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Chapter 2335 True Sailor

Leonel didn't know how to react to this immediately. He even a.s.sumed that his grandfather had screwed him over for a moment, before he tossed that train of thought away. Unless Emperor Fawkes had stolen his progress, what good did it do him to harm Leonel in this way?

It was possible that he wanted to use Leonel as a scapegoat, but that was such a stupid idea that Leonel couldn't even quite take it seriously. He refused to believe that there was anyone in his lineage that stupid. Least of all his grandfather who had a decent opinion of.

Plus, even with his original power, even he wouldn't say with 100% certainty that this selection event would be a breeze. He had met those geniuses of the other Incomplete Worlds during his Spear Domain trial, and they were all so powerful even though they couldn't use their various Race-related abilities.

And those were just the Spear Domain geniuses. What about the other Domain Ring geniuses? Or what about the geniuses that didn't rely on the Domain Rings at all?

They definitely weren't to be underestimated, which was why Leonel had wanted to have time to prepare, and yet he hadn't been given that grace at all!

'd.a.m.ned old man.'

In addition, if the seal on him had been undone, how could he be weaker? His speed of thought was so much faster as well and he felt that everything was still in the palm of his hands.

'Maybe I should deal with this situation first...'

Leonel looked toward the attacks coming toward him and shook his head. These people were weak, pathetically so.

He understood, though. Even if there were some of the Incomplete Worlds that would be absolute monsters, the law of averages still applied. For there to be a few monsters, there would have to be quite a number of garbage dumps for wider Existence to have the poor opinions of Incomplete Worlds that they did.

That meant that the vast majority of those thrown into this life-death battle would be like the weaklings of the Human Domain who couldn't even make it into the Void Palace.

The only reason that they had attacked him so boldly was because they sensed that he was only in the Fifth Dimension and thought that he was an easy target.

He somewhat lazily stretched out a finger, ready to blast a hole through them all with a strand of Spear Force.

'Hm, but for them to be so eager to kill me, could there be some sort of point system? I wouldn't even know about such rules because of that d.a.m.ned old man. Maybe I should keep one of them alive just to ask...'

Leonel readied his attack and then his expression changed.

'Son of-'


Leonel was consumed by the attacks on all sides.


"I killed him. All of you scram!"

One of the "experts" barked as a tally appeared above his head before blinking out. However, none of the others even paid him any heed.

Just now, they had all gained somewhat of an understanding of each other's attack strength, and no one was far above the other.

Leonel had been right, there was indeed a point system that tallied kills, and just now, above the head of the one that had just barked out these orders, a young man with horns that ran from his nose to the very top of his head and back down his spine, a flas.h.i.+ng 1 had appeared.

However, this was just one of the benefits of a kill.

Every kill would net you a +1 not to mention the kill count of the one you had slaughtered, except for those so-called "Seeded Partic.i.p.ants". But the true boon would be what was left behind after the death of the person.

Somehow, the G.o.ds that had sent them here had the ability to turn the partic.i.p.ants into quasi-Invalid type existences.

When Invalids were killed, their strength was turned into motes of light and those motes of light would, in turn, strengthen the one that had killed them.

Usually, it was said that this was a way to balance out the creation of new worlds. The newer the world, the more Invalids there would be, and thus the faster the progress of the world. This would make it so that those that had just survived the Dimensional Descent would be able to somewhat compete with the other Fourth Dimensional worlds around them and not be immediately swallowed up.

At least, this was what those of the various Incomplete Worlds had spread as the truth. Either way, these G.o.ds were able to convert even humans in the same way, and that gave them all a chance to benefit.

The difference was that the person that had landed the kill wouldn't immediately benefit from their kill, so why would they listen to this horned young man's barks?

They all landed on the ground heavily, some in sorrier states than others. They all warily looked toward one another, no one willing to make a move. That was, until one of them suddenly felt that something was off.

This young woman, with skin the color of caramel and eyes as bright as pink diamonds felt her heart shake. She had a sensory type Ability Index and the only reason she didn't run immediately was because doing so when no one else was would draw undue attention to herself. It would be easier if she watched them fight it out, and then slipped away in the chaos.

She was sharp. That was why she noticed that there wasn't just one person that was missing among their large group of just over a dozen...

There were two.

The smoke cleared in the dry landscape, and soon they saw two corpses laying on the ground, one faced down and the other looking up at the skies, wide-eyed as though he had died with unwillingness.

But then this second "corpse" began to move, curse words flying from his mouth like a true sailor.

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