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Chapter 1137 Urgent Matters

News came the following morning that the Ming Dynasty had begun expelling all German citizens from its borders, while closing off maritime trade for the foreseeable future. At first Berengar was outraged at such an occurrence, and thus the first thing he did upon receiving this news was get in touch with his wife Linde, who would know more about the situation at hand.

Over the radio, Berengar voiced his frustration with the ongoing crisis, while reflecting on a similar turn of events from his past life, that would naturally occur in the coming decades if Berengar had not interfered with this world's timeline. 

"Just what the h.e.l.l caused that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d to turn on me so suddenly? His nation was literally basking in the wealth the tea trade provided him!"

Linde sounded calm as can be while she properly explained the reason for this incident, that Berengar was apparently blind to. 


"Zhu Wudi was never on our side. The Ming Dynasty had been supplying us with information, hoping that we would crush the j.a.panese Empire and eliminate their largest rival. However, because you decided to marry Itami, and invest in the reconstruction of her nation, the old man has no choice but to close his borders.

I have no doubt that Zhu Wudi believes you will leave the Ming Dynasty alone, if they simply isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Which in my opinion is a wise move. Further interaction with the Reich, could only cause problems for the Ming Dynasty, especially if they have another incident like that foolish prince. 

Luckily for you, the moment I became aware of the situation, I ordered for our agents still within the Ming Dynasty's borders to buy up all the tea plants that they could get their hands on. As a result, they are currently on their way to the Indian Empire with a treasure trove of tea plants. 

This might just work out in our favor. Aside from our newfound colonies in the Philippines, and our efforts to rebuild j.a.pan, we really have no interest in East Asia other than the tea trade. However, now that India will be able to grow the plants themselves, we will be able to a.s.sert our control over the industry, and be able to s.h.i.+p the products back to the fatherland, and our colonies at a discounted price. 

I have already gotten in touch with Dharya, and he has agreed to lease out the land required to farm the tea plants for a period of a hundred years, in exchange for continued economic support. After all, his Empire is exceptionally large, and will require further investment to turn the entire thing into a semi-modern country..."

Berengar was only mildly surprised that Linde had been able to act so quickly, and had indeed salvaged the troubling situation. The next statement she posed, however, was one that caused Berengar to reflect on the current political reality. 

"The problem this presents is that we will have very limited contact with the Ming Dynasty going forward, and they will probably enforce their control over their tributaries in order to ensure their loyalty. 

This could naturally affect the Joseon Dynasty, who have been a tributary of the Ming Dynasty for the past three decades. Though the Ming abandoned them to j.a.pan, the Joseon Dynasty will not be so forgiving of our stance in rebuilding j.a.pan, especially after what they have endured these past few years. This might cause them to respond in a similar manner to the Ming.

Considering how much personnel and equipment we have in the region. The demand for our withdrawal would be quite the troublesome affair. Need I remind you of how many agents we have recruited from the Joseon Dynasty, who are still capable of infiltrating their Ming neighbors and providing valuable intelligence to the Reich? 

Because of this, it is in your best interest to contact the Joseon King as quickly as possible and find some form of agreement between our two realms. If we lose our agents who we have recruited from Korea, then we will truly be limited to aerial reconissance when it comes to gathering intelligence of the Ming Dynasty's progress. As for interference in their development as an industrial state, when the time comes to take such action it will become an extremely difficult affair."

It was at this moment that Itami entered the room with a bowl of ramen in hand, and a side of octopus dumplings. Which she knew Berengar was particularly fond of. When the j.a.panese Empress realized that the Kaiser was in the middle of a cla.s.sified phone call, she left the meal on his desk while preparing to leave the room. However, Berengar quickly called after her.

"Itami-chan, please, stay. This matter involves both of our realms."

However, despite Berengar's gesture, Itami began to pout and curl her fists as she approached Berengar and scolded him for his words. Which he did not in the least bit expect. 

"Why are you still referring to me as my surname? We are going to be married soon, so you best better get used to calling me by my given name!"

Berengar could tell that this remark had struck one of Itami's nerves. The awkwardness he was feeling was enhanced by the snicker that he heard come from Linde's end of the line. 

