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2283 Chapter 2283 you like her too?

That elegant young master had completely lost his elegance.

The gentleness between his brows had been replaced by tyranny.

David looked at Lucifer worriedly.

In fact, this was Lucifer’s original appearance. The image of a n.o.ble prince was just a mask Lucifer wore.

How many years had it been.

No one had ever made him lose his composure like this.

However, Cang Lan, who had long put his life on the line, calmly got up from the ground. He shook off the dust on his body and looked up at Lucifer.

“Of course you can kill me. I don’t doubt that. But you also know that Gu Yan will never love you.”

David couldn’t stand it anymore. He immediately rushed over and stopped Cang Lan. “Cang Lan, do you want to die? Can you stop saying that?”

He was speechless. At this time, all of them were so abnormal! Why? !

But David knew the reason.

It was all because of Gu Yan..

Lucifer was like a G.o.d of death who had walked out of h.e.l.l. His eyes were fixed on Cang Lan.

“You like her too?”

“No, she is my friend. She is the first and most important friend in my life.”Cang Lan’s eyes were a little misty, but they were also very peaceful.

Originally, when he killed Shen Xiyan and jumped off the cliff, he was determined to die.

At that time, David saved him. Cang Lan didn’t want to live anymore until he came to Gu Yan’s side.

Lucifer looked at Cang Lan and realized that when he mentioned Gu Yan, there was a light in his eyes, but it was a light of hope. He didn’t look like he mentioned the woman he loved.

If Cang Lan really liked Gu Yan, then he would have run away with Gu Yan long ago.

Before this, Lucifer knew that this man wouldn’t like Gu Yan, so he let him come here to protect Gu Yan.

The anger in Lucifer’s heart calmed down a little, but it was only a little.

Because Cang Lan did not fall in love with Gu Yan, Cang Lan saved his life.

Lucifer took back his gun. He took a few steps outside, but he suddenly stopped.

He said, “You are right. I should have kissed her.”

“Stay or die.”.

Cang Lan raised his head and looked at Lucifer’s determined back. He frowned.

However, Lucifer had already turned around and walked out.

David quickly walked over and looked at Cang Lan. He asked, “Is your stomach okay?”

He saw that Lucifer’s kick was full of strength.

Cang Lan’s stomach hurt, but he shook his head and said, “I am fine.”

He paused for a second and said worriedly, “Will he…”

“This time, Gu Yan really p.i.s.sed off Lucifer. Forget it, you shouldn’t appear in front of him. Lilith and the rest are coming back. I will ask Lilith to try to persuade Lucifer.”


Cang Lan nodded his head silently.

After David Left, David was left alone in the house.

He sat on the ground for a while. His stomach was kicked by Lucifer and he felt like his intestines were about to break.

After sitting for a while, Cang Lan felt better. He slowly got up and thought that since the snow was so heavy outside, he should sweep the snow.

Gu Yan said, the snow is too heavy, the garage door will be blocked..

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