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Chapter 554: Chapter 559 A went up

Translator: 549690339 

“This way, no… it should be this way. Why Can’t we attack aerial units? !”

Hiri was somewhat fl.u.s.tered as he dragged the primary crystal mouse and knocked on the keyboard beside him.

Meanwhile, Joshua silently watched Hiri, the ‘ruler’, send his few soldiers onto the battlefield and then line up one by one to die under the enemy’s sword.

In the end, Hiri managed the city painstakingly for an hour. The Griffin Knight Legion led by the enemy drove straight into the sky, and the farmers below fled in all directions.

The buildings in the city turned into flames one by one and collapsed into ruins. The soldiers under Hiri’s command fell in groups and turned into corpses one after another.


This country, which had only been established for an hour, was gradually destroyed under the command of Hiri, the ruler, even the only two heroes in the country, Karsus and Antonidas, were unable to stop the enemy’s Griffin Army.

“You’re a great mage! Why did you die so quickly! This blood elf prince is too weak!”

Hiri kept ordering the barracks to speed up the soldiers’training, but unfortunately, in front of the enemy’s Griffin Knights.., the great mage Antonidas only lasted less than twenty seconds before he turned into a corpse and his soul returned to the hero altar.

In the next second, the Blood Elf Prince didn’t even have time to release his Phoenix before he fell to the enemy’s thunder hammer with hatred.

When the Griffin Knights went straight into the hinterland and destroyed all the barracks and castles in the country, the country that had only existed for an hour was declared dead.

“The city that I built with great difficulty!”

Seeing everything that he had painstakingly built turned into ruins, Hiri smacked the table in anger.

“Doesn’t that cruel tyrant across the street have any room for negotiation! !”

“Ugh… This game doesn’t look like a civilization. There’s no such system as diplomacy.”Joshua watched the Queen of the ‘fallen country’and the tragic ending of her country from the side, he made some objective evaluations. “And Healy, were you the one who sent the infantrymen to hara.s.s the farmers of the other party in the beginning?”

“In short, I’m not reconciled!”

Healy withdrew from the battle. Without waiting for Joshua to explain, another round of battle began again.

This time, Healy’s goal was no longer to develop her own city. This spellcaster lady had once again found her own game style, which was reckless to the end.

Healy, who had already grasped the rules of the game, began to build his own army.

Thus, the second country that Healy established took less than an hour from the founding of the country to its destruction.

“Should I still join a formation system?”

Jose watched as Healy kept dragging his mouse.

This girl was not destined to be a famous general. In every battle, Healy’s method was very simple, which was to select all the soldiers and defeat them in one wave.

“This game… is so difficult.”

After the second defeat, Hiri lay on the table weakly.

From the beginning, she had been in a state of confusion. When some soldiers were dying, Hiri wanted to let them escape from the battlefield, but he was blocked by his teammates.

Hiri could not control the entire army when he commanded a single soldier, let alone use the precise skills of the hero.

“This is just the beginning, but it is indeed a little difficult to get started.”

Of course, Jose could not ask too much of Hiri, a newbie who had just started playing real-time strategy games. This type of game itself was considered difficult to get started.

This was also one of the reasons why players on Earth were limited in the real-time strategy game community. It was difficult to get started, and just getting started required a long period of practice.

“Next time when I have time, I’ll let you try a simpler mode,”said Jose.

“Could it be that the tyrant on the other side is willing to negotiate with me?”Hiri instantly became interested.

“That’s another game.”Jose did not expect Hiri to think of negotiating with him when playing this kind of game with his character.

“HMM… what kind of simple method is that?”

“I guess you don’t like controlling so many soldiers, Hiri?”

“I can’t say that I don’t like it. Commanding an army is actually quite interesting. It’s just that… Those soldiers run too slowly. They don’t even know they’re running away when they’re dying. They even need me to remind them. In short, they just can’t operate it!”

“I’ll create a mode that only needs to control one hero to fight.”

Joshua planned to release another myth that was born from this game at the same time as World of Warcraft 3.

“Only controlling one hero?”

“Let’s call it the relic defense battle. You’ll understand when the details of the game are officially announced. It’s a mode that everyone can easily learn.”

The relic defense battle that Joshua was talking about was DOTA. This was a map that was custom-built by players. The number of players in the world even surpa.s.sed World of Warcraft 3 itself.

The most important thing was that this mode could be easily mastered, and one could also easily experience the fun of it.

This included setting up the Black 5 combo.

“But let’s go to sleep today.”

Jose looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was already five o’clock in the morning. By the way, Healy was only wrapped in a sheet, and the inside was completely hollow.

“Do you want me to tidy up the bed?”Hiri buried his face in the quilt.

“Go to Hiri’s room… to rest?”

Josh looked back at the messy room. Since the sun was about to rise, he didn’t want to spend the time he had to tidy up the room.

“Rest. Actually, Josh, I want to continue the third round,”Hiri said as he glanced at his defeat on the screen.

“I’ve already stayed up for almost three days, so I’ll take my leave for now… Hiri, you still have to attend the purple-clad man’s cla.s.s tomorrow, so pay attention to the time.”

“Don’t underestimate me. In the past, when I was fighting for my life in the forest, I only slept three hours a day.”Hiri seemed to be bragging about his tragic past.

Josh did not say anything. He just reached into the quilt and rubbed Hiri’s messy hair. He stood up from his seat and left the room. Hiri continued to fight on the road to establish his own kingdom.

When Joshua pushed the door open and came to the corridor, he saw an acquaintance in the shadows at the end of the corridor.

“It seems that you’ve had a wonderful night.”The Dark Elf’s pale purple eyes shone in the shadows.

“Let’s get down to business.”

Joshua was too tired to listen to the Dark Elf’s teasing.

“Someone is asking about you. It’s the people from the Frost Kingdom,”the Dark Elf said.

“As expected, so how much did they find out?”

“I don’t think those black pigeons will ignore my orders, so they still don’t know anything.”

The Dark Elf seemed to be very confident in his prestige among the black pigeons.

“I thought you would sell my information at a price. It seems that I misunderstood you, thousand faces. But it doesn’t matter.”Jose looked in the direction of the sage tower through the window. “Even if they find out my ident.i.ty, it’s meaningless. Anyway, there will be information about me the day after tomorrow, so it won’t be valuable in Nolan.”

“The SKJERONA award ceremony?”The Dark Elf guessed what Joshua was referring to.

“That’s right. Thousand-face, can I trouble you with something? My sister will probably come to Nolan Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Can you go pick her up?”

When Joshua made this request, the Dark Elf’s expression immediately changed.

“Can you… Change Someone Else, Your Highness?”The Dark Elf revealed a somewhat stiff smile. “I’ve been a little busy recently.”

“Is my sister that scary?”In Joshua’s impression, the second princess should be more approachable.

“It’s just that I don’t get along with her.”The Dark Elf sighed. “But it seems that I’m the only one who can do this task. When the second princess arrives in Nolan, send me a message.”

After leaving this sentence, the Dark Elf turned into a crow and disappeared into the night.

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