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Chapter 885: Dragon G.o.d of Chaos.

"...Ariel." Azrael began to speak as he looked at the floating man.


"Do you know anyone who Awakened 15 Divinities when they rose to G.o.dhood?"

"... Of course not. For a Mortal to become a G.o.d is already extremely difficult and rare. Normally, Mortals who became G.o.ds only awaken 2 or 3 Divinities."

"I know, right...? So why did he awaken 15 Divinities? With two of them being more significant Divinities that have effects on several other Divinities?"

"... You're asking me difficult questions, Azrael. I don't know," Ariel replied in a monotone.

The feeling of disbelief was a common sensation for everyone present; even Velnorah herself was no exception. She expected Victor to be exceptional, but... This? Awakening 15 Divinties at once?

With two of them being extremely important Divinities that affected several other Minor Divinities?

As a G.o.d of Beginning, he was essentially, on a larger scale, a G.o.d related to Life and The Continuation of Life in the Universe. After all, he was the Beginning of everything. This ability also provided the user greater control over Souls, being able to incorporate or add something to Souls as he saw fit.

But that wasn't his most surprising Divinity. The most surprising Divinity was his Concept of Negativity, a Divinity that, even in the Higher Worlds, didn't exist.

By being a G.o.d of Negativity, he was basically the representative of EVERYTHING that was Negative in the Universe.

That is, Concepts such as Death, Fear, Despair, Anger, Rot, Night, Darkness, and the list went on.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that all the G.o.ds related to the dark side of the scale should bow their heads in respect to him. After all, he represented all of these G.o.ds.

'...That...He...' Velnorah swallowed. 'He is more exceptional than I thought… If so, my wish can be achieved.' The potential that Victor demonstrated was beyond anything she could comprehend.

"...Loki, you must apologize."

"I know."

"You do not know."

"Yes, I know."

"I doubt it."

"Shut up, Thor. I may be stubborn, but I'm not stupid."

"That's debatable."

Veins bulged on Loki's head. Deciding it wasn't worth talking to Thor, he spoke: "Odin, do you see this?"

Loki's right eye changed to a golden hue.


"I don't need to tell you what to do, right?"

[...Loki, I didn't sell my eye in exchange for wisdom for nothing. I know what I must do.]

"That's good because if you decided to antagonize this man after everything I've shown you, I would honestly betray you."

Odin remained silent and decided not to respond as Loki's golden eye disappeared.

Thor looked at Loki. He had to say that despite being a sneaky b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Loki had courage when he needed it; few could say that they would betray the Allfather in front of the Allfather himself.

While everyone else was watching Victor's every move like he was an anomaly or something, Victor's Wives approached him.

Upon feeling the approach of his Wives, Victor's body trembled slightly, showing a reaction, and in the next moment, his eyes were opened.

"I see... Your adaptation ability was not something I imagined... For it to be activated, I must essentially die in Soul." Victor muttered when he understood the Powers he'd absorbed.

Due to his current state, he could essentially absorb any Power he consumed and use that Power at full effectiveness equal to its previous owner.

This effect was further improved thanks to Ikor's predator ability.

By consuming Ikor, he understood how the adaptation ability and the Soul's immortality ability worked.

The adaptation skill depended heavily on the Soul's immortality skill.

Only when he 'died' in the true sense of the word would the enemy's attack become useless because he adapted to that attack, making him resistant.

A practical example would be if Victor died from a black hole. When he came back to Life with the immortality ability, he would gain resistance to that type of death.

Yes, resistance. And not immunity.

Complete immunity from this attack would only be possible if he died at least 3 or 5 times from the same attack. Of course, this number depended on the enemy's own attack.

'This skill is useless to me...' With his current body and his Divinities, even if he jumped into a Black Hole or into the middle of a star, he wouldn't die.

Victor turned his face towards his Wives and narrowed his eyes when he saw Haruna's state.

His wings opened wide before flapping lightly, allowing him to float towards Haruna.

"What is this...? Why is her Soul like this?" With his eyes, he could clearly see that Haruna's Soul was damaged, not enough to be harmful, but still damaged.

When Haruna was about to open her mouth, Jeanne spoke for her, saying:

"...She was reckless."

Victor's eyes went towards Jeanne, and when his eyes fell on the golden-

haired woman, his eyes opened slightly in shock.

Due to his current state, he was finally able to 'observe' Jeanne's Existence... And what he saw... Left him in shock.

In simple terms, Jeanne's Existence was absolutely ma.s.sive, both in Soul and quality. Everything in her Soul was superior, even compared to him. Essentially speaking, she was a part of Creation itself.

'...This is what it means to be linked to a Primordial Ent.i.ty, huh.' Victor understood that what he was seeing now didn't even apply to an actual Primordial.

"But she knows it, and she won't do it again."

Hearing Jeanne's words, Victor snapped out of his stupor and nodded. "Apparently, you've already spoken to her."

