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Chapter 1429. Next Mission / Feeling over Speech

「 Then, I also think having s.e.x with Kou-kun is good 」

Marika said. The Matsumoto sisters and Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi are dumbfounded.

But, Matsumoto Maki-san’s hand isn’t letting go of Marika’s.

The two piano girls are still holding each other’s hands.

「 Uhm, I’m not good at explaining things so I don’t know if I can say it right, but… 」

Marika speaks to Maki-san.

「 But, I’ll do my best, so listen to me 」

She speaks with wet eyes.

「 Okay 」

Maki-san also answers Marika with serious eyes.

「 We’re not thinking of asking for something in return from Matsumoto-san the way you’re thinking right now. I want you to understand that first 」

「 But… 」

Maki-san thinks that she has to pay a big price for convincing her grandfather to let her take the scholars.h.i.+p grant from the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center.

No, she thinks that it has to be that way.

「 I understand that you’re scared because there were so many things decided so suddenly, Matsumoto-san. I was in your position just before 」

「 Takahata-san? 」

Marika nodded to Maki-san.

「 Yes, I was scared back then too 」

That time…it was the night that Marika entered our family.

「 I lived only with my mother since I was a child, and I never thought that I had any other family. I was born as a normal girl 」

「 Takahata-san? 」

Maki-san’s surprised as Marika’s suddenly talking about her past.

「 My real father is married to someone else than my mother, so I never lived with him, and I wasn’t able to go to his funeral when he died. 」

Marika’s a daughter of the prost.i.tute from the mansion, who had a daughter with a client after retiring.

「 ……。 」

Maki-san listens to Marika in silence.

「 My late father was paying my tuition, keeping it a secret from his wife. But then, my father suddenly pa.s.sed away, and my tuition might stop, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my studies… 」

Marika’s problem was much more complicated, but she tries her best to speak at a level that Maki-san could understand.

「 Then, I asked for Kou-kun’s help 」

Marika looked at me.

Marika’s gaze turned to me. Maki-san and her sister, Miki-san looked at me too.

「 That’s why I’m in the same situation as you, Matsumoto-san. I was about to lose my music studies, so I talked to Kou-kun, and he helped me. That’s why I didn’t stop going to school 」


「 No. It was Minaho-neesan who helped you Marika. That wasn’t me 」

I’m just a high-school boy, I didn’t do anything.

「 That’s where you’re wrong, Kou. It’s the family who helped Marika. And you did your part 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Yes, I was able to continue my studies because Kou and everyone in the family accepted me. That’s true 」

Marika told me.

「 And then, after I decided that I could continue studying, Minaho-san asked me “Why don’t you try studying to become a professional?” Saying that she’ll prepare good teachers and even get me to study abroad 」

Yeah, it was that night.

Minaho-neesan listened to Marika’s piano performance and told her that she’d support her as much as she could if she want to be a pianist.


「 But, I refrained back then 」

She refused Minaho-neesan’s support.

「 I was just like Matsumoto-san now, I was scared 」


「 I wanted to be a pianist, but that was a childhood dream, and I know how much money it would cost to become a professional. I didn’t think that it was worth the money that Minaho-san would invest in me 」

Marika said.

「 I’m happy that Minaho-san has high expectations for my performance, but I’m too afraid to accept the offer. I didn’t believe in my talents that much 」

「 Takahata-san, I think you have the talent to become a professional 」

Maki-san said. Marika shook her head.

「 I realized my lack of talent when I heard Matsumoto-san’s performance. The professionals are like Matsumoto-san. It’s not me, I know that my talents can only reach as far as becoming a piano teacher 」

Marika says with her wet eyes.

「 Therefore, when I heard that Matsumoto-san might not be able to continue studying, I knew that I had to help. I will do anything to make sure that you continue your pa.s.sion for piano 」

「 I… 」

Marika said. It penetrates Maki-san’s heart.

「 That’s why I brought you to Kou-kun. I knew that if I asked Kou-kun, he’ll ask his family to help Matsumoto-san 」

Marika’s right. We moved like that.

「 Yes, we made our move based on Onii-sama’s request 」

Ruriko said.

「 However, we did our investigation, seeing Matsumoto Maki-san and Miki-san’s talents, and selected them as scholars.h.i.+p students based on the results of the investigation. That’s the truth 」

「 If we didn’t find enough talent to give scholars.h.i.+ps, then we’ll support in other ways. We can help with just money, or take a different approach to approach Matsumoto-sama. In any case, we’re helping out with the expenses in school just like with Marika now, but… 」

Minaho-neesan followed after Ruriko.

