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Chapter 2984 A New Puppet Master (2)

Across the Demi-G.o.d Realms, similar scenes were playing out. Once again, they had played right into Leonel's hands. No matter how enraged they were, they knew that there was no return.

Ancestor Nova slapped her mighty wings, delicate feathers of red and gold falling from the skies, gliding across the land, and scoring the ground below. She faced off against a towering Void Race member as well, but she spoke words not too dissimilar from the Owlan Race's head. In fact, she was even more overbearing.

Her gaze was sharp, and her voice even sharper.

"Since when did the G.o.d Beasts need to ask the Void Race for permission?! DIE!"

A beam of concentrated Fire Force left her beak, and it was as though it had become the center of the world. No matter where you looked from, it felt like time and s.p.a.ce had warped, making it seem as though the beam was coming right for you.

Those that looked at it directly and were the enemies of the Celestial Embers found their eyes burning. Before they could react, their brains were charred to ash.

As for those that were the allies of the Celestial Embers, they found themselves being fueled and bolstered, their hearts filling with pride and their strength soaring to a new height.

Today, the truest Ember Force would return.

Before its fall, it could be said that it had been the number one Fire Force there was. But it had always been tied to the Dimensions of the Celestial Embers. With their fall, it too fell.

Soon, it mutated, becoming the Emberheart Force that was well known as a top 10 Fire Force, but was nothing compared to the former Ember Force.

It seemed that the Celestial Terra weren't the only ones with seals on their strength.

Being faced with a blockage during these last steps, the Celestial Ember Ancestor chose to no longer hold back.

It was time for the G.o.d Beasts to return. They would erase the Fallen Curse from their heritage.


The leader of the Variant Invalids sat on his throne, looking into the skies.

He didn't move, but there was a deep fury hidden within his eyes. Unlike the others, he was too used to this manipulation. He had experienced it many times in his life...

The Dream Asuras.

It was an infuriating maze to be caught in, one where you knew that you were caught in a scheme, and yet couldn't leave it no matter how hard you tried. There was no escaping it at all.

Even if you knew you were being used, you had to just happily jump into it.

All this time, the Beastmen had been hara.s.sing his Incomplete World, but he had chosen to remain patient. But it was also because of this patience that he didn't even realize that his other Invalid Worlds had been systematically wiped out one after another.

Even so, he chose to hold his rage and his tongue. It wasn't yet time for him to be so excessive in his actions. He had been so patient all this time, and the core of his strength was still here...

And yet, now this change had happened.

The Beastmen, for some reason, had become more fervent in their actions. He didn't know why, but he would rather kill himself than admit that it had nothing to do with Leonel. He was definitely a part of this without a doubt.

This Variant Invalid was certainly correct.

The reason the Beastmen were acting like this now was that compared to the other G.o.d Races, they were even easier to manipulate. All Leonel had to do was leak information to them that they were in compet.i.tion with the Sylvans and that two of them had already died.

The moment they got this information, they not only called for reinforcements, but they didn't hold back in the slightest any longer.

Who didn't know that competing with Sylvans for an Incomplete World was practically a fool's dream? Their best chance was to be dealing with a pair of juniors, but now that they had died, they would certainly send true monsters down.

The Beastmen weren't very intelligent overall, especially not compared to the Sylvans, but they were smart enough to know this, and definitely smart enough to know that the seniors of the Sylvan Race weren't what they wanted to go against.

In the end, this Patriarch of the Variant Invalids, and Apex's master, had no choice but to exhale a sigh and stand from his throne.

It seemed that he was going to have to get his ankles muddied in these turbulent waters as well.

The kid was even more vicious than a Dream Asura, but he would surely remember this.


The entirety of the Demi-G.o.d Realm seemed to be playing to Leonel's tune, but what they didn't know was that Leonel was far from being finished.

While he was spending some quality alone time with his wife as he looked for his third Incomplete World, there were also changes taking place in the Barbarian Race's territory as well.

There was a reason that Leonel had managed to stay away from the Human Bubble and not get too involved. It wasn't just because he was using himself as a distraction, but also because he had the Barbarian Race on a string.


Soon, it would be revealed that the Patriarch of the Variant Invalids was a Barbarian Race Invalid, something that should have been absolutely impossible.

In that case, just what would they be able to do?

It was in their best interest that this Variant Invalid die before others found out, but they had also been entirely unable to find him. He had slipped out of their control long ago.

But now... Leonel had that location.

If the Barbarian Race wanted it, didn't they have to be obedient?

Now, all of a sudden, what should have been an equal partners.h.i.+p had become completely lopsided, and there was nothing at all that they could use against Leonel.

After all, Leonel was already being hunted down by the entire world...

What information could they possibly release that would harm him?

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