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Chapter 1184 - 1184 National Treasure, Panda (2)

1184 National Treasure, Panda (2)

The old mayor stopped them. “Ice Blazing City is very far from Cang Lang City. Even when taking an aircraft, it requires a special flight. Even if we set off now, we won’t make it before tomorrow night.” The old mayor caught up with them and said, “I have a way to send you guys to Cang Lang City before tomorrow morning.”

Yu Huang hurriedly asked the old mayor, “What way?”

The old mayor said, “Ice Blazing City has a Void Swallowing Beast that has been reared for thousands of years. It was Prime Emperor Ice Flame’s mount when he was alive.” The old mayor told them, “The Void Swallowing Beast can devour s.p.a.ce and shorten the distance. If you guys ride it to Cang Lang City, you guys will definitely be able to reach it tomorrow morning.”

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao exchanged looks.


Sheng Xiao said, “Thank you, old mayor.”

“It’s no big deal. It’s just that the Void Swallowing Beast is quite unruly. Ever since Prime Emperor Ice Flame died, it refused to work. We’ve never used it again. However, you saved Ice Blazing City and fulfilled Prime Emperor Ice Flame’s wish. I think it will do you guys a favor.”

“Then let’s give it a try!”

The two of them followed the old mayor into the city, but they walked towards the underground city. As they walked, the old mayor said, “The underground city is Ice Blazing City’s bomb shelter. The Void Swallowing Beast is the underground guardian and lives down there all year round.”

The old mayor brought them to a dazzling underground room.

As Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao stood in the golden room, they looked around, but couldn’t find any traces of the Void Swallowing Beast.

The old mayor stomped his feet and gritted his teeth, but he still said respectfully, “Are you there?”

There was no fluctuation in the air.

The old mayor took off his reading and bent down to say, “The prophecy that Prime Emperor Ice Flame once obtained has come true. Ice Blazing City has really welcomed a savior. Now, the territory of Ice Blazing City is already filled with vitality. Prime Emperor Ice Flame’s wish has finally come true. Are you willing to go out and take a look?”

Just as Sheng Xiao thought that there was no one in the room, a head suddenly appeared on the empty bed in front of them…

They didn’t what creature it was.

Yu Huang stared at that thing in shock and exclaimed, “It’s a panda!”

Sheng Xiao stared at the unfamiliar demon beast on the bed. Its arms and back were pure black, its b.u.t.t and head were white, and it had two white ears. He asked Yu Huang in a low voice, “What is a panda?”

Yu Huang said, “A national treasure.”

Sheng Xiao didn’t understand what Yu Huang was saying.

When the Void Swallowing Beast heard the word panda, it glanced at Yu Huang, and its gaze suddenly became strange. “You…” The demon beast suddenly jumped down from the bed and climbed to Yu Huang. Then, it raised its head and spoke in human language. “You’re an earthling? ”

Yu Huang was speechless.

She looked at the Void Swallowing Beast in astonishment.

Yu Huang swallowed hard and asked the Void Swallowing Beast in disbelief, “You… you’re a Panda from Earth?”

The Void Swallowing Beast actually said, “No, I’m a Sichuan panda.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

Seeing that Yu Huang was silent, the Void Swallowing Beast said in a strange language (Sichuan dialect) that Sheng Xiao and the others didn’t understand, “If you know that I’m a panda, you must be an Earthling. Which province are you from? Why are you here? Have you been here for a long time? I’ve been here for thousands of years. The moment I arrived, I was caught by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Prime Emperor Ice Flame. I said that I’m not a demon beast, but he saw that I was cute and said that my back was soft. He said that I’m comfortable to sit on, so he trained me into a mount.”

“As a dignified national treasure, I actually became a mount. How degrading. However, I didn’t have a choice. That fellow could spew fire and fire popsicles. I couldn’t win against him, and I couldn’t escape, so I could only accept my fate.”

Yu Huang didn’t understand Sichuanese at all, so she could only try to guess what the Void Swallowing Beast meant. She replied in mandarin, “I’m from Shanghai. I transmigrated here, but the world I transmigrated to is called the Holy Spirit Continent. I just ascended to the Cang Lang Continent with some friends some time ago.”

