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Chapter 519

[Caliber in the guild ‘Caliber and Suicide Squad’ has destroyed a light pillar.]

[First. Caliber: 13]

Through the long pa.s.sage of time, it was because of moments like these that he could endure such long battles. A gap was created in the sky as the light pillar collapsed. When I infiltrated by eliminating the guardian monster’s soldiers, I was able to confront the guardian.

It seemed reluctant to let go of the pillar, probably because it was aware that the situation on the outside was turning in my favor.

[You have used Enhanced Fire h.e.l.l of the King of h.e.l.l.]

It was possible to strike only because of the opportunity created by him, the system user, Caliber. His real name was Kwon Seong-Il. Kwon Seong-Il, Kwon Seong-Il, Kwon Seong-Il. I first met him in the Stage of Advent, and he was one of the few loyalists who showed consistent faith until the end.

Another close aide of mine was Joshua. He sacrificed himself to open the final gate. His full name was Joshua von Karjan. Joshua von Karjan, Joshua von Karjan, Joshua von Karjan…

There was another guy named Jonathan who supported me in the vicinity, and the skill ‘Enhanced Fire h.e.l.l of the King of h.e.l.l’ was named after his code name. His full name was Jonathan Hunter, Jonathan Hunter, Jonathan Hunter…

One of the last two was Woo Yeon-Hee. She was the only woman among my close aides, and I loved her so much. Woo Yeon-Hee, Woo Yeon-Hee, Woo Yeon-Hee…

The last one was Lim Dae-Han[1], who was the first to wors.h.i.+p me as a G.o.d. Lim Dae-Han, Lim Dae-Han, Lim Dae-Han… These were the five magic words that made me to stay who I was. Kwon Seong-Il, Joshua, Jonathan, Woo Yeon-Hee, and Lim Dae-Han.

I will remember you all until the day when the never-ending fight truly ends.


For now, it was enough to kill as many of its soldiers as possible to make him suffer the same losses we had. The time when he was trapped in the Fire h.e.l.l was the perfect time for slaughter.

[Valkyries are slaying the soldiers of Doom Kaos.]

At that moment, I was confronting him with flames in between. Soon, his hand burst through the Flame h.e.l.l. His melted skin healed immediately, but I did not flinch at all. As his hand tried to strangle me, I thrust my arm into h.e.l.l.

My fingertips touched his throat, then his hand strangled my neck first. A painful sensation of the death trait permeated my entire neck, making my eyelids flutter. Then, I grabbed his throat.

We did not stop attacking each other with our hands clenching each other’s necks. Although one arm was bound, there were plenty of things to take the place of our limbs. The Valkyries I created and the soldiers he poured out were just a part of that.

As the flames of the fire subsided, I could clearly see myself reflected in his eyes. No, I tried to see because I could not forget who I was and could not become like him. I wanted to remember what my face looked like at that moment, but that moment pa.s.sed too quickly.

By the time the wheezing noise flowed between my lips, the energies that came out from us like blood began to clump into a ma.s.s. It wrestled for a long time, then gradually began to disappear. Up to that point, we left multiple bruises and scars on each other.

However, neither of us was enough to completely strip our defenses, as we had learned from countless past battles. He tried to escape from my grip by twisting his head, using the skin of his neck as another weapon.

I waited for the right timing and created a gravitational pull from behind. He could not antic.i.p.ate what was forming at the center of that pull, so he had to let me go. Chains of sanct.i.ty grew on his side, which were shackles made with the intention of binding him. It was completed with a force of restraint that was much stronger than the weapons I gave to the Valkyries.


All sorts of noises filled the air as the chains unraveled and charged toward him. Bursts of energy and fire sparkled everywhere. However, it was already a failed attempt as none of them would reach him.

His judgment was amazing. He narrowed the distance, swinging the scythe at the end of his chain, and his gaze grew uncontrollably with each step. Then, his sinister madness exploded.

He lunged at me, and his entire body turned into a mist-like energy, scattering in all directions.

[Warning: Doom Kaos is reforming the area.]

His first move, whether it was a counterattack or an initiated attack, always started like this. He was well aware of my weakness.

His power that tried to dominate the battlefield always successfully seeped through my empty left eye. For him, this was a never-failing attack, and for me, it was an unavoidable ambush even though I knew it was going to happen. At such times, I felt trapped in a dimly lit bas.e.m.e.nt.


The intensely rotating things flowing around me act as walls that prevent me from escaping. Beyond the cloudy s.p.a.ce, neither the Naked Eye nor the sensory network could perceive anything. That was where his attacks originated.

There was no way out of here, but I could not leave things as he intended either. If the area were formed according to his intentions, then he would become the absolute ruler of this s.p.a.ce.