「 Look, they also see Matsumoto-san’s talents. Matsumoto-san, you’ll surely become a wonderful pianist. You’re different. Matsumoto-san, you have great talents 」

Marika said, but…

「 But, I don’t have the confidence even if I’m told that 」

Maki-san looks down.

「 I’m scared to have others support my personal dream 」


「 So, I want to be family, not strangers 」

Marika smiled at Maki-san

「 Family? 」

「 Yes, our family 」


「 Matsumoto-san, join our family. I thought that it would be for the better, that’s why I asked Kou. That’s what we want. We don’t need compensation, we want Matsumoto-san to join the family 」

「???!! 」

Maki-san and Miki-san can’t understand what Marika meant by that.

「 There were a lot of beautiful ladies and cute girls in the mansion a while ago, remember? They’re my family now 」

Marika speaks with her best.

That gentle and calm Marika.

「 The girls in the mansion? 」

Before coming to the hotel, the Matsumoto sisters and Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi were at the mansion for a few hours.

「 They’re all good girls. they’re all good people, though some of them are still new to the house, and gave Miki-san a lot of trouble

Marika’s right. tried to take Miki’s violin without permission and caused an incident.

「 But, we’re a family, we’re a group of people who tries to be a family, that’s why Kou-kun scolded them properly 」

I spanked’s a.s.s until she was crying.

「 I’m a member of that family now. My sister and I joined in 」

Marika told Maki-san.

The Matsumoto sisters already met Erica, Marika’s sister.

「 As mentioned a while ago, I had lived with my mother ever since I was a child, but I had a sister. A sister I never knew. That’s Erica. I didn’t know about her until recently, but she’s my real sister 」

Marika and Erica have the same parents.

However, Erica’s raised as the daughter of her father’s son.

「 When we first met, I was still scared. Although she’s my sister, she lived a completely different life, and I thought that I might not be able to face her. I thought that Erica might hate me. I was scared that I can’t be the right sister. But… 」

Marika smiled.

「 Kou-kun took away those worries. Erica and I joined Kou-kun’s family, and I was able to become a proper sister. I love Erica, she’s my beloved sister 」

Marika and Erica took away the years they were apart by having s.e.x with me.

Now they’re having s.e.x with me every weekend.

「 U-Uhm 」

Matsumoto Miki-san speaks up.

「 The people in the mansion there were kind to us because they wanted us to join the ‘family’? 」

Agnes and the girls did their best to welcome the Matsumoto sisters because they knew that they were girls that Marika wanted to join the family.

「 Is that also why they were cold to Igaras.h.i.+-san? 」

Miki-san looks at Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi followed the Matsumoto sisters forcibly.

There are no plans to let her into the family at this moment.

「 Well, something like that 」

Mariko replies, representing everyone.

「 It’s Kou’s fault. He was harsh on that girl, so everyone in the mansion did the same 」

Mariko’s right.

I was quite harsh in front of Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

The girls in the house would’ve seen what I told her in school through the cameras in the school.

That’s why Agnes and the girls are welcoming toward the Matsumoto sisters, but cold to Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

Separating people that might join the family and outsiders.

Agnes is cautious of outsiders.


「 I’ve been scared for a long time because I didn’t understand why they’re nice to me, or Maki-neesan 」

Maki-san said.

I guess they felt uncomfortable because they didn’t understand our intentions.

「 Anyway, we’ll do our best to accept those who join our family and make them realize their dreams. That’s our family 」

I said.

「 But, what is the condition for your ‘family’ 」

Miki-san asks.

「 There are three conditions 」

Mariko replies instead.

「 The first is that once you’re in, there’s no going out. The second is to be friendly with each other, respect the elder sisters, and be kind to the younger sisters. Then… 」

Mariko smiled and looked at me.

「 The third is that everyone in the family will have Kou’s child. You’re to raise your child, and the children of every family member in a friendly environment, without dividing them 」

Matsumoto Maki-san’s surprised.

「 Does that mean that you’re no longer free to love or marry? 」

She asks.

「 There’s love, we all love Kou. Besides, joining the family is almost the same thing as getting married to Kou. You could have a big reception in a hotel with your friends, even put on a wedding dress and have a party with the family 」

Mariko smiled

「 If you want to, there could be a wedding party at the hotel. We have hotels anywhere 」

The hotel we’re in right now is Minaho-neesan’s property.

Kouzuki house has hotels under its name.

The hotel in the bay area that was torn down last May now belongs to Misuzu.

「 The wedding reception can be anything you want 」

Mariko said.

