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Chapter 2892 - 2892 Chapter 2892

2892 Chapter 2892

Don’t forget, Guan Yujue was the first to speak just now. He said that the person he liked was here!

Zhizi and Bai Weiyang originally thought that the person Guan Yujue said he liked was Gu Yan.

But now it seemed like..

Could it be that the person Guan Yujue said he liked was this Cang Lan? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


When they thought about it, their expressions turned ugly.

The corner of Guan Yujue’s eyes twitched, and he held his forehead slightly. He understood what pale blue meant.

Beside pale blue was Keane.

Keane looked at this and that before saying, “I’ve been working overtime these past few days, and I’m really tired.”

Finally, someone’s lines were the same as before.

So, the plot that had gone slightly astray was pulled back once again.

However, Bai Weiyang looked at Guan Yujue. She had wanted to ask if Guan Yujue liked a man or a woman so that she could confirm if Gu Yan was a killer.

However, Bai Weiyang did not dare to provoke Guan Yujue.

What if this was the other party’s minefield and the other party got angry and refused to cooperate with them?

After thinking for a while, Bai Weiyang looked at Gu Yan and said, “Among the people who spoke just now, someone lied.”

If Bai Weiyang was a prophet, then her words were absolutely accurate.

Finally, it was Zhizi’s turn. She hesitated for a while before she gritted her teeth and looked at Guan Yujue.

“Brother Jue, is the person you like Gu Yan?”

In this game, one could ask questions, let the other party answer, and then guess the other party’s ident.i.ty.

After all, this was a modified version of the game.

If Guan Yujue admitted that the person he liked was Gu Yan, then it was very likely that Gu Yan would be voted out in the first round.

Gu Yan lowered her eyes slightly and remained silent, so no one could guess her expression.

Guan Yujue looked at her deeply and said softly. “Yes.”

Gardenia’s expression changed.

Bai Weiyang snorted.

Tan Jiang Sighed.

Keane was a little confused.

Cang Lan did not have any extra expression on her face.

Lucifer looked at Gu Yan worriedly.

Gu Yan, the main character, raised her head calmly. Her expression was calm and did not change at all because of Guan Yujue’s words.

She smiled and said, “The first round is over. The sky is turning dark now. The killers have to confirm their ident.i.ties and the others can close their eyes. However, when they open their eyes again, they have to vote for the killer and then ask questions or give reasons.”

Everyone closed their eyes.

The killer opened his eyes at this time.

The two killers looked at each other.

When the members changed, it was destined that some things would also change.

For example, the killer card.

Guan Yujue looked at the other party quietly. He saw a hint of blame in the other party’s eyes.

He smiled faintly and closed his eyes.

In the first round of voting, as expected, Gardenia and Bai Weiyang both voted for Gu Yan.

Gu Yan glanced at the two of them, then turned her head to look at Guan Yujue and said, “I vote for Guan Yujue as an”

Guan Yujue looked at her quietly and asked, “Why me?”

“Only an wants to kill me the most.”Gu Yan smiled gently.

Cang Lan voted for Guan Yujue without even thinking.

In other words, Gu Yan and Guan Yujue had two votes now.

Tan Jiang was Guan Yujue’s most trusted subordinate. At this moment, he was naturally helping his boss. He voted for Gu Yan.

Three to two.

Only Guan Yujue, Keane, and Lucifer remained.

Guan Yujue cast his vote for Gu Yan with a tender look in his eyes.

Keane also cast a vote for Gu Yan.

It was five to two.

It didn’t seem to change who Lucifer voted for.

It was getting dark again.

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