I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything Chapter 310 - Signing Ceremony

I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything -

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Chapter 310 - Signing Ceremony

Munin stamped the royal seal on the Alliance Treaty.

Next, she took a quill pen and signed on behalf of the Faraway Country’s King, Zect.

The Mad Emperor had already filled up his side of the treaty earlier.

The eyes of the witnesses were fixed on the long table, which was carved like an altar.

There, the Emperor and Munin sat side by side.

That was intended to give the impression that she was from the Faraway Country.

She was wearing a cardigan over her usual attire.

It was something borrowed from Mira.

However, that alone is enough to make it look like formal attire for a ceremony……

The Mad Emperor is also probably dressed for the ceremony today.

…….How should I say this……

With her looking like that, it feels like it would be possible even if she claims herself as a high-ranking n.o.ble lady.

The two stood up after the signing and spoke their pledges in turn.

The Signing Ceremony is held in the castle’s grand hall.

This hall was apparently mainly used for ceremonies.

It has a solemn atmosphere, like a cathedral.

The walls are covered with ostentatious tapestries.

Statues of Emperors are lined up in the hall.

The candles on the pillars aren’t lit up, but I could feel the prestige of this place.

On the back wall, there is a large stained gla.s.s window.

The Mad Emperor and Munin were positioned with their backs to it.

The Prime Minister, Kaiser Mira, who had been standing by the table, moved.

He stood in front of the Mad Emperor and Munin and bowed.

With a somewhat ceremonious gesture, Kaiser holds up the Treaty.

Thereupon, he turned his body around and showed the witnesses the Treaty.

[With this, the Mira Empire and the Faraway Country have officially become allies. May they prosper forever and ever.]

Kaiser declared, followed by everyone’s applause.

The applause sounded more heartfelt than I had imagined.

There were about 50 people in attendance.

For a ceremony in this country, I wonder if this would be considered a small or a large number?

I don’t know.

I could see some with solemn expressions on their faces.

However, the atmosphere seemed to be mostly positive.

The gazes directed at us, Munin’s comrades, were also———–


No, those gazes were mostly directed towards Seras.

We were sitting next to each other on the seat designated for us.

I was dressed in my usual Fly King attire.

Meanwhile, Seras wasn’t dressed as the Fly Knight——— but in a dress.

It was a dress provided by Mira’s side.

At first, Seras gently refused them.

However, she couldn’t refuse when the Emperor directly requested it.

She was the one who chose her own dress though.

Seras chose a white dress, accentuated with blue.

There was no exposure on her shoulders or chest.

She wore long, ladylike gloves with embroidery on the back of her hands.

Her hair was tied in a long high ponytail.

The ribbons on her outfit are also white with blue accents.

Same goes for her heels-like shoes.

Those shoes look like something a dancer would wear.

The ankles peeking out from there are wrapped in white tights.

Come to think of it……

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Seras dressed in this way before.

She looks like a neat and dainty princess.

My vocabulary is poor, but that’s the impression I got.

Or rather, I guess that certainly would be the case with her origins huh.

In fact, she is an Elven Princess.

[She is the real deal after all……]

[ ? ]

My musings were met with a questioning look from the nearby Seras.

Even so———– Munin sure is keeping her cool.

Her calmness is completely different from the one she showed just before she came to the hall.

I don’t know if I should say she’s acting more mature, or rather, in a way more appropriate for her age……

But it really feels like she’s an old adult.

She is good at switching her att.i.tude depending on the place and situation.

Well…… Being able to do things like that may have been what it means to be an “adult”.

After the ceremony, we were asked to move to another hall, where a light evening party was to be held.

In other words, the schedule is going as planned……

There, we are to “mingle” with the three Elected Imperial Households and the n.o.bility.

The hall where I was now was already in the process of moving towards there.

I myself had also sat up.

[Munin seems to be going there with the Mad Emperor. Shall we go then?]


The two of us left the hall.


When we left the hall, there were about 10 people waiting for us.

