Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~ Chapter 340

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Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Strongest Sage, Ident.i.ty Seen Through

"You cannot be the only man who has ever managed to kill me . . . Gaias the Mage . . . ?"

"I'm not Gaias . . . In the same sense the current you not being Zadokilgias . "

Gaias was the name of my previous life .

I am now Mathias Hildesheimr, not Gaias .

In a similar sense, the demon in front of me may have inherited Zadokilgias's soul and memories, however it's a different demon in the strictest sense .

This demon probably has its own name . . . But it doesn't really matter either way .

Zadokilgias will die here regardless .

Utterly and completely for sure this time .

"My defeat comes from your hands yet again . . . I considered myself triumphant in term of techniques back then . . . But I have no excuses this time . "

Most of Zadokilgias's body has crumbled down into sands .

Zadokilgias turned to face me with a vexed look on its face .

My current mana is less than 30% of Zadokilgias's .

Physical strength wise, I'm far below demons .

Yet I won, thanks to the gap in our skills and support from my comrades .

In our previous fight, I was magically stronger than Zadokilgias but less in term of skills .

The situation is reversed this time . I'm weaker than Zadokilgias in magical prowess, but my skills exceed the demon .

For a demon who prides itself on its skills, it must have been a disgrace .

" . . . I'll come out victorious next time . "

Zadokilgias disappeared into sands, leaving those words behind .

Only a pair of horns that grew out of its heads remained .

However, I know that there will never be [next time] .

There is simply no way to reincarnate oneself once their soul has completely fallen apart .

. . . That's just how it is with souls .

"Now then . . . How to proceed from here . "

A while later .

All of us have gathered, surveying the area where we fought Zadokilgias .

"I broke so many things . . . Will it be okay?"

Iris, back in her human form, asked me .

"It's fine . The town might be seriously damaged . . . But this is the least egregious method . If you hadn't fought, Iris, the entire town would have perished . "

What I said is true .

This town would have been lost for sure if we didn't kill Zadokilgias .

With Zadokilgias, the buildings themselves would probably be intact . . . but not the people .

After all, towns targeted by Zadokilgias in the past had tragic outcomes .

That demon was more efficient than your average demon . . . For example, after killing its suppression party, it would likely go on to spread poisonous gas where the refugees took shelter at, killing them .

People in the past wouldn't have regarded Zadokiligias as a risk if it was the kind of demon who would only attack back its suppression parties .

Demons are creatures that relish in killing humans no matter the means .

There were structural damages in the aftermath of this fight . . . and zero casualties .

It's undoubtedly all thanks to Iris .

"That said . . . Putting these back together would be daunting . "

Since Iris had to physically launch her attacks inside the town, the collateral damage was extensive .

At any rate, we probably have to rely on the kingdom's support to help with this town's restoration .

I guess I should first report what happened to the king and then ask him to send goods and manpower here .

I sensed mana reaction of a lone man coming here from afar while I was thinking .

"Someone's coming . "

. . . It's probably not a commoner .

No commoner would come back to this town right after the dragon vanished post a battle with a demon .

I observed the mana reaction while slightly upping my wariness .

Then . . . The man showed up from a street corner .

"It looks like . . . Someone from the Knights . "

"Ah, I've seen that person somewhere before, I think!"

Ruli and Alma said that when they saw the man .

Looks like it's a knight .

However . . . I've never seen his uniform and unit badge before .

Knights wear slightly different uniforms and badges depending on the unit they belong to .

Like say, you could tell which unit a knight belongs to by whether or not they're wearing a full plate armor, and their badge .

But Alma is right, the man's face looks familiar .

I can't recall his name, but he's probably someone affiliated with the royal capital's knights .

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