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Chapter 736 - 736 Clouds of Doubt

736 Clouds of Doubt

Although grandma’s words sounded like she was complaining, the smile on her face never faded. Old people were always happy to do things within their ability for the younger generation. Shen Hanxing’s hungry look especially made grandma feel satisfied.

“Thank you, grandma. I know that you love me the most!” Shen Hanxing’s face bloomed with a wide smile. She caught up to her grandma and held her hand. “I’ll help you out.”

“It’s good enough that you don’t cause any trouble,” Grandma patted Shen Hanxing’s shoulder, “go and have a seat. You’ve just woken up. Have a gla.s.s of warm water first.” That was the elder’s simple concept of health care. After getting up, drink a cup of warm water to relieve constipation and nourish the stomach.

Auntie Chen also laughed. “Madam, please go and drink some warm water. I’ll help grandma.”


Seeing this, Shen Hanxing did not insist. She took a gla.s.s of warm water and looked into the kitchen. Auntie Chen was familiar with those Even though grandma was old, she was still healthy when her illness did not act up, so she was not slow either. The two of them made the wonton in no time. The soup stock in the pot began to boil. In the mist, grandma’s figure was a little blurry, but it also seemed to

be coated with a layer of light.

Soon, the wontons were ready. They were sprinkled with a layer of shrimp and green cilantro and looked very appetizing. Shen Hanxing finished the wontons with the soup and put down her chopsticks. She looked a little hesitant. “Grandma, I just received a call from Shen Yong…”

The smile on grandma’s face froze, and a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes. “Why did Shen Yong come to find you again?” Her life was bitter. Her husband died early, and she had a son and a daughter. Her son was lost when he was young, and her daughter died in her best years. So, when she heard Shen Yong’s name, she naturally looked terrible. In her life, if there was anything that made grandma angry, it must be Shen Yong. The daughter whom she had pampered since she was young. After she married Shen Yong, what she got in return was news of her death. Which mother would be able to accept such an outcome?

“Shen Yong asked me to arrange a role for Shen Sisi, but I didn’t agree to it,” Shen Hanxing became more and more hesitant when she saw her grandma’s reaction. She carefully observed her grandma’s expression. She didn’t know if she should ask or if she was being overly sensitive. She couldn’t let go of the phone call she had received that morning and wanted to find out more.

“You can’t agree to his request!” Grandma sneered and said with righteous indignation, “Shen Yong has the nerve to find you? You’ve grown up, and he’s never taken care of you. He even poured dirty water on you. How could he have the guts to ask you for help? They are despicable!” As grandma spoke, grandma wiped her tears and scolded, “I was really blind back then to let your mother marry such an ungrateful person like Shen Yong!”

Shen Yong had no parents and grew up with Shen Hanxing’s mother. His grandma treated him like half a son and took care of him. And in the end? Thinking of her dead daughter, grandma was heartbroken.

“Grandma, don’t be angry,” Seeing that her grandma was agitated, Shen Hanxing quickly consoled her. “I’m not even sad. If Shen Yong doesn’t treat me as a daughter, I’ll pretend I don’t have a father like him. I said this… Actually, I want to ask you something.” In the end, she still asked. She didn’t know if she was too sensitive or prejudiced against Shen Yong, but she still wanted to ask. Her mother was her grandma’s beloved daughter and her mother. Even if it was a misunderstanding, she wanted to clear it up. It was better than being muddled and letting the deceased suffer injustice forever. Whether her mother had died a wrongful death or an accident, there had to be a conclusion.

“Grandma, have you seen my mother’s body? At that time… was there anything unusual before my mother gave birth to me?” Shen Hanxing asked carefully.

“I want to see it, but that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Shen Yong won’t let me!” Thinking back to that scene, grandma still gritted her teeth and said angrily, “Shen Yong has always been a hypocrite. He left after giving you to me and only informed me to attend your mother’s funeral.” She didn’t even get to see her daughter for the last time.

Shen Hanxing’s heart skipped a beat as if something had just surfaced.

“During that time, your mother had a conflict of views with Shen Yong. Their relations.h.i.+p wasn’t very good, and they had not been speaking to each other,” Grandma cried, “at that time, I even advised your mother that there was no overnight hatred between husband and wife. I wanted them to live a good life. Now it seems… I regret it!”

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