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Chapter 2542 - 2542 Side Story 46: Beginning of Growth

2542 Side Story 46: Beginning of Growth

A month quickly pa.s.sed.

G.o.dly Phoenix Hall’s light and the red-golden barrier wrapped the entire mountain. From afar, it was holy and distinguished, causing one to unwittingly feel admiration.

A few figures were in the surroundings.

The clansmen knew clearly that Tuan Zi had been inside during this period, repairing all areas of G.o.dly Phoenix Hall.

This matter was important. Hence, including Yi Zhao, a few people guarded the area.

The other clansmen didn’t dare to approach them, and they waited outside patiently.

Zi Chen then stayed at the neighboring mountain, which was Tuan Zi’s residence when she came back.

He stayed alone. Everyone felt that he preferred to be alone, thus fewer people came to visit him.

Of course, most of them were young ladies who came afraid and shy. They all had a tacit understanding of their intentions.

It was a pity that Zi Chen was indeed too cold. Some thin-skinned ones couldn’t handle his cold treatment and did not come back again.

The remaining few still insisted. However, as they didn’t dare to offend him, they did not suddenly turn up and just took a glance from afar.

When he unleashed his aura, normal people could not tolerate it. There was no lively atmosphere like when he was with Tuan Zi, and the surroundings were terrifyingly stiff and cold.

Everyone then realized that Zi Chen’s previous gentleness and politeness were all in consideration of Tuan Zi. Now that she was not around, he became even colder and nonchalant.

Zi Chen did not take these things to heart. After settling those troubles, his peace and quiet resumed.

However, it was too quiet. He was even… not used to it.

Zi Chen had always been cold and arrogant, but after following Chu Liuyue all these years and interacting with Tuan Zi, he had been silently influenced.

Suddenly, n.o.body willingly challenged him to a duel, n.o.body pulled him left and right, and n.o.body nagged at him by his side…

Zi Chen sat in his chair. He held his head with one hand, his head lowered to read a book.

The sunlight poured in from the windows.

The leaves rustled.

Peace and quiet but also dry.

After some time, he closed the book and threw it aside. Then, he stood up and glanced outside.

His vision was great, and he could coincidentally see G.o.dly Phoenix Hall. Once there was any commotion, he could immediately detect it.

It was a pity that there was no noise for the past month.

Actually, this was something good, which proved that Tuan Zi was progressing smoothly.

He rubbed his nose.

At this point, the door was knocked.

Knock, knock.

“Zi Chen, are you inside?” A gentle and soft voice sounded. It was rather familiar.

Zi Chen glanced over.

Actually, the door was not locked.

The lady stood at the door and looked in.

It was Yi Fu.

Seeing Zi Chen, her cheeks blushed slightly, and one could see the nervousness in her eyes.

Zi Chen did not move. “What’s the matter?”

Everyone knew that Zi Chen was cold and not approachable, let alone Yi Fu who was previously criticized by him. She knew his behavior even more clearly, so she didn’t speak nonsense and directly said, “Zi Chen, I-I recently met with some trouble in cultivation and want to duel with someone to find the source of the problem. I-I wonder if you have the time to guide me a little?”

Actually, she had asked this very politely.

Yi Fu had already opened her sixth meridian, and there weren’t many people who could go against her in the clan. The few elders were guarding G.o.dly Phoenix Hall or were busy with other matters, so they were not free.

She wanted to find someone to fight her, but it was not easy.

Zi Chen was very capable, so he could definitely guide her. Additionally, everyone knew that he was very free.

Hearing her words, Zi Chen’s expression was cold, and he did not immediately answer.

Yi Fu curled her fingers rather nervously, and her heart hung high.

Actually, it wasn’t that she really could not find someone else, but… she was selfish. After being conflicted, she still came over.

On the surface, Zi Chen seemed nonchalant. In actual fact, she had seen how Tuan Zi and Zi Chen interacted.

He was actually a very patient person.

To someone he did not know, he might be too lazy to spend time on them. However, he was great to people he was close to.

She did not mind Zi Chen’s coldness toward her. After all, they only met each other a few times and weren’t even friends.

After they spent some time with each other, his att.i.tude would definitely change.

She had pondered over her words for a long while and felt that Zi Chen would not reject her.

Then, she heard Zi Chen say, “Sorry, I don’t have time.”

The few words landed in Yi Fu’s ears and stunned her. It stopped her words of grat.i.tude.

“W-what?” She widened her eyes slightly and was dazed. No time? He stays here every day and doesn’t do anything. How does he have no time?

Yi Fu’s face flashed white and red, and she felt extremely awkward. “Z-Zi Chen… are you upset with me? Did I do something wrong to offend you? Please… tell me honestly. I will apologize.”

He clearly has something against me, right?

But hearing her words, Zi Chen ignored her and walked away. He lightly said, “You’re thinking too much.”

He had no time and energy to spend on someone irrelevant.

However, Yi Fu did not believe him. She wanted to ask further when she saw Zi Chen take out a white porcelain plate, which was filled with red and juicy sour spiritual berries.

Then, he walked over to wash them.

His fingers were very long, and he washed them in detail. It looked like a pleasant scene.

Yi Fu was dazed at first before she slowly recovered her senses. She was in disbelief. “Y-you said you didn’t have time b-because you want to do this?”

Zi Chen did not even look up. “Not only that.”

Other than the sour berries, she liked to eat too many things.

Every day, he would change them to fresh ones and place them on a plate. When Tuan Zi came back, she could eat whenever.

He did not find an interest in eating such things, but Tuan Zi had always liked them.

As he washed them, he pinched one and put it in his mouth. It was sour and sweet, with a hint of chillness.

Zi Chen flung the water droplet in his hands and raised his brows slightly. It seems… decent.

Yi Fu’s eyes were open and mouth agape. She did not know what to say. This…

Anyway, she felt that it was very inappropriate for her to continue staying here.

Zi Chen did not even have the intent to invite her in.

“Since this is so, I’ll leave first then…” She spoke awkwardly.

At this point, a phoenix roar came from G.o.dly Phoenix Hall!

Yi Fu was shocked and immediately turned around. The next moment, she felt a cold breeze beside her.

Zi Chen had already walked out of the house and was looking in the direction of the sound.

The red-golden barrier vibrated like water ripples. Then, they slowly gathered to the top and formed a gigantic, iridescent pattern—the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s totem.

Following this, G.o.dly Phoenix Hall’s door was opened.

A tall and curvy figure stood behind it.

Zi Chen was about to walk out and suddenly paused. Then, he focused his gaze.

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