「 What’s important is that we’re satisfied with Kou. We’re filled with love and s.e.x. s.e.x isn’t seeking s.e.x from us one-sidedly, we also want Kou to have s.e.x with Kou. That’s why it’s a win-win situation 」

「 Yes, I will also give birth to Onii-sama’s child. I serve him through s.e.x. It’s fun to have s.e.x with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko speaks with a smile.

「 We don’t want just any man. Only Kou. We have s.e.x with Kou, and we want to bear his child someday. Those are our honest feelings.

Mariko smiled gently.

「 Kou’s better. Freedom to love doesn’t mean that love is all there is to life. I don’t see how playing games with boring men could be interesting. I’d rather have Kou, I already decided to give birth to his child in the future so it’s easy to plan out my future. Deciding on what age should I have children and all that. That freedom is much better 」

「 The family can also discuss the timing of the births, and match or stagger them. That way, we can raise our children together more efficiently 」

Ruriko adds.

「 I’d prefer a system where everyone that goes into arts like Matsumoto-san and the group to get along and raise children together 」

「 Yes. Once you make up your mind, that it’s just Kou, then you won’t have to worry about falling to some strange men anymore and focus on your music studies, right? I have my dream of starting my own company and doing business, but now that I’m part of Kou’s family, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I know that the family will support me 」

Mariko speaks rea.s.suringly, but…

「 But… 」

Miki-san isn’t convinced.

She looks at not just Mariko and Ruriko, but all.

「 Is everyone in that family under those conditions? 」

Miki-san asks.

「 I’m also serving Master for the rest of my life, just like Ruriruri 」

Michi replies first.

Me too, I already had s.e.x with Nii-san, and I plan on giving birth to his child in the future. Or should I say that it has to be Nii-san 」

Luna replied.

The Takakura shrine maidens need to have s.e.x with me frequently to keep themselves from having a mental breakdown.

「 I and this girl haven’t done it yet, but we already made reservations. We’ll be serving soon enough 」

Kinosh*ta-san holds Kurose Anju’s shoulders and said.

「 Eh, eh, eh, eh? 」

Kurose Anju’s surprised.

「 Calm down, Anju-chan 」

Kinosh*ta-san pulls the braided black hair.

「 Err, I think it’ll turn out like that…I’m sure 」

She’s also ready to have s.e.x with me.

Kyouko-san’s grinning as she listens to the conversation.

Minaho-neesan’s not showing any expression, not saying anything.

「 Those were the same conditions as the girls before you, and they joined Kou’s family. Like my cousin, Sakurako, or Motoko-oneesama from the Kuromiya house 」

「 My cousin, Misuzu-chan too 」

Mariko and Ruriko.

「 Edie, Mitama, Kinuka, and Haiji, the bodyguards are also part of the family. 」

「 Me and my two sisters, Agnes-chan and Karen-chan too.

Michi and Luna followed.


「 And Erica and I too 」

Marika tell Matsumoto Maki-san.

While holding her hand.

「 I see. Takahata-san too 」

Maki-san looks into Marika’s eyes, not letting go of her hand.

「 Does that mean…you’ve…with him? 」

Marika puts her other hand on top of their holding hands.

「 Yes, I’m also part of the family. I had s.e.x with Kou-kun multiple times. My sister and I lost our virginity together, and we will bear Kou-kun’s child, but… 」


「 I’m in love with you Matsumoto-san 」

I know that.

I can tell that Marika feels romantic love towards Matsumoto Maki-san, who’s of the same gender.

「 I’m convinced every time we play piano together. I can’t live without you 」

Matsumoto Maki looks at Marika for a while…

Before long…She also puts her other hand on Marika’s.

「 Me too. I need you in my life, Takahata-san. I feel it when we play piano together 」

Then, Maki-san also feels the same way about Marika.

「 That’s why I want Matsumoto-san in the family too. I want the two of us to become pregnant together. We’ll give birth to our children, and raise them as twins. Everyone in the family will raise their children like they’re their own. Everyone’s together 」

Marika said.

「 Kou-kun, is that okay? 」

She looks at me.


「 Sure. I welcome Matsumoto Maki-san to the family as Marika’s lover. I think that’s great 」

I replied.

I welcome Marika and Maki-san’s relations.h.i.+p.

There’s no doubt about that.

「 Although, just as Mariko mentioned earlier, once you’re in, you can’t leave. A lot of our family members have troublesome circ.u.mstances, and there are too many things we can’t tell the people outside

The truth is, Luna and the girls can use their Miko power to make memories disappear, but…

I’m not telling them that.

