beings 'fight' this kind of battle.

They were more curious about the state of the two lovers.

Victor and Scathach were in bed while Scathach was sleeping on top of Victor with a satisfied smile on her face. Her skin was glowing like a newborn baby's, and it was pretty obvious she was satisfied. It seemed like the years of frustration she had gone through were erased in this 'battle'.

She was completely out.

The reason everyone thought that was the case was that even when Aphrodite entered her 'territory', the woman didn't wake up.

"They're still connected..." Aphrodite commented lightly, while envy could be heard in her voice.

'Scathach literally got the f.u.c.k she always wanted... f.u.c.k, what envy!' As the G.o.ddess of s.e.x and Love, she could clearly see that the woman's feelings were completely sated.

And upon seeing that, she returned her gaze to Victor, her eyes glowing a bright pink.

'He was able to satisfy an Elder Vampire, someone who has practically an inexhaustible s.e.xual appet.i.te, and that person was none other than Scathach, someone who was frustrated for a long time but didn't know it.'

Aphrodite once again had no choice but to rea.s.sess Victor's position in her mind.

'I want him…' She felt her insides twist when she saw Victor's tool inside Scathach.

"...." Natalia was completely beyond red at that moment. She just couldn't look at this... Scenery with a serious look.

She'd seen similar scenarios involving Victor and his wives many times, but this one was beyond normal.

She could clearly see that the room's damage didn't extend outside the room because of the ice cage Scathach had created.

Ruby, on the other hand, sighed in relief. She didn't even look at her mother, she looked at Victor, and despite being a little thinner than usual, he was still alive.

Now that she was calmer, she looked at the situation again.

'...My mother managed to reduce Victor to this state by herself...' She couldn't help but comment internally, that is to say, that when Ruby and Violet attacked Victor, the man was still completely fine.

'I guess I can't compare the situation with an Elder Vampire who was beyond frustrated…' Ruby thought.

And just as she went to approach Scathach, she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

"...?" Ruby looked confused at Aphrodite, who was in her G.o.d form.

"Don't approach now, it's dangerous."

"What do you mean?"

"Look." Aphrodite picked up a piece of stone around them and threw it towards Victor and Scathach. She threw it so that the stone fell close to them and did not cause any damage.

But the moment the stone got close enough.


The stone froze into a pillar of ice.

Scathach opened her eyes wide, and her eyes were glowing blood red, while a sense of death descended around her as she looked towards the stone that froze in midair and made a gesture with her hand.

The stone soon disappeared into particles of ice.

"...." Natalia and Ruby opened their eyes wide at this scene.

"Is she awake?" Ruby asked.

"She's not awake." The moment Aphrodite said that, Scathach slowly closed her eyes and fell back into the position she was in.

She snuggled into Victor's body and held him lovingly.

"She's unconscious, but at the same time, she's not."

"…I think it's because this is the first time she's completely blacked out, so her body is acting on instinct to protect her?" Ruby deduced.

'Really? What a troublesome woman, does even the way she sleeps have to be completely extravagant?' Natalia couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"You are right and wrong at the same time."


"She's not protecting herself, she's protecting her 'love'." Aphrodite spoke in a flat tone.

"...." Ruby didn't know what to say when she heard what Aphrodite said.

"She's acting on instinct now, and can't recognize friend or foe. It is better to let them sleep." Natalia spoke.

Ruby sighed and said,

"I wish we had time for them to sleep."

"We haven't heard from him for a long time, and Violet, Sasha, and even Natas.h.i.+a are worried." Ruby didn't mention that Eleonor, Mizuki, and Leona were also worried.

It was strange that Victor didn't give any news and suddenly disappeared. If it weren't for Ruby saying he was training with Scathach, the chaos would have been greater.

On the other hand, Victor's wives were worried about Victor dying after having s.e.x with Scathach. As an older woman, Natas.h.i.+a understood well how Scathach felt, and in Scathach's case, it should be 1000x worse than Natas.h.i.+a's.

"Not to mention he needs to wake up because the Supernatural Beings' meeting is going to happen in three days." And there are still problems related to this d.a.m.n invasion and the city being built.

"He just doesn't have time to sleep."

