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Chapter 1140 Where Destiny Waits

A month after William entered the Seventh Sanctum, the entire Central Continent, as well as the Silvermoon Continent, positioned their armies in strategic locations near the borders of the Kora Empire, as well as at the center of the continent.

This decision was made to counter any unexpected moves that the Demons might make, when they started their siege on Amberfang Fortress, which was located in the Demon Continent.

Joash had already made preparations and was only waiting for the armies of the Heir of Darkness to march in his direction.

Meanwhile in the Demon Capital of Astryae…

Eve stood at the highest point of the castle as she raised both of his hands towards the sky. High Priestesses usually offer her blessings to the people during times of hards.h.i.+ps, as well as war.

The armies of the different Demon Clans had all traveled towards the Demon Capital in order to receive the blessings of their High Priestess, who was treated with great respect and admiration by everyone in the Demon Realm, with the exception of Felix, who was only enduring her presence because it was a customary thing for a High Priestess to perform a ceremony for good fortune.

Eve had been trained by Ariadne from a young age about the etiquette of Priestesses. Although she was still young, her movements were precise, as she took her role seriously.

"His Excellency, Lord Ahriman blesses all of you in the battles ahead," Eve said in a steady voice that echoed across the entire demon capital. "May you perform your duties well, and fight for the honor of the Demon Realm."

The young lady whose beauty was yet to blossom reached out to take the winecup from the altar and drank half of it.

After drinking, she poured the remaining contents of the winecup on the altar before taking a silver dagger from one of her aides.

A white bunny was placed over the altar as an offering, and Eve raised the dagger high over her head and held it with both hands.

Without batting an eye, she delivered a quick, and swift blow to the bunny, ending its life in an instant.

Ariadne had taught her that when the ceremony calls for living sacrifices, the offered life must be ended as quickly, and as painlessly as possible.

In truth, the one that should have been offered as a sacrifice would have been a young Human, or Elf, girl of n.o.ble birth, but Eve firmly opposed the idea.

Upon hearing her objection, Felix tried to tease her that they should use a sheep or goat as an offering instead. This casual remark earned him a glare from Eve, and a thunderous roar of thunder from the heavens above.

"You wish to offer the life of a sheep or goat knowing that I also serve the G.o.d of Shepherds?" Eve asked him back then. "You must be courting death."

Felix still remembered how the G.o.d of Shepherd almost ended his life back then, so he shut his trap and allowed Eve to choose the animal that would be used as a sacrifice.

After naming the sacrificial animal, the Demons scoured the forest, and nearby hunting ground to get the biggest and plumpest white rabbit that they could find as an offering

Eve watched as the blood of the rabbit and the wine that she poured on the altar mixed together. A second later, a black flame erupted from the altar, consuming the offering that she had presented.

The red-haired young lady then faced the millions of Demons that had gathered in front of her and spread her arms wide. The golden pendant Necklace of Darkness on Eve's chest glowed brightly.

A moment later, the demons were bathed in crimson light, making them feel the blood boiling in their bodies. They could feel incredible strength surging inside their bodies as they roared towards the Heavens to proclaim the name of their G.o.d.






Eve watched this scene with a calm expression on her face. She didn't dislike the Demon Race. in fact, after spending more than a month with them, he found out that aside from their monstrous features, and savagery, they also had kindness in their hearts.

All the demons treated her with respect, and they loved her more than they loved Felix, whom they feared.

"Go, Warriors of the Demon Realm," Eve said softly as the sky parted and bathed her with a golden radiance, making her look like a divine being that had descended upon the land in order to lead them to the one true path towards greatness. "For the Legion!"

""For the Legion!""

""For the Legion!""

""For the Legion!""

""For the Legion!""

""For the Legion!""

""For the Legion!""

The Demons' mighty roars resounded in the capital as they raised their weapons over their heads.

The sound of trumpets, as well as battle drums reverberated in the air, as they started their march towards the South, where the Amberfang Fortress was waiting for them.

Felix stood beside Eve as they looked at the Legions of Demons that had started to move en The source of this content is Freeᴡebnovel.cᴏm.

"Not bad for a pipsqueak," Felix commented as he gave the young girl a side-long glance. "You're this eager for the Demons to conquer the Human lands?"

Eve didn't reply to him, and just continued to watch the Demons march away from the capital.

The green-haired demon Prince snorted as he hovered in the air and floated in front of Eve, who treated him as air.

"Just you wait, little girl," Felix said. "I will bring your cousin in front of you in chains, and make you beg for his life. We'll see if you can remain indifferent to me after that."

Felix smirked before flying towards the direction of the Demon Army that was headed to war. He was confident that no one in the Central and Silvermoon Continent would be his match after the preparations he had made over the past month.

Ahriman's power had also grown since then, and the Primordial G.o.d of Darkness and Chaos had unlocked some of his abilities, which increased Felix's strength drastically.

Eve watched his retreating figure, and only moved from her spot when Felix was no longer in front of her.

Her aides walked to her side and bowed their heads respectfully.

"Your Excellency, your carriage awaits," a beautiful Demon with crimson eyes said with a smile. "We have already finished packing your belongings. However, if you still need something in your room, we can go there before joining the march."

"Thank you, Carol," Eve replied. "It must have been hard on you."

"Not at all, Your Excellency." Carol bowed. "Serving you is a great honor for me, and my clan."

Eve smiled as she allowed Carol to guide her towards her room in order to prepare for her departure. She, too, would also be traveling alongside the Demon Army because this was the role she needed to play.

She hoped that when she finally stepped into the Silvermoon Continent. Her dependable cousin, who insisted on being called her Big Brother, would be there to find her.

'Big Brother, I'll wait for you to save me,' Eve thought with a heavy heart. 'I just hope that the Darkness hasn't consumed your heart completely when we reunite.'

Eve was made aware of William's current condition because David told her everything that had happened during the war in the North. The little girl felt saddened that the always smiling Half-Elf, who would regularly give her lollipops, was suffering so much, due to the G.o.d she was currently serving.

However, what was done was done.

Eve was someone that didn't want to linger in the past, for she was always looking at the present. She believed that her Big Brother Will would overcome all adversities in life, and reclaim the things that he had once lost.

Eve knew that everything would begin at the Central Continent, but she had no idea how things were going to end. All she could think of was her family back home, as well as her teacher, Ariadne, who was currently by her Big brother's Side.

She was truly glad that her mentor had survived the harrowing experience that had almost scarred her young and tender heart.

After taking the things that she needed for her trip, the red-haired girl made a gesture for her aides to follow behind her.

The Six Eared Macaque smiled as Eve walked past him. He was now the red-haired girl's bodyguard, and he preferred the young priestess personality.

"Let's go," Eve ordered as she walked with even and steady steps. "To the Central Continent where destiny waits."

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