I focused on securing s.p.a.ce first, which I had repeated countless times.

[System Administrator Odin is reforming the area.]

At the same time, I imposed a single restriction to prevent him from freely relocating the battlefield. The s.p.a.ce slowly expanded, and my power permeated into the fiercely rotating flow around. The battlefield created from our contesting forces was completed in the same composition as before.

[The castle has been restored.]

The palace was formed.

[The Valkyrie Corps has been sp.a.w.ned.]

Soldiers were also spread throughout the entire palace. Yes. The heavens were under his control, but the ground was imbued with my divinity.

[Doom Kaos’s territory has been established.]

[System Administrator Odin’s territory has been established.]

[?th Holy Battlefield has been created.]

The start was made by him, but looking at the end result, we were trapped inside the battlefields each of us created. And once again, it was time to begin the fight in this eternal realm where wars never ceased.


He was always superior. The scars etched on my body had grown far more than what I had inflicted upon him.

That day, I was at the deadlock that distinguished the realm of the ground from that of the heavens. Valkyries were plummeting with torn white wings, and his grotesque soldiers were disappearing in the same manner. They were made solely for combat without any self-awareness.

My Valkyries and his soldiers had the same purpose, which was to secure dominance and then a.s.sist their creator. Each was a summoned ent.i.ty equipped with a powerful binding weapon, occasionally creating unforeseen variables. The scars that remained on him and me were the results of those times.

I had to be conscious of their movements that crept into my sensory web even while facing the attacks of Doom Kaos.

[You have created the Valkyrie Corps.]

I prepared for the imminent shock by sending additional forces to confront them. In the brief moment my strength ebbed, Doom Kaos’s attack was already completed and heading toward me. Not only did the pressure that pressed down on my crown and shoulders overwhelmed me, but there were also concealed blades that were about to pierce me. By the time I noticed the hidden blades, they had already grazed past me.


[Warning: Privilege ‘System Administrator’ has been exposed.]

At the same time, it emitted light through the gap, revealing itself. Just like how he had the light pillar, this small cl.u.s.ter of light was the source of my divinity. It had become more perfect since absorbing the Old One.

His eyes flared with intense obsession after realizing the presence of the light. Within the intertwined waves of our power, his energy pulsated wickedly.

Thump. Thump. Thump-

His relentlessly attacking power aimed either to extract the power of the System Administrator or destroy the light. He occasionally stretched out claw-like fingernails from unexpected places. There were dangerous moments where I had to fend off such a.s.saults.

In the end, his face contorted in frustration because he failed to create a critical moment before the gap closed up.


A steel barrier surged between us. His figure was momentarily obscured, and it was a barrier I had created. Originally, it was a part of the powers granted to the Great Silver.

Nonetheless, the barrier leaned flexibly to attack him. In addition, the spikes of cursed steel emerging from its smooth surface were not privileges granted to Silver.

I sensed it was my turn now. I saw a unit of Valkyries sweeping across the front line. They antic.i.p.ated the s.p.a.ces he could leap out from, so they flew in a board formation. He lunged at me, sweeping away the Valkyries in a single stroke. The weapons the Valkyries had thrown at him, carrying the power of binding, also vanished without a trace from his one attack.

However, the power I had readied stood in his path just as he had done earlier. It did not matter anymore who had started employing their soldiers first because it was so effective!

The power I had readied manifested as one hundred-eight s.p.a.ces opened. A spear emerged from each s.p.a.ce.


They rushed forth and contained the power of lightning. A number of thick bolts of lightning wriggled from one hundred-eight spears. Each was imbued with the same design as Indra’s Sword and poured toward him.

He did not dodge. It appeared that the electrical energy was focusing on him, but soon bounced off. He charged at me directly, but he had missed something. One s.p.a.ce opened a second later.


A spear that darted out from there grazed his face as it pa.s.sed. A fresh scratch appeared on his face. The area that had been exposed to me earlier was the realm containing the System Administrator, but what he revealed was a memory from not so long ago.

[You have successfully read a portion of Doom Kaos’s memory.]

[Counterplay (Doom Kaos’s Memory)

Doom Kaos planned Caliber’s death as one of the ways to turn the tides of the battle. While Caliber’s growth was insignificant, he played a critical role in the overall situation.]

Caliber. His real name was Kwon… Kwon Seong-Il. Kwon Seong-Il. Kwon Seong-Il. Kwon Seong-Il.

If he fell victim to Doom Kaos’s plan and were left behind, then another close aide Woo Yeon-Hee would take over his mission. She was the only woman among my close aides that I loved dearly. Woo Yeon-Hee. Woo Yeon-Hee. Woo Yeon-Hee.

1. This is not Lee Tae-Han, just a random character ☜

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