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Chapter 1176 The Aftermath

1176 The Aftermath

'What other benefits will there be?' w.a.n.g Wei thought. 'Now that the lower dimensional was no longer so fragile, could the overall power level increase? Maybe Immortal Sovereigns will no longer be as restricted?' He checked for the answer by deducing the changes of Heaven and Earth.

'No changes? Just the world is harder to destroy?' w.a.n.g Wei was slightly surprised by this news. He thought True Heavenly Dao would be more lenient with Tier 11 powers existing in the lower dimension from now on.

'Well, considering the lower dimension was a training area for elite Emperors, it makes sense. Without Eternal Emperors being the absolute symbol of power in the Endless Void, the entire system might fall apart,' w.a.n.g Wei concluded. He shook his head, deciding to be satisfied with the fact that the subtle aura of alienation from his strength had dispersed now that the world was stronger.

He next focused on his new All-Encompa.s.sing Void Battlefield. This thing was considered a new patent. However, it was not as useful as it appeared, especially once he left. w.a.n.g Wei could foresee these worlds purposely boycotting using his Void Battlefield and focusing on their own - unless absolutely necessary.

The target of this invention should be geared toward the worlds without a Void Battlefield. However, before he ascends, such a thing will become very common, given how much ideas and resources will be shared between world communities.

'People will only use my battlefield when their world's battlefield is too weak to contain its user. If this were the past, such a thing might be rare, but in this new era where higher fold Emperors will be more common, my Void Battlefield will not be as useless as I think,' w.a.n.g Wei a.n.a.lyzed.

'Plus, it may not be a bad thing that it's not popular. I can use it to hide or do things in secret.'

Merit descended from the sky a second time to reward him for his invention and for increasing the spatial structural integrity of the lower dimension. w.a.n.g Wei glazed at the merit in his hand intently: 'I've almost accomplished my destiny as an Era Son, and everything I've done should help True Heavenly Dao fight off Supreme Unity - even if it only makes a slight difference.'

No matter how small the change, w.a.n.g Wei was happy that he could delay Supreme Unity's path of completely controlling True Heavenly Dao. It looked like Maitreya and Supreme Unity's strengths are similar, but if you think logically, it's not true. Supreme Unity does not have full control, meaning his strength has not reached its highest level.

So, unless Maitreya still has some unknown room for improvement, things look bad for her.

w.a.n.g Wei calmly looked at the celebratory visions fading away and teleported home with his parents. Before returning to his throne room, he installed the new World Tree to support the floating court.


Before w.a.n.g Tian finished his sentence, he watched in horror as his son started bleeding from all the orifices in his body, followed by his body turning as skinny as a mummy and his hair turning white like an old man.

"I knew there was no way for you to be perfectly fine," Yu Yan said. "What are you doing? Quickly take some pills."

"I'm fine," w.a.n.g Wei said calmly.

"What do you mean you're fine? You're obviously not fine," w.a.n.g Tian added.

"No, I'm indeed fine. I thought the backlash would result in a Dao Injury in which my [Existence] is injured severely enough that I fall in strength, but it's not as bad as I thought. Is this one of the benefits of having a perfect foundation? Not bad."

"Are you sure you're alright? Maybe you should use merit to heal yourself," Yu Yan suggested.

"That would be a waste," w.a.n.g Wei shook his head. This injury was indeed severe, but that only meant it would take time to return to its peak.

"What about you guys?"

"I'm alright. Your armor already started healing me as soon as I was injured."

w.a.n.g Wei was not surprised since he created the thing himself with his Spirit Particles, meaning it was programmed or, in a better sense, it had the intelligence not to harm his family and even help them in time of need.

"Your mother took most of the backlash, so my foundation was unaffected. I should be fine in a while." As a mortal, it was easier for w.a.n.g Tian to heal, given his foundation was not broken.

"That's good to hear." The void in the room suddenly trembled, and a projection appeared.

