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Chapter 2982 Return

Leonel's heart thrummed and his King's Might surged. With a rush of power, his body shook once and Ten Stars appeared to his back as a small plot of crimson land appeared beneath his feet.

Leonel looked down at his so-called "Destruction World" speechlessly. Before, it had stretched for kilometers. Even when he fought against Shan'Rae, it had stretched for at least a few hundred meters.

But right now, it was so small that he barely had s.p.a.ce for his own two feet. It was only after holding onto Aina's waist and taking her into his arms, not to mention allowing her to stand on his feet, that he was finally able to squeeze them both inside.

Leonel coughed, clearing his throat. "It's just a little shy."

Aina looked down at the small piece of land, rolling her lips over themselves as she tried to hold back a laugh.

"It's okay," she squeezed out, "it's completely normal."

The moment she said these words, she couldn't hold it back anymore and burst into a fit of laughter. She laughed so hard that tears began to streak down her face and coat Leonel's chest.

Leonel was speechless.

"Aren't you laughing a little bit too hard? It just has a little performance anxiety, dammit."

This only made Aina laugh harder. Her voice echoed through the world and one wouldn't have guessed that they were in the middle of a life and death situation at all.

Leonel cleared his throat again before waving to the Celestial Terra world.

"Okay, as you were! Bye-bye!"

Using his Destruction World to break free of the pressure of the Celestial Terra, Leonel and Aina vanished from the world, entering the void again.


An ancient roar echoed, but the voice sounded a bit off... It was as though this person wasn't used to being enraged, and as a result, the tone of their voice didn't quite match what they were trying to say.


However, a calm voice came soon afterward, and it seemed to quell everything. In that instant, the world returned to calm.


"No. He's entered the void and gained the ability to travel through it."


It had to be known that traveling through the void was practically impossible. Even if you had Dream Force, it would have to be at least at the Idol State before you could even make the attempt to do such a thing, and even then it would only be in short bursts of time.

It had to be remembered that the void was a true place of nothingness. There were no laws, no Forces, no concept of up and down, time and s.p.a.ce didn't even exist properly.

The only way to make it from point A in the void to point B was by having coordinates. That was why the coordinates of Incomplete Worlds were so supremely valuable and weren't things that could be bought with just a little bit of money.

Of course, there were also high-cla.s.s treasures that could help you do this, but they were rare even in the G.o.d Realm. But it was also precisely because the G.o.d Realm had these treasures that most Incomplete Worlds that were found were found by them.

But now this Ancient Celestial Terra was saying that Leonel had gained this capability, and by the context of their words, it didn't seem as though it was as simple as relying on a treasure to do so either.

And of course, it wasn't. Leonel was relying on his Wise Star and Wise Sea Order status to do this. It could be said that even if he wasn't the world's number one expert in traveling through the void, he at the very least had no match in his Dimension, and beyond that, there were likely no more than a few hundred above his Dimension that could even begin to match him in this regard.

So long as you gave Leonel time to escape and enter the void, you would lose him. The only way to counter this was by making sure that you stayed on his tail the entire time, but even then... would you dare to?

If you killed Leonel in the void, how would you get back? Even the likes of Willowyn had to pick a place to ambush Leonel because it was the only location she was confident in returning from.

"Then what do we do?"

"Our location has been exposed, and I have a feeling that this youth only wanted to draw us out. Then we should oblige."

"What? We can't do what he wants, won't that be a loss?"

"There is no other choice. If we do not go, then he will just return with a far more sinister plan."

"Then let him return. We weren't ready this time, but if he dares to take a step-"

"No. He is too intelligent for that. When I say that he will return, I do not mean literally. All he has to do to ruin things for us is to expose the location of this world.

"It's impossible for him to have used his senses to find this world. That means that he has to be aware of the formation we have set up, and he also knows the purpose of it. That is why he dares to do this. He is essentially using us."


The Celestial Terras fell into silence. They knew that once they added their world to this formation, their perfect hiding spot would have a weakness to be exploited. But what they didn't expect was that the first to see through this would be a human brat and not the enemies that they had been preparing for all this time.

"It seems that our Celestial Terra Race has been silent for too long. Awaken your sharpness, brothers and sisters."

"Is it time?"

"Yes. Unseal yourselves. Today, the world will be reminded of our might. And in the future, they will remember the names of the Primordial Terrors."

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