"Hmm..." Aphrodite touched her chin and spoke:

"Shall we try to wake up Victor then?"


Ruby, Aphrodite, and Natalia started to think about what to do, but before they had any ideas.

A darkness covered the room, and several red eyes could be seen.

"Kaguya and the Maids?"


"Master forgot that we were in his shadow." Maria's voice spoke.

"Or he didn't care, fufufu." Roberta commented.

"Did you guys see everything in VIP seating then?" Aphrodite asked with a slight smile on her face.

"...." The Maids were silent.

And the silence was, in itself, a confirmation.

Within Victor's shadow, all the Maids were red in the face, including Kaguya. They never thought that-... Huuuu... their master's activity was so intense.

[d.a.m.n, I really don't know what to say... I just know I want this treatment in the future.] Alter Eve spoke internally.

"..." This provoked an even more intense reaction from Eve, as she blushed even more.

"Cough." Kaguya coughed falsely and said:

"I will try to wake up my master."

"Thanks." Ruby said. She just wanted to get this thing over with!

And put some clothes on her husband and mother, for G.o.d's sake!


Victor, who was in the world of unconsciousness, felt that someone was calling him.

"To have...!



"Hmm?" Victor opened his eyes and looked at the broken ceiling.

[You finally woke up.] Kaguya sighed.

Feeling a heaviness in his body, he looked down and saw Scathach and soon began to remember all the things the two of them had done.

Victor laughed lightly, hugged Scathach, and kissed her mouth.

Unconsciously, Scathach returned Victor's kiss and contracted her insides.

Victor couldn't hold back his o.r.g.a.s.m that he'd already lost count of how many times he'd released it inside her, and painted Scathach's insides again with his liquids.

Feeling the warm sensation inside her again, Scathach began to wake up.

Her vision was a little blurry, but it slowly started to return to normal, and she saw Victor's violet eyes looking at her.

"Good morning, Honey."

Scathach felt a sweet feeling in her heart when she heard the name that Victor called her. She didn't dislike that kind way of calling her at all.

"...Good morning, Darling...?" She felt awkward saying those words, but when she saw Victor's smile growing, she didn't think much of it.

Victor laughed lightly as he supported Scathach's body and sat on the bed. [What was left of it.]

He lifted the woman up a little and let his member slide out of her.

"Hmm~." She moaned lightly.

Liquids started to come out of Scathach and smear everything, but the woman didn't care since she was too focused on looking at Victor as if she found something fascinating in looking at him.

'Ugh, it's sore...' It was the first time Victor had felt something like this.

Scathach lay her head on Victor's chest and focused on listening to his heartbeat.

Now that she was fully awake, she could feel people in the room, but she didn't mind them and just focused on listening to the rhythmic sound of Victor's heart beating.

Victor wrapped his arm around Scathach protectively and stroked her long red hair.

Soon, he lifted his face and looked at the group.

"How long were we gone?" He asked this because he knew days had pa.s.sed. He didn't have an exact time measurement, but he knew it took a long time in his little war.

"Two weeks..." Ruby replied in her usual neutral tone, a tone that completely hid the shock inside her.

'This is my mother?' She couldn't relate that woman to her mother.

Make no mistake, she knew it was Scathach, but she was acting rather clingy with Victor, something she'd never done before.

Even the act of laying her head on his chest while hugging him and closing her eyes was shocking to Ruby.

Ruby couldn't help but imagine Scathach's expressions with the positions she experienced when she 'battled' Victor at night.

'...I think my mother is a woman too.' The image of Scathach in Ruby's head slowly began to change.

Ever since her birth, Ruby's image of Scathach was something like an idol that never changed. Even when Victor came into her life, she still acted like the Strongest Female Vampire.

But this sight, and the image of the Strongest Female Vampire, just didn't match.

Despite thinking like that, Ruby was not foolish to believe that Scathach had grown weaker. In fact, it could be said that she'd grown stronger because, just like Ruby, she had a 'love' now.

...And G.o.d have mercy on the woman/enemy who tried to hurt Victor.

"..." Aphrodite and Natalia were looking at the current state of Victor and Scathach.

Aphrodite bit her lip lightly, and she couldn't help but imagine herself in this situation with him.

