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Chapter 1194 Ascension After Ascension

1194 Ascension After Ascension

Primordial Chaos:

Maitreya and Supreme Unity clashed, each of their attacks causing catastrophic shockwaves. Luckily, they were ensured they fought in an area devoid of any life or worlds. These two focused on their fight, and since they were relative in strength, they'd been at a stalemate for Heaven knows how long.


Maitreya caught an opening and punched Supreme Unity's chest. The latter's upper torso suddenly aged and became old and frail as he flew a few hundred light years away. Supreme Unity coldly looked at his body as it rapidly returned to normal.

"You're weakening," Maitreya declared. "This can only mean one thing - the kid has successfully revived the lower dimension, and True Heavenly Dao has regained more control of its power." Supreme Unity did not respond, not even frowning.

'He's very calm. Maybe even too calm,' Maitreya thought with squinted eyes. 'It's bothering me why he hasn't made his move, especially since the situation has been slowly tilted towards me. What is he planning?'

Her powerful mind deduced quintillions of possibilities every second, while her eyes simultaneously saw the same amount of futures every pa.s.sing second. However, she could not find the answer she wanted.

'In this situation, the best move I can make is to ensure the kid is alive. No matter how dire things get, there is a chance to turn things around as long as he lives and grows,' she concluded. Maitreya rushed toward her opponent, fighting with even more enthusiasm. She wanted to push him into a corner and force him to reveal his card.

Myriad Emperor World:

w.a.n.g Wei was grinning at the blessing of this crown. 'With all these benefits and Chen Tong's sermons, I'm confident I will reach a late 70% in my cultivation - maybe even 80%.' He immediately summoned his Bodhi Tree and planted it in his chamber. As w.a.n.g Wei cultivated under it, he already felt the effect - but that was not the end.

The tree gave him a clear mind while also improving his ingenuity. w.a.n.g Wei then summoned the Law Tree he stole from Dugu Jing's world. He first fused the Immortal Source into the tree to elevate its essence to a higher level.

The result was better than he antic.i.p.ated since the tree could now accelerate the cultivation of Immortal Qi while helping people better understand the law. The second step was to rip out his heart and fuse it into the tree's core to provide it with an abundant amount of life force. The third step in his plan was to link the tree's root to the Grand Dao Source, allowing it to absorb its properties and thus elevate itself into a Grand Dao Source Tree.

The process was more challenging than stated. w.a.n.g Wei had to use his Fate Dao to change the essence of the tree. Luckily, the Immortal Source immensely helped, but even then, he was not technically successful as the process would take too long by his calculations.

'The worst part is I can still predict a possibility of failure,' he groaned as he looked at the final result. Thankfully, he was also prepared. He linked his body to the tree before using Time Dao to summon echoes of himself from the past. Specifically, he summoned the version of himself about to take the first Flesh Tribulation of the Dragon-Phoenix Realm.

As the echo experiences the first tribulation, the Law Tree also experiences the same tribulation. And with the heart providing it with energy, it was not destroyed. Time pa.s.sed, and soon, the echo who pa.s.sed the 1267th tribulation disappeared, and the tree had now caught up with w.a.n.g Wei's cultivation.

'I was right,' he thought after checking the tree. The Tribulations, which contained the essence of 3800 Grand Dao, nourished the tree and made it more perfect. His plan was working. w.a.n.g Wei then focused on his fleshly body cultivation. He absorbed countless resources to increase his strength while pa.s.sing challenging tribulations.

The higher the tribulations, the higher the pain, and the more dangerous. Yet, he still 3800 tribulations for all main Daos. By now, his second gate shone with l.u.s.ter, indicating he could open it anytime. However, this was not his current priority.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at the new Grand Dao Source Tree and sighed deeply. "Still not finished." He summoned the River of Time to send the tree back in time. Such blatant change in time should have negative effects, but w.a.n.g Wei was smarter than that. His purpose was for the tree to silently absorb as much power as possible from the Grand Dao Source to become complete.