"Heh... Trouble in paradise?" 

Upon hearing the mocking tone in Linde's voice, Berengar glared at the radio before apologizing to Itami.

  "I'm sorry Ita- I mean Riyo-chan..."

However, before Berengar could complete his sentence, Riyo wagged her finger in the man's face and spelled out her name one letter at a time. 

"R-i-y-o! Not Riyo-chan, Riyo!"

The feeling Berengar felt at this moment was as if he was an anime protagonist getting scold by the female lead. This was further exacerbated by Linde's continuous mocking on the other end of the line. 

"heh heh heh, it looks like you are having fun. Should I just handle the matter with the Joseon Dynasty myself, or are you done playing house for the time being?" 

After hearing this, Berengar took a deep breath to calm himself, before responding to Linde's taunts. 

"I'll handle it myself! While I b.u.t.ter up the Joseon King, you can fulfill a promise we made to Min-Ah. She has proven herself a valuable a.s.set, and as a result, we owe her a debt of grat.i.tude." 

The mocking tone in Linde's voice suddenly vanished, as she immediately became much more obedient. 

"Understood. I will take care of it after your diplomatic visit is concluded. Since Min-Ah is currently in j.a.pan, it would be best if you took her with you to Pyongyang. For whatever it is worth, she is still a Joseon Princess. That's all for now, I will update you on the situation with the Ming once I know more. In the mean time make sure to have fun with your little fiancee, since this will be the last time you get married." 

After saying that, Linde hung up on her end of the line, and began to move the pieces in place to Min-Ah's step mother. As for Berengar, he looked over at the food Itami had prepared for him and smiled before asking her to sit down across from him. 

"Thank you for your patience. I appreciate the meal. It is much needed after a long day's work."

Itami simply smiled and watched Berengar eat the food with a look of delight on his face. The two of them discussed the ongoing situation with the Ming and Joseon Dynasties, while Berengar continued to devour his meal.  Once her man was finished, the Albino beauty looked rather surprised and voiced her thoughts on the sudden isolationist policy undertaken by the Ming. 

"This is indeed troublesome. The Ming Dynasty was my largest trading partner before everything went to s.h.i.+t. As a result, I am well versed in just how big that market is. I don't doubt that by going into isolation, they will be taking many of their tributaries with them. It appears that they want to close off the entire eastern markets to the Reich and what remains of my Empire in retaliation for our marriage..."

Berengar noticed the glum look on Itami's face, it was clear that she was blaming herself for these turn of events. And while that may be true, Berengar a.s.sured her that everything would be fine. 

"It is fine. You don't need to worry so much. The truth of the matter is that we have already secured an alternative source for tea, and that was the most important product we were obtaining from the Ming Dynasty. As for the closure of the eastern markets, this hardly affects my Empire. 

In truth, the Reich was not doing much trade with the Ming Dynasty and its tributaries prior to this sudden isolation. Other than arms sales and the aforementioned tea trade, that is. In fact, most of our economic ties on the Asian continent were in the southeast, which, for the most part, is still within my sphere of influence. 

What I am worried about is the Joseon Dynasty, and because of this, I will have to go visit Pyongyang and speak to the Joseon King myself. Ultimately, they will be forced to take a side, whether they wish to remain in the Ming's sphere of Influence, or enter the new world that I am creating.

So I'm sorry to say, but I will be leaving you here in Heian-kyō for a few days. In the meant time, I will leave control of the efforts to rebuild j.a.pan in the hands of my eldest son Hans. He is well versed in what is required to lead a nation, and you will find his help to be almost as effective as my own."

Upon hearing that Berengar would be leaving her side so soon after becoming engaged, Itami felt her heart bleed, but she knew that as the Kaiser of the German Reich, Berengar had many responsibilities to look after.

The fact that he was present in j.a.pan during this critical transition was more than she could ever ask for. Thus, she simply nodded her head before kissing the man on the lips. Thus proving her obedience as she whispered in his ears a small prayer. 

"I will pray for your safety while you are away..." 

With that said, Berengar left the temporary office which he had established for himself while staying in Heian-kyō, and prepared for an immediate departure to Pyongyang. The future of the Joseon Dynasty would be decided in these discussions. 


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