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Chapter 1379 My Appearance Fee Is Very Expensive (3)

"You should have said so long ago. Wouldn't it have been fine?" Zhou Shu smiled. "Since you're so generous, I can't refuse anymore.

"The Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom hasn't launched a large-scale attack yet. I still have some time, so I'll accompany you."

Zhou Shu looked at Mu Zhixing's four incarnations and asked, "Where is the place you found? Is it nearby?"

"It's not nearby. We have to leave the ancestral land and pa.s.s through the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom to reach that place," Mu Zhixing's incarnation said.

It was precisely because they were too far away that they didn't want to keep wasting time.

Otherwise, before they could do anything, they would be teleported to the ancestral land. Then it would take them a long time to rush back.

"It will be a little troublesome to pa.s.s through the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom." Zhou Shu pondered. "It's impossible for Zhan Jingtao to let me enter the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom. He'll probably go crazy once he sees me."

Zhou Shu said, "It's not that I don't want to help, but I can't help."

"That's easy. There are four of us now. If Zhan Jingtao dares to jump out to block the way, we'll show him why flowers are so red!" Mu Zhixing's incarnation said confidently.

Back then, the main body alone held Zhan Jingtao back for a long time.

There were four of them now. Could it be that they were afraid of Zhan Jingtao?

Zhou Shu's lips curled up slightly. "Then, I'll choose to believe you."

If Zhou Shu really wanted to enter and exit the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom, it would naturally be as easy as flipping his hand.

The divine ability Myriad Transformations was not a joke.

But he had no intention of doing so.

In any case, it was Mu Zhixing's matter. If he let Mu Zhixing and Zhan Jingtao fight and disturb the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom again, it would be best. Then, the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom wouldn't be able to attack the human race so quickly.

He could also relax and go to the place Mu Zhixing had discovered to see what it had to do with the Legendary Armament Canon.

Zhou Shu and Mu Zhixing's four incarnations left the ancestral land silently.

But as soon as they entered the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom, they were immediately discovered by the people of the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom.

Dozens of Golden Dragon Guards surrounded them almost immediately.

Zhou Shu was wearing a black robe that covered his face.

The four incarnations of Mu Zhixing looked different from their main body.

Therefore, the Golden Dragon Guards didn't see through their ident.i.ties. But those who came from the ancestral land were all enemies of the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom. It would definitely not be wrong to kill them!

They attacked without saying a word.

Zhou Shu hid behind Mu Zhixing's four incarnations with no intention of attacking.


Mu Zhixing's four incarnations were burning with anxiety. They were in a hurry to explore that place and didn't want to be entangled with the people of the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom at all.

They unleashed their full strength. At this moment, Zhou Shu could see Mu Zhixing's true strength.

He was a genuine Nomological realm expert!

Previously, in the ancestral land, he had deliberately lost to Zhou Shu.

At that time, if he had used his full strength, Zhou Shu would most likely not have been his match.

Mu Zhixing really spent a lot of effort In order to obtain the Freedom Transformation Technique, Zhou Shu thought.

He saw that Mu Zhixing's four incarnations had already completely defeated the dozens of Golden Dragon Guards.

"Who dares to kill my Golden Dragon Guards?!" Zhan Jingtao's angry voice sounded in the distance. Then waves rolled as Zhan Jingtao rushed over.

He was furious.

The Golden Dragon Guards he had painstakingly nurtured had been invincible for many years. In the countless years before, they had lost less than a hundred people.

But this time, they were clearly dealing with a very weak ancestral land, but his Golden Dragon Guards actually died one after another. This was unacceptable to Zhan Jingtao.

His Golden Dragon Guards were not so weak!

"You deserve to die!" Zhan Jingtao approached at an unbelievable speed and immediately saw Mu Zhixing's four incarnations.

He didn't ask for the ident.i.ties of the four of them at all and attacked them as soon as he arrived.

Mu Zhixing's four incarnations were not to be outdone. They turned around and said to Zhou Shu, "Follow us. Let's rush over!"

The four of them could tell what each other was thinking and surrounded Zhan Jingtao.


With a loud bang, waves rolled.

The battle between the five of them allowed almost no one within a hundred kilometers to approach.

They didn't notice that in the rolling waves, a figure was actually secretly collecting the heavenly treasures stirred up by the aftershocks of the battle.

The Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom was a vast sea. In the sea, heavenly treasures were like mineral mines on land, existing on the coral reef islands that could be seen everywhere.

The battle between Mu Zhixing's four incarnations and Zhan Jingtao had shattered countless coral reef islands, and some hidden heavenly treasures were revealed.

Zhou Shu had no intention of interfering in their battle, but he wouldn't let go of these things.

Putting aside what he could gain from going to the place Mu Zhixing had discovered, it wasn't a bad idea to make a small fortune first.

Of course, during this process, Zhou Shu attacked the Golden Dragon Guards many times.

His cheap shots were all covered up by the commotion of the battle between Mu Zhixing's incarnation and Zhan Jingtao. No one noticed.


At this moment, Zhou Shu saw one of Mu Zhixing's incarnations hug Zhan Jingtao's arm and self-destruct.

The power of a Nomological realm expert's self-destruction directly blasted Zhan Jingtao away, revealing more flesh and blood on his body. He looked extremely miserable.

"Let's go quickly!" The remaining three incarnations of Mu Zhixing shouted at Zhou Shu and turned into beams of light that rushed forward.

Zhou Shu shook his head regretfully, but he still followed. Before leaving, he released a beam of sword qi and slashed at Zhan Jingtao.

The Heaven Slaying Sword Art slashed through the waves and sent the injured Zhan Jingtao tumbling. Although the damage was not great, this humiliation made Zhan Jingtao so angry that he was about to explode.

Zhan Jingtao roared, "I don't care who they are. Kill them all! We can't let them leave the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom!"

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