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Chapter 1056 - 1056 Who Taught You to Do This?

1056 Who Taught You to Do This?

Chu Nan looked at Elvy for a long time before helplessly opening his hands.

“Isn’t that obvious? Because you’re young… Think about it, you’re even younger than Xiaoxi…”

“Small1?” Elvy widened her eyes and straightened her chest. She pointed at her chest which was much more voluptuous than girls her age, “How is it small?”

“Cough… cough, cough… I’m… not talking about size…” Chu Nan coughed in a sorry state, “I mean… that you’re too young. Elvy, you… think about it. You’re not even 16 years old this year. You’re a year younger than Xiaoxi. You’re still three years away from adulthood.”

“Who stipulated that underage people can’t date?” Elvy straightened her neck and still looked very unconvinced, “You’re not even 20 years old now. I’m only four years younger than you. This can’t be considered a reason at all!”

Chu Nan could only smile helplessly.

“However, this is a very important reason to me. In my eyes, you’ve always been a sister younger than Xiaoxi. I’ve never treated you as a girl I want to date. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I don’t believe it.” Elvy immediately shook her head, “I don’t believe that in order to treat me, you didn’t take off my s.h.i.+rt and be tempted when you saw my b.r.e.a.s.t.s.”

“Cough… Elvy, you study human genetic engineering. Don’t you know that that’s only a normal human reaction? It has nothing to do with my opinion of you.”

Although he had long known that Elvy was a bold girl, Chu Nan had never expected her to be so bold in this matter. It really surprised him.

“Therefore, your reason can’t convince me.” Elvy was still unyielding, “However, it’s meaningless to dwell on this problem. Even if Brother Chu Nan is willing to sleep with me, it doesn’t mean that you like me. This can only show your original desire to mate as a man. Now, Brother Chu Nan, you only need to answer me a question.”

Chu Nan looked embarra.s.sed, “What problem?”

“If not for Sister Angie Prairie, would you have liked me in the end?”

Chu Nan thought seriously for a moment and shook his head.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know this time, because I don’t know when I won’t only treat you as a sister. I also don’t know how our relations.h.i.+p will develop in the future. I even sometimes think that when you graduate from Star Cloud Academy, you’ll most likely go to work in human genetic engineering. Of course, I’ll continue to cultivate martial techniques. In the future, our chances of being together will only decrease, and the number of times we interact will decrease. When you grow up, you’ll probably encounter someone you really like and be with him, fall in love, and get married…”

At this point, Chu Nan shrugged and looked at Elvy with a complicated gaze.

“In the end, Elvy, don’t you think we’re actually not from the same world? If not for those accidents, we wouldn’t even have known each other.”

“But we already know each other now.” Elvy’s tone was still firm, “Moreover, I already like you. Brother Chu Nan… no, now that I think about it, perhaps it’s because I’ve always called you brother that you’ve always only treated me as a sister. This is a very serious mistake of mine. I won’t call you brother in the future.”

“Heh! Elvy, being called brother by a young and beautiful girl who’s not related by blood is the dream of every boy like me, okay? You can’t deprive me of my dream so easily!” Chu Nan could not help but cry out.

“You…” Elvy was immediately speechless. However, after looking at Chu Nan for a while, she suddenly thought of something and a trace of charm shot out from her eyes. She placed her hands on the table and stood up. She leaned close to Chu Nan and whispered, “Brother Chu Nan, I know. You definitely prefer me to call you brother in bed, right?”

“Right… right my a.s.s!” Chu Nan quickly reacted and pulled back as if he was frightened to avoid Elvy’s face.

Seeing Elvy snickering, Chu Nan could not help but touch his chest and feel his heart beating hard.

He had to admit that when Elvy was so close just now, not only could he clearly smell the fragrance coming from her body, he could even feel the heat she exhaled when she spoke. When he heard her tempting words that were simply like a little demon, he was indeed tempted in an instant.

Seeing Chu Nan’s reaction, Elvy immediately could not help but laugh loudly.

“Haha… haha… Brother Chu Nan, you’re still a normal boy in the end. Tell me, were you tempted by me just now?”

Chu Nan glared at her angrily, “Who taught you to do this?”

“Do I still need to be taught? There are many examples on the Milky Way Network,” Elvy replied with a smile. Then, her eyes darted around and she asked curiously, “Right, Brother Chu Nan, since you’ve already confirmed your relations.h.i.+p with Sister Angie Prairie, have you… slept together?”

Chu Nan almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

What was wrong with this Elvy today?

He had clearly been unwilling to accept Angie Prairie for him just now, but why did he start to joke so blatantly with him in the blink of an eye?

Could it be that it was really such a huge blow to her that she and Angie Prairie had officially confirmed their relations.h.i.+p?

“About that, I…”


“Not yet.”

Just as Chu Nan hesitated to answer, another voice sounded from outside the room.

Then, the door was pushed open and Angie Prairie walked in with a smile. She sat beside Chu Nan and turned to continue saying to Elvy, “I don’t know why, but Chu Nan seems to be very resistant to normal human mating. I asked him once before, but he rejected me.”

“No way?” Elvy looked at Chu Nan in disbelief, “Brother Chu Nan, you actually rejected her? Sister Angie Prairie is so beautiful. I don’t think any man will reject sleeping with her. Could it be that you…”

Elvy thought for a moment before shaking her head.

“No, your physical test report shows that you don’t have any physical problems. Compared to ordinary people, you’re countless times stronger, so it shouldn’t be this reason. Then… could it be psychological? Brother Chu Nan, if it’s psychological, I suggest you immediately find the relevant psychiatrist. Otherwise, there’ll be a huge problem.”

Seeing that Angie Prairie was also looking at him curiously, Chu Nan immediately did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I say, the two of you, that’s enough. This is not a physical or psychological problem. It’s purely because in the cultural tradition of our Chinese, we’re very conservative in this aspect. Even among the Europeans you’re in, aren’t there still those conservatives? What’s so difficult to understand?”

Elvy and Angie Prairie looked at each other. Her eyes darted around and she suddenly leaned towards Angie Prairie’s ear and whispered.

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