So, he needed to hide it from sight and not influence history in the slightest. w.a.n.g Wei had to be careful. He observed the tree's development from the Chaos Era to the present, ensuring no one discovered its existence - including Heavenly Dao.

As he summoned the tree to his presence, he was excited. It was pure white, with 3,800 fruits surrounded by rune chains. Its aura was magnificent and n.o.ble.

'It can only help me until the pinnacle of the Emperor Realm, but that's more than enough,' w.a.n.g Wei thought before suddenly feeling a cold chill running down his spine. He sensed a pair of terrifying eyes gazing at him, which seemed very hostile.

'Time Wraith? I didn't even do anything.' His actions were inconsequential as he only accelerated the tree's growth. The gaze disappeared, and w.a.n.g Wei sighed before continuing his retreat. After countless resources and consuming the Dragon-Phoenix Pill, he had reached the tenth level of the Dragon-Phoenix Realm. After pa.s.sing all 3800 tribulations, w.a.n.g Wei could open the Gate of Power, enter the Adult FiendG.o.d Realm, and become an Indestructible Empyrean.

However, he would not accept such a measly foundation. He started combining all these Daos, which increased the number of tribulations and suffering he had to endure.

While w.a.n.g Wei was in retreat, things outside started to change. Less than 50 years after his retreat, Ji Lanfang ascended. He did not wish to make a big deal out of it, so he turned into a brilliant side before disappearing into the sky. Less than ten years after him, Hong Meilin also left.

One hundred fifty years after the banquet, a golden light enveloped the world from the Western Continent. Feng Heng, the mighty Buddha, condensed a peak level 1 Golden Body of Merit before riding a lotus into the sky and ascending.

Two hundred years after the banquet, more people started to ascend - especially the non-Eternals who did not have to create their secret vaults. However, except for the professional ones, the Eternals began to ascend at the five-hundred-year mark. They received Tong Ruobing's invitation and stayed a little longer.

After eight hundred years, they held their small banquet with many professionals present. They discussed this with the Dao Opening Sect, and after agreeing, the small banquet was broadcast, which allowed the non-partic.i.p.ating Yan Liling to benefit immensely.

By the 1000-year mark, almost everyone had ascended. The Demon Race celebrated and cried at the departure of their greatest chief - Ao Shen. Hue Fenghuang's departure was rather quiet, which was unlike her personality. Another quiet departure was Xi Shangyan. Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Qian received praise from the Light Race.

Xu s.h.i.+ ascended eleven hundred years after the banquet but was not quiet. She played a beautiful zither piece that spread through every corner of the Endless Void, showing visions of everything in this era. It showed everything that occurred: every major event, including the deaths of mortals like Cai Renshu or the death of influential Emperors like Emperor Jia.

The song perfectly encapsulated the vicissitude of this era, so True Heavenly Dao accepted it as the defining song. It lowered great merit to Xu s.h.i.+, and she ascended afterward on top of a cloud composed of Primordial Chaos.

Time flows like a river; after more than 1500 years, only a few people remain in the lower dimension. The first one is the Demon Suppression Emperor. She wanted to converse with w.a.n.g Wei one last time before ascending. She wanted to primarily thank him for everything he's done for her and the human race and for something he specifically added to the information she bought about being wary of the Great Chu Divine Dynasty and the Qin Saint Court.

However, she soon realized he wouldn't be out for quite some time and decided to meet in the upper dimension. Of course, she will follow his warning.

Another person struggling with the decision was Wrath. She feared the treatment she might suffer in the upper dimension because of her ident.i.ty. She also worried about the Neo-Devil after her departure. However, after much consideration, she ascended around the 2000-year mark.

During this time, Yu Yan entered a semi-sealed state. She did not appear in the world and restrained her aura and presence to the lowest level. She was only waiting for her son to exit the seclusion to enter a fully sealed state and prepare for the next generation.

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