They were all men, and looked like n.o.bles who had attended the ceremony.

As for any of them being the Heads of the three Elected Imperial Households———- ……Doesn’t seem like any of them were here.

From their gazes, I could clearly sense their desire to talk to Seras.

While seemingly trying not to act rashly, it feels like they wanted to pitch themselves forward.

Seras, on the other hand……

She seemed to be put off by them.

Seemingly trying to rely on me, she just casually leaned her body on mine.

[I’m going to stay with you until we get to the next hall, so don’t worry.]

Seras turned her head down, looking embarra.s.sed.

[My apologies…… Can you do that?]

I heard that when she was back in Neia, she didn’t like night parties very much.

From a certain point, the Princess apparently wanted her to partic.i.p.ate in almost all of the activities———-

Well, it must be tiring if people around you wanted to talk to you incessantly.

Perhaps, just the gazes of people being focused on her make her feel uncomfortable.

……On the contrary, I lived for a long time as an inconspicuous mob.

What Seras feels like at times like this———- isn’t really something I could understand.

At the moment though, I could feel that Seras was tense and stiff.



[Can I put my hand around your waist?]

[Y- Yes…… By all means? Yes…… I don’t think there’s any problem about it?]

I put my hand around Seras’ thin waist.


[If they see us like this, people who won’t hesitate to talk to you————]

I looked around at the people who had been waiting for us.

[——–wouldn’t be so many.]

This isn’t a very pleasant way to do things.

To be more specific……

It was as if I’m declaring “Seras Ashrain belongs to the Fly King”.

A roundabout way to say “Don’t you dare touch her”.

Simply put, we’re consciously showing off.

Until now, we have never done something like this.

I had no intention nor the need to do so.

But now———– I think this way proves to be advantageous with the incoming interferences.

In addition, the Mad Emperor is antic.i.p.ating the Fly King Squadron.

If we make a bad move through this matter, there’s a possibility that they would “tattle things” on us.

[With us like this, those who would still try to talk to us, on the contrary…… would think that we don’t have much intention of talking with them.]

[……Thank you for your consideration.]

[You’re welcome. Well, this isn’t really a way you could praise about.]

[No…… It’s a fact after all.]


[Ah——– No……]

Soon after, Seras continued……


Nodding her head, she whispered.

Upon doing so though, Seras lowered her head with a face as red as a boiled octopus.

That was rather surprising.

I could tell from her shoulders that she was strangely tense, though because of a different meaning.

Slightly glancing at her……

[At times like this, is the Princess always acting in this role?]

[———–Ah, yes…… She always takes care of me and is always there to help me out.]

[Being like this at every evening party doesn’t sound relaxing at all.]

[No…… Today is ummm, you had……]

Seras seemed to be having trouble finding the words to say.

[If you don’t feel embarra.s.sed for an unpleasant meaning, then that is fine. That is, if you’re alright with this.]

“Errr……”, Seras pondered for a bit before whispering back.

[Of course, I’m fine with this———-, ……Yes.]

If she herself doesn’t mind, there’s no problem then.

It’s just……

[I think you’re clinging on to me a bit too much though.]

[……Ah! My apolo——–]

[Come on, let’s go.]

We moved on to the next hall.

As we approached the room, we could smell the scent of delicious food.

The next hall was like a standing buffet party.

The tables were lined with sumptuous food.

At the back of the room was the table for the guests of honor.

There, the Mad Emperor and Munin were seated side by side.

Several people approached Munin one after another.

It’s something like a face-to-face meeting huh.

I moved with Seras to a table where we could see Munin reasonably well.

……A few people gingerly followed us.

Not bothering to give them any thought, I looked at Munin for a while.

Munin seemed to have noticed us, so with a light gesture, I asked if everything was alright on her side.

Munin only responded with a silent affirmative.

From the looks of things, it seems that the Mad Emperor next to her is moderately helping her out.

I guess I can leave the situation over there to them.



