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Chapter 2168 Two Sons.

2168 Two Sons.

The shock of this matter wouldn't truly settle in until much later. It was simply far too unfathomable, and worse than that, it was almost impossible for news to spread from Domain to Domain. While the Cloud Race had infiltrated the humans, this was a very rare instance of taking advantage of a very unique talent.

However, there was one matter that couldn't be hidden, a matter so shocking that it wasn't a mere simulation that would be astonished, but rather the entirety of the Cataclysm Zone. Or, more accurately… The Vast Bubble.

The location was deep within the Vast Bubble, a region where only powerhouses could hope to step foot. The deeper one was, the more powerful the demonic attacks one would face would be. These sorts of places were rife with resources, but there was only a collection of a very few that would dare to step into this territory.

This place was one where the Four Great Families thrived, the Brazinger family, the Laevis family, the Adurna family, and the Crudus family.

Soon after vanis.h.i.+ng, it was this location that Imperatress Anselma and the others returned to. This was the place they called home. But what they didn't expect was that the phenomena of golden blood filling the skies that had taken hold of the Human Domain and the Void Battlefield, would be even more exaggerated in this location, so much so that even they, who were quickly replenis.h.i.+ng their strength as Ninth Dimensional existences, suddenly felt far too suffocated to breathe.

Their expressions changed one after another because they knew exactly what this sort of thing meant, but they couldn't bring themselves to believe it. It was unfathomable to them, something that they were entirely unwilling to accept… It was a True Death.

When one entered the Ninth Dimension, they would practically become infallible to all others except other Ninth Dimensional existence. But even then, a Ninth Dimensional existence was extremely difficult to kill, so much so that they had to be cla.s.sified in terms of False Deaths and True Deaths.

A Ninth Dimensional existence was more than just their being, they were also the sum of their comprehension. Given enough time, it was possible for a Ninth Dimensional existence to regain their life slowly, even though their consciousness was indeed dead, or rather, in this case, dormant.

This would be considered a False Death. But, when that line was crossed, and there was no return at all, it would become a True Death, a death whereupon there would be no coming back, no slow retrieval process, no chance at survival…

When this happened, all the sum of what a Ninth Dimensional expert had been would be released back to the universe. The strength of such an existence was truly unfathomable, especially when they reached a certain level that allowed them to look down upon even most other Ninth Dimensional existences.

There should have been only two ways to kill an existence like this and force them into a True Death, and both of those ways should have only been related to a single existence… A Regulator. Either such an existence had to offend a Regulator in some way, or they had to be attacked by a person who could circ.u.mvent or supersede the rules of a Regulator, but such existence were either legend or acting in small Bubble Worlds.

In reality, the death of such an existence was a great boon. It would give many others a chance to rise.

But to the Four Great Families that wanted to be in control of everything, this was the worst-case scenario... And for more reasons than just this.

A Supreme of the Human Race had just died, and not long ago, the final seal on the barrier had shattered. The Vast Bubble was on its deathbed.

They all paled at once, because they also came to another realization. The person that had died… there couldn't be such a coincidence in this world. There was no doubt that this person was King, the strongest expert of the Vast Bubble, an existence unfathomable to them and the only reason they would lower themselves to enter that small world…

The creator of the Dream Project, the man who loomed in the shadows of the Dream Pavilion, a bestower of abilities, a man even called G.o.d by others… Had died to the single spear of such an insignificant existence…?

They had seen the spear strike. They had seen the blood. They had heard the cry of pain and unwillingness.

However, the legend of this man was so firmly imprinted into their hearts that they never once considered the idea that he might die, at the very worst an extremity of his was injured and he had roared out in humiliation… But Dead?

Their bodies s.h.i.+vered from head to toe.

Such a man was killed by a single spear stroke, one stroke of the blade, a single chance in an infinitesimally small window of opportunity… all at the hands of a man who had been forced to suppress himself at the Eighth Dimension and only suddenly broke through in that one brief instant.

How was this possible?

No, the answer to this question didn't even matter, what would they do now? How would they respond to this situation? The demons were already coming, demons that they couldn't even fathom defeating. The so-called rankings that they had formed were nothing more than a political plow to trick the smaller families of the Vast Bubble to believe them to be infallible, the only existences at the very top. It was what the Great Families were best at, manipulating public opinion and pulling everyone along on puppet strings.

But now the real demons were coming, the truest of the demons, the most powerful of them… And the one man that should have been their frontier of hope had died…?

To a single spear?

The plight of the Vast Bubble took a shuddering pause as they came to a realization. Velasco had never cared about them. They were entirely insignificant in his eyes. He had only wanted one thing… revenge against the man that had killed his family.

At that moment, a howl filled with grief and indignation echoed through their reality and they s.h.i.+vered from head to toe. The first son they had enraged had killed their greatest expert. And now his son after him, even though they didn't quite realize it now, would become an even worse nightmare than the first.


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