Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself Chapter 1478 - 1478 The Basic Qualities Of A Shadow Guard

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Chapter 1478 - 1478 The Basic Qualities Of A Shadow Guard

1478 The Basic Qualities Of A Shadow Guard

Qiao Xi’s tone was indifferent. “What you mean is that as long as the other party is my blood-related family members, I have to forgive them unconditionally no matter what they do to me? If I want revenge, that’ll make me vicious and merciless? Then as Gu Zheng’s shadow guard, doesn’t that mean I can deal with you as I please? You can’t complain or even struggle in the slightest, right?”

She straightened her back and looked down at An Long. She pulled the dagger out of his hand. Her eyes were cold and disdainful as she asked casually, “Are you seeking death?”

An Long’s body trembled, and cold sweat drenched his clothes. His eyes were filled with disbelief. He did not expect this woman’s aura to be so strong, but didn’t that person say that she was just a brainless stupid woman? They said that she was not worthy of the president at all. The president only married her on impulse!

This woman was completely different from what that person had said. How could that person’s words be wrong?


How did this brainless stupid woman stab the back of his hand? He could feel the strong killing intent emitted by the other party, making him shudder. He did not even have the chance to resist.

Cold sweat trickled down An Long’s forehead and fell to the floor. He held the wound on his hand tightly, but blood still spread between his fingers. His face gradually turned pale. After a long silence, Gu Zheng slowly turned around and said lightly, “Bring him to see a doctor.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a shadow guard quickly rushed in from outside the door and helped An Long up. Just as he was about to leave, he heard Gu Zheng’s cold voice behind him. “There’s no need for a shadow guard who doesn’t respect their master to continue staying here. Uncle Sheng, get An Long to leave immediately.”

The moment that was said, everyone gasped.

An Long had been by the president’s side for five years and had secretly completed many missions before he was gradually promoted to captain. He was considered the president’s trusted aide. Now, the president was actually chasing him away?

An Long broke free from his partner’s support and suddenly turned around. He knelt on the floor with a plop and shouted in disbelief, “President!”

Everyone stood at the door in a daze. No one dared to plead for An Long. It would be fine if the reason he was in trouble was that he failed to complete a mission, but he had offended Young Madam!

An Long’s eyes were sorrowful, and his voice trembled. “President, I’m loyal to you. I just casually said a few words to Young Madam. Are you going to chase me away for that?”

“Young Madam is the president’s wife, which means she’s your master. As a shadow guard, you don’t respect your master. Of course, the president won’t let you stay,” Song s.h.i.+jing said indifferently, his eyes filled with helplessness. An Long was very powerful and performed very well when in missions. Unfortunately, he had offended Young Madam, so the president would never let him stay.

Song s.h.i.+jing’s expression was serious. “An Long, you know the president’s temper. He’s choosing not to deal with you because you’ve made many contributions. He’s just chasing you away. If it were anyone else, they probably wouldn’t be able to leave this room today. If you continue to pester the president and anger him, you know the consequences.”

An Long widened his eyes in disbelief. He had just returned to Li City today and had yet to report the situation in the capital to the president but the president already wanted to chase him away. Did the president not care about anything else just because of that woman?

Even though he was the captain of the shadow guards who lurked in the capital, the president was chasing him away without hesitation all because he had offended the young madam. The president was telling everyone that whoever offended Young Madam would suffer the same outcome as him.

An Long knew that the president’s decision could not be changed. He was instantly dispirited. He stood up shakily, and he still ended up collapsing weakly.

Qiao Xi sized up the shadow guard in front of her. She could tell that this person was capable. Otherwise, Uncle Sheng and Song s.h.i.+jing would not have looked so regretful.

However, as a shadow guard, the most important thing was obedience and loyalty. An Long had already lost the basic qualities of a shadow guard when he mocked his master behind his back. Hence, no matter how outstanding he was, Gu Zheng would not keep him.

An Long fell to the floor and struggled to get up. The blood on his hand flowed to the floor. He said in a panic, “President! Please give me another chance. I was really wrong!”

Before Gu Zheng could speak, Qiao Xi suddenly took a few steps forward. “Wait!”

Everyone looked at her and saw her smile. “His expression didn’t change even after being stabbed by me. It seems that this shadow guard is quite outstanding. It’s a pity to chase him away like this. If An Long is really unwilling to leave, then let him follow me.”

An Long abruptly looked at Qiao Xi, his eyes filled with shock.

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