Through the people who are hesitating whether to call out to us or not……

There was a man who called out to us, calmly making his way through them.

[I am the Prime Minister, Kaiser Mira. I apologize for the delay in addressing you directly.]

The second son of the three Mira brothers.

The one who holds the second priority in the inheritance for the Imperial throne.

He is as handsome as his two brothers.

I suppose beauty must come from their lineage.

However, his face is more masculine than his two brothers.

His eyebrows are sharp and impressive.

His mouth and expression are stern and tightened.

He has rich blond hair, but his blond hair is noticeably darker than the blond hair of his two brothers.

His hair is quite long, reaching down to his waist.

Even with such long hair though, it doesn’t make him look androgynous.

Compared to his two brothers, he looks more “male”.

He is tall, but slightly shorter than Wright.

His body seemed slender, but he was wearing a long, loose-fitting robe, so it was hard to tell what his body really looked like.


Kaiser looks around the table with a short chuckle.

[Everyone seems to be interested in Seras-dono. No, well, I suppose it’s inevitable with her wearing such a dress. Even those of us who are used to seeing His Majesty can’t help but be speechless before her.]

Even as he says that though, this Prime Minister doesn’t seem to be too fascinated by Seras.

I look toward the Mad Emperor, to which he notices my gaze.

With the movement of his jaw, the Mad Emperor slightly pointed toward Kaiser, and then nodded his head.

I see.

The Emperor sent him to this table huh.

[We also apologize for the delay in greeting you, Kaiser-sama. I suppose this would be the first time we have sat down to talk like this.]

[Let’s not raise my position up with that “-sama”, Fly King.]

[In that case, Kaiser-dono it is.]

[Umu. His Majesty has told me about your achievements, and a few other things. You may rest a.s.sured. If his Majesty believes in you, then we have to believe in you———— No. If his Majesty believes in you, we also believe in you.]

[As is usual with your people, you also trust his Majesty with all your heart huh.]

[Indeed. He is one who deserves our support.]

Incidentally, we aren’t sitting in a chair yet.

I casually suggested we sit as we talk.

However, Kaiser refrained with a discreet gesture.

His gaze then followed the Mad Emperor.

Kaiser looked like he was about to say something, but he closed his mouth.

However, he tried speaking again with a determined look on his face.

[————–Don’t betray us, Fly King.]

Those words———— weren’t a threat.

They were simply words spoken out of a brother’s concern for his sibling.

They weren’t words of warning———— but a wish.

Thereupon, Kaiser leaned in close to me.

I feel no hostility from him, as if he was talking to me to initiate a private conversation.

[Zine probably likes you.]

Kaiser looked in the direction of the Mad Emperor again.

[He had no one to call a friend…… There was no one he could call a friend. Of course, there’s no shortage of people who want to become one. However, he “chooses” those he could call his friend. I don’t know what his criteria are, but even though he may not be conscious of it, he’s being selective of them———- To protect himself from others. In short, he is an “Emperor”…… His existence is, down to his very nature.]

There were two people who understood him well.

That was what the Mad Emperor said.

[In that case, why can’t it be you and Wright-dono?]

[Brothers are “brothers”, not friends. Do you understand?]

[I see. Also…… As I said before, please rest a.s.sured. I am convinced that his Majesty is a man worthy of trust.]

Kaiser wryly smiles before moving his body away.

[You seem to be aware that I came here at his behest…… but even I would have liked to speak directly with his “favorite” once. At least…… I don’t have a bad impression of you so far. Well…… Just as I said earlier, if his Majesty trusts you, we have to believe in you.]

Seras signals “truth”.

It seems that what he’s saying is true.

[It’s just…… I want to say that me talking to you was just a preliminary skirmish.]

Kaiser smoothly moves his gaze to the side.


In the crowd that Kaiser had broken up earlier, one man and two women are standing.

Those three people……


[The Heads of the three Elected Imperial Family over there——— They’d like to have a little chat with you.]

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