I need Matsumoto-san to ready herself and make the choice.

「 Uhm, you see…having s.e.x with Kou-kun is just like playing with piano 」

Marika told Maki-san

「 Piano? 」

「 Yes. I feel some jitter when playing piano with Matsumoto-san! It’s a feeling that you can’t explain, It’s like we’ll play piano together for the rest of our lives 」

「 Yes, I feel that too 」

Maki-san replied to Marika.

「 s.e.x is the same. Having s.e.x with Kou is. I was scared the first time. It’s s.e.x, you can’t be afraid of it. But, after having tried it out with Kou-kun, I understood it by feeling. That’s how I became their family. It was my destiny to become a member of this family. I belong to the family of these people. I understood that 」

The gentle and calm Marika is getting heated up.

Marika’s mind was thinking that way.

「 That’s why…Matsumoto-san may feel scared but believe in me. I’ll be with you when you have s.e.x with Kou-kun. You won’t be alone when you do it. Then, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. What it means to be in the family 」

That moment;

「 No! Matsumoto-san! Don’t believe her! 」

The other girl loves Matsumoto Maki-san.

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi shouts.

「 This is just weird! All of it! Don’t believe Takahata-san! You can’t!!! 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s crying.

She appeals to Maki-san desperately, with tears and snot on her nose.

「 Don’t believe her!!! Matsumoto-san!! 」

Matsumoto Maki-san…

「 …………。 」

She turned to Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi with a complicated face.

Then, she looks back at Marika.

She looks at her hand holding Marika’s.

During this conversation, Marika and Maki never once let go of their hands.


「 Sorry, Igaras.h.i.+-san… 」

Maki-san says without turning to look at Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

「 I can understand what you’re trying to say. I couldn’t logically understand the family, or what it means to understand from having s.e.x. I don’t understand, the logic is lost. It’s incomprehensible 」

「 Then! 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi shouts at Maki-san’s back, but…

「 But, my feelings tell me to believe in Takahata-san. Even more than what you tell me 」

Her feelings are more than words.

「 Therefore, I’ll do as Takahata-san says. I couldn’t lose Takahata-san now. Besides 」

Maki-san looked at me.

「 If you think what’s already done, and what’s to come, I’m thinking that becoming his mistress is something I have to accept as normal 」

Allowing her to continue her music studies, and supporting her to become a professional.

「 I no longer need to fulfill romance or marriage with a man. I can play piano together with Takahata-san, that’s all I want. I don’t need anything else in my life 」

「 Matsumoto-san?! 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s speechless.

「 Anyway, I’ll entrust myself to Takahata-san. I’ll do everything as Takahata-san says from now on 」

Maki-san confirmed the warmth and texture of Marika’s hand.


「 That’s what I’ll do. What about Miki? 」

She asks her sister.

Matsumoto Miki-san…

「 I don’t know. 」 What do I do? 」

Maki-san’s connection to us is through Marika.

But, Miki-san doesn’t have that.

「 Miki-san, you can decide after seeing what happens to Maki-san 」

I told Miki-san.

「 See what will change with Maki-san. You can watch how she will become in our family, and give your answer by then 」

It’s hard to take the Matsumoto sisters into the family together.

But, they’ll surely join the family in turns.

「 I guess we’ve come to a conclusion 」

Kyouko-san speaks to us.

「 I find your discussion amusing. Is this usual? 」

「 Yes, it’s usually like that 」

Minaho-neesan replied to Kyouko-san.

「 I see. Then have fun with yourselves later. I’ll go back to the mansion first. I’m worried about them 」

Kyouko-san stood up from her chair.

“Them,” I’m a.s.suming that she’s talking about the girl in the mansion.

Anya’s looking after them, but after what happened with, it would be rea.s.suring to have Kyouko-san, the father figure of the house, to keep an eye on things.

「 I should also return to my students now 」

Minaho-neesan said.

Students, she’s referring to the prost.i.tute cadets in the hotel’s underground.

「 I’ll rent one of the suites in the hotel. Use it as you wish. Once you’re done, contact Shou-san. She’s waiting in a separate room with Kouzuki SS 」

Shou-neechan went to send off elder Matsumoto, and she hasn’t returned because she’s with the Kouzuki SS.

Since Ruriko, the daughter of the Kouzuki house, is out of town, the men in black must be on standby until Ruriko returns.

「 You want it just yourselves now, right? Take care of the rest, Kou 」

「 Yeah, thanks. Minaho-neesan 」

I thanked Minaho-neesan.

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