She was just too jealous now!

'Gahhh! I won't think about it! Poker face, poker face, Aphrodite! You can do it!' Using all her eons of experience, she managed to keep her poker face.

"Two weeks, huh..." Victor commented in shock. He didn't expect that much time to pa.s.s.

Scathach, despite having her eyes closed, was also in shock. She didn't expect that she would get lost in the pa.s.sage of time.

'...But, I really don't care...' She snuggled even more into Victor's body since all she wanted was to stay in that position forever.

'Get stronger fast, Victor... I need you to defeat me.'

She wouldn't make it easy for Victor, she would train even harder, but she couldn't wait for Victor to challenge her to become completely his, and he to become completely hers.

'Hmm~, I like that.' She thought as she felt her hair being stroked by him. It was a gesture of affection she'd never imagined enjoying before in the past.

"...Yes, two weeks have pa.s.sed, you've missed a lot of things. Violet, Sasha, and Natas.h.i.+a are worried, and the meeting of Supernatural Beings will take place in three days."

Victor's eyes didn't change, while he kept looking at everything with a neutral gaze.

"..." Ruby, seeing this, felt that something had changed in Victor again.

'Isn't it possible that s.e.x with my mother changed him in some way? For G.o.d's sake, this isn't a fighting anime where a certain red-haired protagonist changed while having s.e.x!' Despite what she was thinking, she couldn't help but think that Victor had changed.

It wasn't a significant change, but the feeling around him was more… Hmm, cold?

"... I'm hungry."

Ruby felt like falling to the floor now. G.o.d, he was just hungry! It was all her imagination.

Now that he said that, she noticed that he was thinner!

"Haaah." Ruby took a long breath and approached Victor.

Scathach opened her eyes and turned towards Ruby.

"!!!" Ruby cringed slightly when she saw her mother's gaze. Those lifeless, cold eyes, a gaze that s.h.i.+mmered with possessiveness.

Now, she understood what had happened. Ruby snorted and flashed the same look to her mother, a look she didn't miss a bit.

'Hah! You're too young to look like that, Mother!'

Seeing that it was her daughter and seeing her gaze, Scathach smiled slightly and closed her eyes, then went back to snuggling up to Victor.

Ruby soon approached Victor while freezing everything in her path since she didn't want to get her shoes wet right now.

Natalia swallowed hard when she saw this exchange.

"The number of Violets are growing…Jesus Crist."

Aphrodite rolled her eyes at Natalia's comment.

Ruby squatted down slightly and showed her neck to Victor.

"Come on, you must be tired of drinking the blood of an antique."

Scathach opened her eyes and looked at her daughter narrowly.

Victor chuckled wryly, but he was smart enough to know that if he said anything now, it would be his grave, so he just approached Ruby.

And bit her neck.


Victor's features began to improve at a rapid pace, and soon he was healthy again.

Three minutes pa.s.sed, and Victor stopped drinking Ruby's blood, then turned Scathach's face to the side and bit her neck.

The feeling of annoyance that Scathach was feeling vanished like leaves in the wind when she felt Victor suck her blood.

'Humpf, the oldest is the best, my daughter.' Scathach smiled at her daughter, who sent her mother a dangerous look.

Three more minutes pa.s.sed, and Victor stopped drinking Scathach's blood, despite still being thirsty. After all, he needed the blood of Violet, Sasha, and now Natas.h.i.+a to completely quench his bloodl.u.s.t. Victor said:

"Let's take a bath." Victor lifted Scathach like a princess.

"Mm!" She nodded in satisfaction.

"...." Ruby rolled her eyes when she saw her mother acting like a teenager in love.

"Roles reversed… Pfft." Aphrodite couldn't help but hold back her laughter.

All she got in exchange for that comment was a dangerous look from both mother and daughter.

Aphrodite wasn't intimidated as she shamelessly puffed out her perfect b.r.e.a.s.t.s and looked Victor up and down as she swallowed inwardly.

"I'll take a shower too!" Aphrodite spoke.

"I will too." Ruby spoke.

'Oh?' Aphrodite was inwardly surprised that no one stopped her, but that was a good thing!


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