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Jeremy stopped in her way and asked, "Why can't you live with me like this? I think we've been getting along with each other quite well these days." He hated Olivia very much at the beginning, but after he had gotten to know her for so long, he felt that his wife was the best and most lovely woman in the world.

Every day he would come back home from work, to find Olivia waiting for him with a warm meal just for him.

Jeremy worked under a huge amount of pressure every day in the company, so in order to help him relax, Olivia took lessons on how to ma.s.sage.

Jeremy usually forgot the time for his meals due to his busy work schedule, so Olivia always called him on time to remind him. Sometimes, she would even make a video call to check if he was really having his meals.

Every morning, while he was doing the was.h.i.+ng and brus.h.i.+ng, she prepared the clothes he needed for the day, along with his tie and his wrist.w.a.tch...

As he had to attend a lot of business meetings and drink wine during those meetings, she always asked the chef to prepare food that were good for his stomach.


However, ever since he had married Olivia, oh, no... Two weeks before their wedding ceremony, Jeremy had already started to strive for his career, all of a sudden.

He was so preoccupied with work that he had hardly any time for her...

"You must have someone else that you love in your heart, otherwise, why haven't you confessed your love to me even once in all these years?" Olivia poured out her grievances.

She initially didn't care about it as she had always hidden her feelings from him.

But after he had deprived her of

Drugged one night by her ex-boyfriend, a mysterious man took advantage of her in an ecstatic night filled with s.e.x. To take her revenge, she married the man, and used him. "As long as I'm alive, I'm still his legal wife, while all of you are just his mistresses.”She remained adamant even when he was involved in scandals with other women...

your belly will be unhappy."

"Fine then, let's sleep now."

"Yes, Mrs. Si!"


A few months later, Olivia and Jeremy's daughter was born.

On the little princess's one-month birthday party, Daniel announced to the public that he would hand over the SL Group to Jeremy.

At the age of thirty-one, Jeremy formally took over the SL Group and became the CEO of the head company.

The three generations of the Si family, from Harry Si, Daniel Si, to Jeremy Si, were all lengendary men in the business circles. Even after many years, the Si family still had a firm and una.s.sailable position in the whole world.

But the public had more delight in talking about their love stories. Harry and Lola, Daniel and Janet, and then Jeremy and Olivia, they all had overcome a lot of difficulties to get together with each other.

Even when the couples got old, their hair went white and they lost their teeth, they still loved each other very much.

Every man in the Si family spoiled their wife very much. They had become the standard of a dream man in every woman's eyes.

The end

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