Jeanne didn't say anything, just nodded slightly.

Victor brought his hand towards Haruna's head and stroked her head a little.

"Please take more care of yourself, okay? If something happens to your Soul, even I will find it difficult to help you."

With his current state, he could easily repair a Soul, but he couldn't recreate a completely destroyed Soul. That was something only the Primordials could do.

"Mm…" Haruna nodded. However, in the next moment, she felt her entire body being revitalized and even becoming stronger than before.

"... What is happening...?"

"A gift," Victor replied.

Haruna then suddenly entered a catatonic state for a full 30 seconds. The next moment, small amounts of Golden Energy began to appear around her.n-1/In

"That..." Morgana, Jeanne, and Scathach were speechless at what they were seeing.

"Can you awaken the Divinity of Beings now?" Rose asked.

"No, I can't."

"Awakening to Divinity is a journey of self-discovery... But just as Buddha had done in the past, I can 'guide' someone along the best path... Of course, as a Being who represents The Beginning, my guidance is better than Buddha's."

These words made the G.o.ds who were listening from afar break out into cold sweats. It seemed that it would not only be a boom in the population of True Dragons that would occur in the future but of new G.o.ds as well.

Haruna awoke from her state and looked around in confusion. "What was that? I felt like I was looking at a giant wall, but now it looks cracked…."

Victor smiled slightly: "Who knows? This is something you must understand for yourself."

Understanding that Victor wouldn't say anything useless, Haruna nodded sagely as she thought about the previous sensation.

Victor looked at s.h.i.+va and pointed his hand at him. "Hakai."

A ball of Pure Violet Energy flew towards s.h.i.+va.

s.h.i.+va narrowed his eyes. As he was about to raise his hand to defend himself from the attack, the ball maneuvered around his hand and body and impacted 'something' behind s.h.i.+va.

A shadow appeared behind s.h.i.+va and screamed a wail of agony: "AHHHHHHHHH----...."

"... Hmm, so this is how Beerus feels when destroying someone... Hmm, it feels good. Ruby and Pepper will like it." He smiled slightly.

Scathach just rolled her eyes at Victor's att.i.tude.

Jeanne just smiled gently along with Morgana, and Rose was happy to know that even after such a significant Evolution, he still maintained his essence.

"What-...What was that?"

"It seems like you were being watched by someone very versatile in Souls and Concealment, G.o.d of Destruction. Do you have any idea who it is?" Victor asked.

He only noticed the anomaly around s.h.i.+va after he rose to his current status. After all, the G.o.d of Destruction had an aura of pure Destruction around him that prevented anyone from looking deeply into his Soul.

'Clever, using s.h.i.+va's very presence to hide his trick... I wonder who s.h.i.+va's enemy is?' Victor thought.

s.h.i.+va narrowed his eyes at this description. "I don't… But I might have an idea." Despite being a beloved G.o.d, that didn't mean he didn't have enemies, especially within his own Pantheon.

"Mm, I'll leave that to you," Victor nodded. This was s.h.i.+va's problem, not his.

"It seems that you have become even more monstrous, Victor... A G.o.d who has Concepts on both the Positive and Negative side of Existence. As always, you are breaking common sense." Vlad floated towards Victor.

"What should I call you, a G.o.d of Chaos? Actually, you are a Dragon, so Chaos Dragon?"

"Call me whatever you want. In the end, it won't make a difference," Victor responded neutrally. He then pointed his hand in another direction and gestured as if he were pulling something towards him.

"That's true... In the end, no matter what you are called, Beings will always put a label on you." Vlad spoke as he looked in the direction where Victor was looking.

Nothing happened for several seconds until everyone heard a scream coming from the distance.


A woman came flying towards him as tears fell from her face.

When all the Beings present felt the Energy coming from the woman, they immediately understood who she was... Nightingale's World Tree of Positivity.

When it looked like the woman was about to collide with Victor, a woman with long red hair that reached the ground, wearing a long red dress with Dragon Horns and Dragon Wings, appeared in between them, grabbing hold of the woman by the neck.

The World Tree of Positivity coughed at the sudden choking sensation. "S-


"Roxanne, I want discipline," Victor spoke as he examined Roxanne's new appearance. She had grown a few centimeters in height, reaching 2 meters, her body became more defined, and her physical appearance changed to that of a Dragon.

Despite this appearance, essentially speaking, Roxanne was still a World Tree and not a Dragon. This appearance was just her form reacting to Victor's Soul becoming even more refined due to becoming a G.o.d.

And since Roxanne was deeply connected to Victor, it would be impossible for her not to change due to the changes that happened to him.

"Leave it to me, Vic~, I'll make sure my big sister listens to me." She flashed a big smile that chilled the woman's Soul.

"W-Wait, sis, can we talk?"

"No." Roxanne denied with a smile on her face.

"Sis, you can't do this-." She couldn't finish speaking, because soon she disappeared along with Roxanne.

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