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Chapter 1507  On Sight

Author's Note: Do Not Unlock


Some had weapons while others had activated their supernatural abilities, ready to face the group.

Falco stepped forward as his body emanated a dark aura. "Like h.e.l.l we will!"

With a wave of his hand, Falco summoned tendrils of dark energy that lashed out towards the approaching guards. The tendrils smashed into the ground, causing the floor to crack and the guards to scatter.

E.E. was already thinking ahead. "We need to find another way out. There's no way we can fight all of them head-on."

Endric nodded, his mind racing. "Follow me!"


Honestly... it's hard to say what we'll find. Miss Aimee is... unpredictable. But if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that she's continued creating life. She aims to craft a world far different from Earth's—full of diversity and harmony," Gustav responded with a reminiscent look.

As they boarded the s.p.a.cecraft, the bodyguards took their positions at the controls, and Gustav settled next to Stark.

The bay doors slowly retracted. With a smooth surge of power, the s.p.a.cecraft lifted off, leaving Earth's atmosphere in a streak of light.

As they ascended, Gustav's mind drifted to his past interactions with Miss Aimee. He remembered the lush landscapes she had shown him, teeming with life—creatures of her own design, each species more fascinating than the last.


Miss Aimee stood before a sprawling vista, her hand sweeping over a field dotted with two headed creatures grazing under a colorful sky.

"Here..." she had said, "I will create a sanctuary where all the life forms I create can coexist in balance. A model of what any world could be, free from strife and inequality."


Gustav felt a pang of nostalgia and a deep-seated curiosity about how much her world had evolved since his last visit.

He pulled himself back to the present as their s.h.i.+p broke free from Earth's gravitational pull and entered the open cosmos.

"s.p.a.ce travel still amazes me every time," Stark mumbled while peering forward.

With his eyes, he could see every nook and cranny of the exterior of the s.p.a.cecraft.

"How far until we reach AGON?" Gustav questioned.

"We're looking at just over a day's journey with the current hyperdrive settings since AGON is situated at the edge of the Milky Way," Stark answered informatively.

The journey through s.p.a.ce was smooth, with the vast starlit void offering a display of serene beauty. Stark occasionally attempted to draw out more stories from Gustav, who remained somewhat reticent, lost in his thoughts.

"You really respect her, don't you? Miss Aimee, I mean."

"More than respect, Stark. I owe her my life. I was hoping I wouldn't need her help anymore until all this was over but I guess, there is no other way," Gustav voiced with a look of admiration and perturbation.

As they neared AGON, the planet's image began to fill the viewport—a colossal world, its surface swirling with vibrant colors and cloud patterns that hinted at its dynamic atmosphere.

"There it is. AGON," Gustav announced.

"Wow, it truly is four times the size of Earth... Very breathtaking. To think one being could create all this... it's beyond what I thought possible," Stark couldn't imagine just how powerful Miss Aimee was.

Although he had very much witnessed her might at IYSOP, it was an entirely different scenario to physically be in the presence of an orbital body she created.

The s.p.a.cecraft's approach was carefully calculated, as they prepared for descent.

As their s.p.a.cecraft approached the vibrant, swirling atmosphere of AGON, Gustav and Stark were suddenly jolted by an unexpected resistance.

A s.h.i.+mmering barrier, invisible until now, materialized just as their s.h.i.+p was about to enter the planet's...o...b..t.

Stark startled by the sudden halt, looked over at Gustav with concern. "What's happening? Why can't we move forward?"

Gustav brow furrowed in confusion and surprise, responded, "This... this wasn't here before. Miss Aimee must have later put this in place to prevent external entry."

"But she should be aware of my presence by now. Why isn't she taking the barrier down?" Gustav wondered out loud.

It was impossible for anything to pa.s.s miss Aimee by since she became a G.o.ddess so Gustav expected her to have sensed their s.p.a.cecraft long before it got to this point.

Trying to understand the situation, Gustav instructed the s.h.i.+p's AI to attempt a gentle push forward, but the barrier remained impa.s.sive, its surface repelling every advance with increasing force.

"Let's not force it. We might damage the s.h.i.+p—or worse, trigger a countermeasure we're not prepared for."

Uncle Bila watched in amazement as Gustav interacted with the newly revived NID. The artifact, long dormant and silent within the depths of the Vertigon vaults, now pulsed with a vibrant, mystical energy.

 "Mr Crimson, to use th—"

"Don't worry, I understand how it works," Gustav cut Uncle Bila off.

