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Chapter 1727 Ridiculous


Two palms. .h.i.t a desk so hard that a trembling impact surged throughout the city. The fury behind it was clear and even that floor to ceiling windows behind the individual shattered to pieces, sprinkling down to the streets behind him. However, by some miracle, the desk itself was perfectly intact, outside of some light trembling, it maintained its frame, even the floor beneath it not experiencing even the slightest tremor. 

The two individuals standing before the infuriated man didn't so much as flinch. It was clear that they were very much used to this scene, and maybe that was why such an investment had been made into this furious man's desk to begin with. 

This furious man, though, wasn't a simple individual at all. In fact, he was one of the very few above Tier 1 Star Officers of s.h.i.+eld Cross Stars, one of only eight.

To put this matter into perspective, the t.i.tle of Tier 1 Star Rank was so rare that despite the fact they were always looking for more officers, they could simply not find anyone both worthy and willing to dedicate their lives to being a policeman. 

As for those above Tier 1 Star Officer, they were veterans no lesser in stature than Void Elders. They were known as the Cross Elders and their position was designed to have nine members taking up the rank at any given time. But much like the ranks of Tier 1 Star Officer, there simply weren't enough worthy individuals. As such, a position designed for nine could only have eight. 

This man was none other than Cross Elder Avan, a man both known for his valiant service to the human race and just as well known for his fiery temper.

The two individuals across from Cross Elder Avan were two Tier 1 Star Rank Officers. However, other than not showing fear in the face of his outburst, the two didn't dare to show the slightest disrespect. Although there seemed to be just a single rank between themselves and Cross Elder, the gap might as well have been insurmountable. 

The difference was akin to a member of the Void Senate of the Void Palace, or even a Domain Rank disciple, and a Void Elder. It simply wasn't meant to be compared. 

"Incompetent. Incompetent! INCOMPETENT!"


Cross Elder Avan spoke so furiously that the words were almost entirely incoherent. The louder he got, the less sense he seemed to make so they could only a.s.sume he was repeating the same word over and over again. 

The two Star Rank Officers before him, one man and one woman, could only continue to clasp their hands behind their backs, standing tall. 

"I want them found, now! Vishna, Cordan, get it done, I don't care how you do it, I just want results."

Vishna, the brown-skinned beauty between the two, and Cordan, a bulky man with a round but steel-like gut, looked toward one another. Even without saying a word, they knew well what "I don't care how you do it" meant in this context. 

On the one hand, it meant exactly what it stated. But on the other hand, it was also a scapegoat flag. Sure, they could do whatever they wanted, but if they were caught, then they'd become the next DiVincenzo.

"Sir… What do we do about Earth?" Vishna finally asked after a moment of listening to Avan's heated breathing. 

Upon hearing "Earth" Avan's forehead gained a new vein moonlighting as a slithering crimson python. It really looked as though his head might burst like a watermelon any moment now. 

Avan had, of course, heard the news that Alienor Morales was actually the Princess of the Ascension Empire. However, this shocking news had been overwhelmed by tall the matters that came afterward. He had only just now remembered that he had even more to be infuriated about. 

The 24-hour period that Alienor had given was quickly approaching and no orders had been sent just yet. Between the Cloud Race matter and the escape of their prisoners to this moment right here, everything had happened so quickly that it was difficult to deal with. 

Earth was a troublesome matter to begin with because the s.h.i.+eld Cross Stars branches in its vicinity were weak. This was because the Milky Way Galaxy was fairly cla.s.sified as a more primitive galaxy in comparison to the others. They had by far the most number of Third and Fourth Dimensional worlds in the whole of the Human Domain. 

However, since then, Earth had expanded far outside the range of their original galaxy and had even quickly swallowed up several Sectors. This led to an odd situation where the core of Earth's territory had the weakest s.h.i.+eld Cross Stars influence while the outer reaches of its territory had the strongest. 

Even s.h.i.+eld Cross Stars hadn't expected Earth to progress so rapidly. Usually it took thousands upon tens of thousands of years just to improve through a single Dimension even if you had far greater potential. However, Earth had somehow made it from the Third Dimension to the Seventh in less than half a century. 

This threw many of the original plans s.h.i.+eld Cross Stars had had out of the window and it left them in an awkward position. Now, they were suddenly being kicked out of the territory before they could even establish themselves. 

"Ridiculous. Ridiculous! RIDICULOUS!"

Spittle flew from Cross Elder Avan's mouth and some even somehow ended up on his balding, wrinkled head. However, so much heat was coming off of him that it evaporated into nothingness in just a few moments. 

After a moment, Cross Elder Avan calmed and sat down in what remained of his chair, the wind from the shattered windows fluttering what remained of his hair. 

Then, he sneered.

"The Morales want to play games, huh? We'll see how long that lasts. As for the Ascension Empire, they want to be free of us? Sure, fine, let them be free, I can't wait to see how long it'll take for them to come crawling back. 

"Order your subordinates to keep an eye out for that brat, the fugitives of the human race can't run around just because of who their mommy and daddy are.

"Forget the other matters, go do as you're told." Avan waved a hand and time seemed to reverse as the shattered window shards flew back into place and melted back into place. 

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