"I had a feeling this would happen, so I prepared those," Yan Liling said as she handed everyone in the room a bag.

"Oh? What are those?" w.a.n.g Wei asked as he opened them like a kid who received a bag full of candy. Sadly, his terrifying appearance did not make his actions appear as cute as he wished them to.

"Yang Blood Pills for your body, Yin Replenish Pills for your soul, and Dao Nouris.h.i.+ng Pills for the loss of essence. With these pills, you should return to your peak in less than 20 billion years."

w.a.n.g Wei's eyes lit up. These were the top-of-the-line Emperor Tier Pills. He was worried that the ones Elder Dan provided for him would not be useful, but this was no longer an issue.

"You're underestimating me," he said. "I can heal my soul injuries with no issue, and with the healing boost of the Golden Body of Merit, I'll be back in shape in less than 200 million years," w.a.n.g Wei smiled, his mummy-like body appearing even more demonic. He handed the soul-healing pills to his mother, and she accepted them without making a fuss, knowing her son's ability.

"Did you send some to Dong Lifen?"

"I did. Everyone who partic.i.p.ated in the battle got a share."

"Everyone?" Yu Yan asked.


"The Guardian after you will have big shoes to fill," w.a.n.g Wei commented. "Anyway, thank you. After I heal, I'll feed you until you're plump. Li Jun once said he likes plump girls."

"Although that's true, I never said that, so don't spread lies about me."

"Huh? How are you here?"

"My boss gave me a promotion, and I can now send projections once in a while in the world of the living," Li Jun replied.

"What does that sound fishy?"

"I thought the same, but after research, it's indeed one of the Earth Emperor's rights, but it's usually granted to the ones with long or meritorious services. Apparently, stopping these people was considered meritorious enough for this right."

"If you say so. Why are you staring?"

"You look like s.h.i.+t," Li Jun replied.

"Watch your words," Yu Yan warned.

"Apologies," he instinctively said, making w.a.n.g Wei chuckle.

"So, what's next?" Li Jun asked, swiftly changing the topic.

w.a.n.g Wei sighed, "It's almost time for me to leave." The atmosphere immediately became somber.

"Why the frown?" w.a.n.g Wei said. "I'll see you guys next generation. Although I guess Heavenly Dao will re-activate the Time Acceleration, that should only be a few Yuan Epochs for me and over 10 million years for you guys. The only real parting is you guys." He glanced at Li Jun and Yan Liling.

"By the time you ascend, a lot of time should have pa.s.sed. However, by the time you arrive, I should have dealt with all the upper-dimension troubles and prepared the best cultivation environment for you."

"We just wished we could be useful in your next saga," Li Jun sighed.

"Our cultivation journey will be long, and without you guys, I don't think I'll make it out intact while preserving my true self. So, there is no need to mind if you're not part of one event."

w.a.n.g Wei knew one of his greatest achievements was nouris.h.i.+ng great relations.h.i.+ps with families and friends and going the extra mile to turn these people into extremely talented and accomplished people/cultivators. It could be said one of his life's turning points was when he listened to his wife's advice to treat his family as a boost instead of a hindrance. Although he has not seen the payoff yet, his intuition was telling him that one day, he will thank the Heavens he listened to her.

"And we will gladly walk with you until the very end," Yu Yan said. "However, now is not the time to discuss this since we still have plenty of time. So, rest and heal your injuries."

"I am indeed a little tired. Maybe some real sleep is in order," w.a.n.g Wei nodded. Everyone said their goodbyes, leaving him alone.

"Before I rest, let's eliminate the trash."

He raised his hand and summoned something from the void: a soul.

"No, impossible. How could you find me?"

"Mo Zun, Mo Zun, Mo Zun, you have the destiny of a c.o.c.kroach," w.a.n.g Wei said while shaking his head. "This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, your greedy and prideful personality ruined such a blessing."

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