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Chapter 1597 - 1597 Seeing His Majesty

1597 Seeing His Majesty

When Chu Nan saw His Majesty Gremayne, he was holding a 20-meter-long, six-meter-wide, and two-meter-tall rectangular rock. He walked to a wall at the edge of the glacier cliff step by step and exerted strength with his arm to throw the rock, smas.h.i.+ng it into a wall.

The intense collision caused the glaciers below to tremble slightly, but the huge rock happened to be completely stacked on the wall. Even with Chu Nan’s A.I.-like vision, he could not discover a difference of even 0.1 millimeters.

After doing this, His Majesty Gremayne looked at the wall and nodded in satisfaction. Then, he clapped his hands and continued to walk to Chu Nan naked.

“You’re here.”

His Majesty Gremayne greeted him very casually. Chu Nan could only nod in a daze and nod before his gaze landed on his naked chest.

At this moment, several thin streams of sweat gathered on His Majesty Gremayne’s exposed skin and rolled down, reflecting the brilliant star light above his head, causing his entire body to appear a little greasy.

How could the current King Gremayne have the dignified and serious appearance when Chu Nan saw him on the last day of the test? He was more like a fitness trainer that was often seen in media advertis.e.m.e.nts.

Moreover, from the amount of sweat flowing on his body, it could be seen that he had clearly relied on his physical strength to move the huge rock and did not use his Internal Breath. Otherwise, with his powerful strength, how could he be pressed to the point of sweating by such a mere few hundred tons of rock?

However, on second thought, this was still very terrifying. With Chu Nan’s powerful body that had been tempered countless times, with his physical strength, he could at most raise an object that weighed less than dozens of tons. His Majesty Gremayne’s casual raise was more than ten times Chu Nan’s. It was enough to prove that his physical strength had surpa.s.sed him by countless times.

“Go over.” His Majesty Gremayne took the towel handed to him by the maid beside him and wiped his face. He smiled at Chu Nan and pointed at the cliff, gesturing for him to go over.

After the two of them stood at the edge of the cliff, His Majesty Gremayne carefully sized up Chu Nan from head to toe and nodded with a smile, “You indeed didn’t disappoint me. Even if those guys used methods equivalent to cheating, you still pa.s.sed the test. Not bad.”

However, Chu Nan immediately understood that His Majesty clearly knew about Quinn’s appearance.

What surprised Chu Nan was that he actually told him the truth and pointed out that this was “equal to cheating”.

Of course, Chu Nan would not foolishly complain in front of His Majesty Gremayne. Moreover, Quinn’s appearance had helped him greatly and deepened his understanding of the domain greatly. Therefore, he only smiled modestly and said, “Your Majesty, you’re too kind. In fact, I originally thought that the difficulty I faced would be greater. I even thought that if anything went wrong, I would grab every opportunity to escape first.”

“If you choose to escape, it’s impossible for you to stand in front of me and speak like this.” His Majesty Gremayne’s expression was calm and his tone was not very strict, but the meaning revealed in his words was unquestionable, “Only through this postgraduate examination can you stand here openly and have the chance to make your thoughts become reality.”

Chu Nan was slightly stunned, “What do I have in mind?”

His Majesty Gremayne smiled and glanced at him. “You don’t want to marry Viennelle, right?”

Chu Nan’s expression immediately froze.

Of course, this was his true thought. All his actions in the past few days had indeed been aimed at this goal, but now that it was exposed by His Majesty Gremayne, it was a little unexpected.

“Your Majesty, I didn’t…”

“There’s no need to explain so clearly.” His Majesty Gremayne waved his hand and interrupted Chu Nan, “If you’re willing to listen to the arrangements of Lekas and Rokamp, it’s actually very simple to resolve this matter. However, you deliberately made it so troublesome. Of course, it can only be because of this goal. I know that you have a girl you like called Angie Prairie. You deliberately caused so much trouble for her, right?”

Chu Nan was silent.

He could do these things, but he could not say them. At the very least, he could not admit it in front of His Majesty Gremayne.

His Majesty Gremayne did not mind Chu Nan’s reaction. He smiled and continued, “To be honest, I didn’t expect you to be such a sentimental kid. Lekas definitely didn’t expect it. If he knew that you were willing to cause so much trouble for that girl called Angie Prairie, his plan might have been very different from the beginning.”

Chu Nan looked at His Majesty Gremayne in surprise.

He was very curious that this most esteemed His Majesty would actually say this matter so clearly in front of him. Could it be that he disdained to hide anything in front of him?

Perhaps seeing through Chu Nan’s thoughts, His Majesty Gremayne revealed a meaningful smile.

“Do you know why I gave you this amnesty?”

Chu Nan pondered for a moment and shook his head.

“Perhaps you don’t understand, but it’s fine. The result is that your actions are completely in line with my wishes.” His Majesty Gremayne spread out his hands and smiled casually, “Look, I want you to teach those guys who challenged you a sufficiently deep lesson and let them know that there are experts like you outside our Declan royal family. Let them continue to maintain their reverence for martial techniques. Then, you did it. You ruthlessly taught everyone who challenged you a lesson. You’re even more outstanding than I imagined. You even taught a guy like Quinn who had just broken through a lesson, right?”

Chu Nan touched his nose, “Your Majesty… I didn’t teach him a lesson. He left himself.”

“No, the lesson you taught him is even more serious than beating him up.” His Majesty Gremayne shook his head, “This guy thought that he could be arrogant after breaking through and becoming a Star-Grade Martial Artist. He did not expect to be defeated by a Heaven Control Martial Artist like you. This is a much more serious blow to him than any failure.”

“That… can’t be considered defeating him. It can only be said that I’m more resistant to beatings. He can’t do anything to me…” Chu Nan barely explained.

“Do you think I can’t see the final situation of the two of you fighting without being at the scene?” His Majesty Gremayne asked.


Of course, Chu Nan did not think that His Majesty Gremayne could not see some of the hidden meaning in his battle with Quinn. In fact, any powerful martial artist should be able to deduce many things from the signs on the surface.

“I don’t know how you made him retreat in the face of difficulties, but I know that you must have an extremely special understanding of martial techniques that forced him to retreat,” His Majesty Gremayne continued, “I’ve already seen this understanding in the previous test. I’ve seen it again in your battle with Quinn, and it left a deeper impression on me than in the test. To be honest, you should thank him. If not for the fact that Quinn’s appearance made me firm my mind, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have given you a chance.”

“What opportunity?” Chu Nan asked in surprise.

A mocking smile appeared on His Majesty Gremayne’s face.

“An opportunity for you to not get married to Viennelle.”

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