He proceeded to place his palm flat against the NID, and the device responded immediately, its surface s.h.i.+mmering with an ethereal glow.

 The rhythmic pulsing seemed to sync with Gustav's own energy, creating a resonance that filled the room with a palpable sense of antic.i.p.ation.

Gustav's thoughts were singular: 'I need to find a way to get to the remnants of planet Humbad.' He held onto this intention, willing the NID to provide a path forward.

After a tense few moments, the artifact responded. A projection of s.h.i.+mmering letters floated in the air before them: **"Planet AGON."**

Gustav stepped back, his surprise evident. "AGON? That's... that's the name Miss Aimee calls her planet,"

The room fell silent as the NID powered down, its task seemingly complete. Uncle Bila, breaking the silence, confirmed what the machine had implied.

"It seems that whatever you need, Gustav, is tied to Planet AGON. According to our ancestors the NID has never been wrong."

Gustav, puzzled, murmured to himself, "But why there? What could possibly be on Miss Aimee's planet that relates to Humbad or the Warp Demolator?"

Miss Aimee's planet was still a very new one so it didn't make any sense to him.

Stark  chimed in, "Remember, Miss Aimee isn't just your former master. She's a creator of worlds, a manipulator of cosmic scales. There is every possibility that she has foresight of the current predicament."

The idea resonated with Gustav but he was still skeptical about it.

 "You might be right. I guess the only way to find out is by heading there."

"I'll arrange for transport," Stark voiced in response.

"And I'll gather some supplies for your journey," Uncle Bila added.

"I need to find a way to send a message... An intergalactic message," Gustav requested.




Days had pa.s.sed since the Warp Demolator's appearance and subsequent disappearance, leaving Aildris, Endric, Falco, and Ria adrift in uncertainty.

They had been scouring the coordinates and searching for any trace of Gustav, their efforts fruitless and their morale dwindling. As they prepared to set a course for a nearby planet in hopes of finding a.s.sistance, the console beeped loudly, signaling an incoming transmission that immediately drew their attention.

Falco who was closest to the console, quickly tapped to accept the transmission. The familiar face of Gustav appeared in full vibrancy.

-"Hey, guys."

The group exchanged looks of relief mixed with confusion upon his appearance.

"Rival! We've searched everywhere, where did you vanish to?" Ria was the first to yell out.

-"I'm on earth," Gustav revealed.

"You're on Earth?! How did you end up there?" Falco voiced in shock.

-"It's Stark's doing. It's a long story—I'll fill you in later. But I'm alright."

"We thought we lost you... How are you going to get back?" Aildris inquired.

-"I'm not coming back just yet. I'm actually about to head to Miss Aimee's planet, AGON."

This revelation prompted a round of surprised murmurs among the group.

"Miss Aimee's planet? Why?" Endric voiced in bafflement.

-"It's related to something called the NID—an artifact that pointed me to AGON. I think it's crucial for what comes next. Since I missed the Warp demolator's appearance, this might be the only way I get to planet Humbad."

The group listened intently as Gustav briefly explained his encounter with the NID and its mysterious guidance.

"So, what do you need us to do now? Head to the Milky Way to join you?" Aildris inquired.

-"No, that won't be necessary. You're over a month away, and I can't have you trailing behind that long. Instead, I need you to fix up my s.h.i.+p. I believe by the time you're heading back, I would have gotten what I need."

"Okay, we could help with other things while you do what needs to be done," Endric answered with a nod.

-"Thanks. I'll keep you posted on my progress and what I find out on AGON."

As the transmission faded, the crew sat back, processing the flurry of information. Gustav was safe, but the journey ahead was his alone to tread for now. They turned their attention to the task at hand—repairing Gustav's s.p.a.cecraft and finding their way back without mishaps.

"We are gonna head for Earth afterwards right?" Ria asked.

"You bet we are."



Gustav and Stark stood in the dimly lit hangar, their s.p.a.cecraft prepped and ready for departure.

The air thrummed with the low rumble of the engines warming up, a subtle vibration underfoot that spoke of the power at their disposal. Beside them, two bodyguards in silver robes, their features obscured by the high collars and hoods, stood silent and alert.

Gustav, checking over his own disguise—a similar silver robe that masked his ident.i.ty—nodded to Stark. "It's time to go."

Although Gustav didn't shapes.h.i.+ft due to the numbers seeing Stark off, he wouldn't shy out of it when the time came.

Stark adjusting his own gear, looked at Gustav with a mix of excitement and apprehension. "What should I expect out there, Gustav? It's not every day one travels to a planet crafted by a G.o.ddess."


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