When it heard this, the Void Swallowing Beast looked at Yu Huang with sympathy. “You’re even worse off than me. You actually got sent to a small world.”

Yu Huang couldn’t help but retort softly, “But I’m a Beast Tamer, and you’re the mount of a Beast Tamer.”

The Void Swallowing Beast glared at Yu Huang fiercely, then it tilted its head to say to the old mayor, “Old fellow, why are you looking for me? Tell the truth!”

The old mayor had watched as the Void Swallowing Beast and Yu Huang communicated in a strange language just now, so he glanced at Yu Huang and the Void Swallowing Beast curiously. Seeing that the Void Swallowing Beast had asked him a question, the old mayor hurriedly said honestly, “Yu Huang wants to go to Cang Lang City to partic.i.p.ate in the intercontinental finals, but the intercontinental finals will end tomorrow. If we go over now, it’s too late. You’re extremely good at devouring s.p.a.ce and time. If you’re willing to carry them to Cang Lang City, that would be the best.”

The Void Swallowing Beast pursed its lips and said with disdain, “I’m not going! I don’t give rides to just anyone!”

The old mayor felt troubled when he heard this. Just as he was struggling to think of a way to convince the Void Swallowing Beast, he heard Yu Huang say, “If you send us there, I’ll give you the most tender and sweet bamboo to eat. You probably miss the bamboo in your hometown after living in Ice Blazing City for thousands of years.”

When the sweet taste of bamboo appeared in the Void Swallowing Beast’s mind, it immediately compromised and said, “You have to feed me crispy bamboo for a month.”

Yu Huang said, “I’ll ask the mayor to plant a large bamboo forest outside Ice Blazing City, so you can eat it anytime.”

“That’s more like it.”

After the Void Swallowing Beast roared, its body expanded by four to five times.

Staring at the round and wide back of the panda, Yu Huang thought to herself, “Prime Emperor Ice Flame really knew how to enjoy himself. A panda’s back is like a black fur coat, so whether you lie on it or sit on it, it’ll be very comfortable.”

Yu Huang pulled Sheng Xiao onto the back of the Void Swallowing Beast.

The Void Swallowing Beast roared, “Sit properly!”

With a sway of its body, it disappeared from under Ice Blazing City. In the next second, they appeared in a pitch-black s.p.a.ce. Under them, a large number of green crisscrossing lines appeared. These lines were the longitude and lat.i.tude lines.

Sheng Xiao was shocked when he saw this and said, “The Void Swallowing Beast has mastered the Time Jump Technique.” Since Grand Master Beast Tamers could learn the Time Jump Technique, so could Sheng Xiao. However, the Central Continent was too far away from Cang Lang City. If Sheng Xiao used the Time Jump Technique with Yu Huang, his spiritual power would be exhausted when he arrived at Cang Lang City.

Yu Huang naturally knew that this was a Time Jump Technique. She said, “The Grand State Master showed me a Time Jump Technique once.”

Nodding, Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang, “You fused with Prime Master Jing Lan’s skeleton, so logically speaking, your spiritual power should have increased greatly. What is your cultivation level now?”

Yu Huang didn’t hide it from Sheng Xiao. She said, “I’m at the peak of the late-stage Supreme Master Realm and might break through to the Grand Master Realm at any time.”

“Then why didn’t you break through?” After breaking through to the Grand Master realm, Yu Huang would have a higher chance of winning in the Challenger League. This was a good thing.

Yu Huang frowned and said worriedly, “I’m afraid that the Creator will take the opportunity to kill me with lightning.”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

“I’ll break through after the finals. Brother Xiao, you’ll protect me.” After all, Sheng Xiao was favored by the Creator, but she was a rebel.

The fact that they had created their own independent s.p.a.ce was still a secret. Yu Huang didn’t know if the Creator knew about it. If the Creator found out, the Creator would definitely want to kill her, and tribulation lightning was the best way to kill her.

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