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Chapter 1220 Congratulations To The Freshman Yu Huang (1)

Staring at the screen on the screen, Prime Emperor Taixu smiled and said, "I heard that there's a boy who's good at charm techniques among this batch of new students?"

"Yes." A secretary sitting behind them took out an information form and handed it to the Prime Emperor with both hands as he said, "Dean, this is the student's information. His name is Feng Yuncheng, and he's from the Holy Spirit Continent."

After the dean took the information form and saw Feng Yuncheng's full-body photo, the first thing he said was, "This child is handsome and graceful. One look and I can tell that we'll hit it off."

Everyone was speechless.

He didn't have to praise himself so 'implicitly'.

After flipping through Feng Yuncheng's information, the dean placed the information beside the teacup on his right and said thoughtfully, "This year, our academy will add a charm technique cla.s.s."

Everyone was shocked.

"Could it be that you want to take him in as your student?"

The dean nodded and said, "This child is quite pleasing to the eye. Look at these people he has conjured. All of them are beautiful. It'll be a pity if he doesn't cultivate charm techniques." The dean tapped his finger on the table and said decisively, "I'm taking him in!"

Seeing this, everyone envied the man called Feng Yuncheng.

One had to know that when they were still students, Prime Emperor Taixu was already the dean of Cang Lang Academy. At that time, they dreamed of becoming the dean's disciple, but the dean looked down on them. The reason was—

They were so ugly that they would be an eyesore.

The dean liked pretty boys.

"I want to see how talented this child is." The dean opened Feng Yuncheng's exclusive video. At this moment, Feng Yuncheng, who was wearing a sapphire blue silk s.h.i.+rt, was standing at the dark seabed. There were more than three hundred paths under his feet.

Seeing this, the dean nodded and praised, "359 paths. This child is quite talented."

The path under their feet was actually a spiritual consciousness left behind by the senior professors of Cang Lang Academy in the deep sea. When the prospective new students took their first step, they could sense the spiritual consciousness left behind by them in the deep sea. The number of paths that were lit up under their feet represented how many professors they received recognition from.

It was indeed impressive that Feng Yuncheng could obtain the recognition of more than three hundred experienced professors at the same time.

"Look, Jing Jiaren actually comprehended more than five hundred!"

Hearing this, the dean temporarily turned off Feng Yuncheng's screen and looked at Jing Jiaren with everyone else.

Jing Jiaren was standing in the sea with an elegant posture and more than five hundred intermediate paths spread out along the heels of her high heels. Seeing this scene, the recalled, "When Zhan Wuya came to the academy to report, he only comprehended 502 paths."

"That's right." The nodded in satisfaction as he said, "Jing Jiaren obtained 516 paths."

Hearing this, everyone sighed. "As expected of the Jing family's Saintess. She's even more talented than her aunt. The Jing family is getting stronger and stronger with every generation. How enviable."

"Look!" Suddenly, a secretary pointed at the top of the circular screen as she said, "There seem to be more paths under Sheng Xiao's feet than Jing Jiaren's!"

Sheng Xiao?

Everyone was curious about Sheng Xiao when they heard that there was a new student who had awakened the Black Qing Sky Dragon form and could successfully summon the Sky Dragon's undead. Hearing the secretary's words, the administrators looked up at Sheng Xiao's personal screen and saw countless paths spreading out from under Sheng Xiao.

His number of paths far exceeded Jing Jiaren's.

"How many of them are there?!" Everyone was stunned.

After the narrowed his eyes and counted the paths under Sheng Xiao's feet, he was pleasantly surprised and said with a smile, "705."

"705?" Everyone was shocked.

There were only 706 senior professors who had left their spiritual senses in the deep sea.

Sheng Xiao had been recognized by 705 senior professors. How outstanding was he?

"As expected of the reincarnation of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race. His strength is indeed not something ordinary Beast Tamers can compare to." The pointed at Sheng Xiao and said, "With his results, he should get first place in the screening test."

The dean was about to nod in agreement when he suddenly let out a surprised gasp, as if he had sensed something. "Huh?"

"What did you discover?"

The dean didn't say anything, but his gaze quickly swept across the screens. In the end, his gaze stopped at the corner at the top left corner and he said, "Click on Yu Huang's screen."

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