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Chapter 740 Make the call

Bursting through part of the stage on one side of the room, an Altered could be seen in its full form. Looking like a mix between a giant insect and a beast, while covered in a mist of shadows that lingered on its body.

Immediately seeing this, the other gang leaders, who were watching by the side, had little reaction.

“What is going on, is this part of the show, to show us how strong their Altered are?” One of the leaders commented.

“It better be if this is part of the act, otherwise it will show how incompetent Nox is, how could he allow such a thing to happen right in front of us. Either way, it should be dealt with quickly.”

Unlike the other leaders, both Herbert and Killer knew exactly what was going on, as they looked at the Altered in front of them.

‘So this was their big plan?’ Killer thought. ‘No way was that kid an Altered before. They must have stolen one of the solutions.’

Immediately, Vlad was looking at the table where Nox was, sitting with the others. Vere was trying to figure out what had happened because it clearly wasn’t part of the plan, before she could even do anything though, Vlad started to hover in place using his wings, they were flapping rapidly and those by the sides could feel the wind coming off his wings.

Right after, he dived heading straight for the table with both of his fists out.

“NOOOx.x.x!” Vlad screamed, causing Nox to jump up from his seat.

“Everyone get out of the way!” Vere shouted, grabbing Vivi’s hand and leading her away from them.

Vlad crashed into the table breaking it into pieces, sending it flying all over, and screams from the other sisters were heard. As he turned his head, he was in the middle of looking for Nox, but instead of Nox, he saw something unwinding and heading toward him.

It was spiralling its way towards his face, Vlad lifted his arm and whacked it away, causing it to slam against the ground. Now he could see, it was clearly the head of the snake. It started to retract itself, toward Vixen who stood there with his hands as two deadly snake heads.

‘c.r.a.p, something is definitely up with Vlad.’ Vere thought, as she looked at him from the ground. She had dragged and dived out of the way with her sister trying to protect her from harm. ‘He didn’t care about hurting us at all, and based on the anger I can feel from him, this is not the soft Vlad that I know.’

Right now though, she was thinking if this was an opportunity to get Nox, or should she try and focus on helping bring Vlad back, if that was even a possibility, because the situation was starting to change.

All of the squad leaders that had been sitting watching the show from the side, had now flocked over.

“That idiot!” Nox shouted. “How did he manage to even get in here? He must have stolen one of the solutions as well… it’s that d.a.m.ned kid from before.”

Nox recognised him, he did stand on his face a few times after all.

“All of you, get rid of him, whoever does can have an extra Altered solution for themselves!” Nox declared.

Even though they were already an Altered, the solution itself could be sold for a hefty sum so it was something that was definitely worth them fighting for.

‘Even as an Altered, a Crazed one, there's no way that Vlad can take all of these guy’s on!’

The five squad leaders started to transform, changing their bodies. Most of them had transformed into a half state, turning only half of their bodies. They had claws of beasts, some had tails sticking out from their back, while others' whole faces had changed into something that was unrecognisable, hard to distinguish a type of animal it was but definitely not looking like any human they had seen.

Although there was a black mist that seemed to linger above their transformations, it wasn’t close to the amount that hovered over Vlad.

It was at that moment as well, that even Nox was noticing something.

‘What is happening to these guys, all of them, they have the slight appearance of a Crazed Altered, what did NIRV give me, are things going to be okay? And where the heck are the others!’

For now, things seemed to be okay, as the squad members were focused on Vlad only. One with a strange face spat out a blue coloured liquid. Vlad’s body moved out of the way, allowing it to hit the floor.

As it did, the ground formed into ice. When Vlad moved, from behind, another one of the Altereds had grabbed onto him. This Altered had extremely strong claws that had gripped into Vlad’s stomach.

He tried to struggle away but it was difficult, then another one of the Altereds with a sharp horn on top of its head was running right toward Vlad ready to impale him in his stomach.

“I won’t die… I won’t die from this, not until I kill both of them, that d.a.m.ned snake and Nox!” Vlad struggled, but his struggling was doing little to help.

In the air, a large figure was seen from above. It started to fly down, and with a heavy fist, it bashed right on top of the Altered’s head, sending it straight into the ground, cracking it before it could reach Vlad.

“Right now we have the same goal, we can worry about you going crazy later.” Austin said, with the head of a bull, he had fully transformed at that point.

Panic was starting to set into Nox, who had immediately pulled out his phone, and started to dial away. It didn’t take long for the other side to pick up.

“We’re in deep sh*t right now!” Nox shouted. “Altereds are appearing out of nowhere, and someone stole one of the solutions and has become a Crazed Altered. You said if we had any trouble to voice spoke back.


inform you, and you would be here at the drop of the hat, so come here right now, before I reveal to everyone in this room, that you guys have been giving me some sh*t!”

There was silence on the other end for a few moments, until the voice spoke back.

“Very well, help will be on the way.” The NIRV employee said.



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