Legendary Armament Canon Chapter 981 - 981 If You Can't Get It, It's Because You're Incompetent (2)

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Chapter 981 - 981 If You Can't Get It, It's Because You're Incompetent (2)

981 If You Can’t Get It, It’s Because You’re Incompetent (2)

Bai Yue hesitated before saying, “After we leave the Origin World, we’ll forget everything here. After we get out, I’m afraid I’ll forget what you said.”

“You’ll forget, but I won’t,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said indifferently. His main body was outside, so he could use the Zhuang Zhou b.u.t.terfly Dream Technique to know everything that happened here.

Bai Yue nodded and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Lord, my bai ze race still wants to continue following the giant spirit race.”

His expression was grave, his eyes determined.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation looked at him meaningfully. “You found out about a lot in the Origin World, didn’t you?”


“Yes,” Bai Yue said. He couldn’t hide it from others. Since he could know the development of the future, the others would definitely know too.

“Okay,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said indifferently. “It’s a good thing that the bai ze race is willing to follow the giant spirit race. In that case, everything will go on as usual after we get out.”

“Thank you, Lord!” Bai Yue was overjoyed.

“Alright, there’s no time to lose. I’ll send you out now,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said.

He closed his eyes and began to connect the karma thread between him and his main body.

His Freedom Transformation Technique allowed him to transform into billions of incarnations. Every incarnation was an independent existence, but there was still a karma thread between an incarnation and his main body.

This karma thread was also a condition to ensure that the billions of incarnations of his Freedom Transformation Technique could become one again.

Through this karma thread, the incarnation could also form a certain connection with the main body.


After an unknown period of time, a vortex suddenly appeared in the dark red sky.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, “Go!”


A roar sounded in the sky, like a thunderbolt from the blue.

Without hesitation, Zhou Shu’s incarnation threw Ling’er into the air.

Ling’er somersaulted in the air and entered the vortex.

The others also soared into the sky and jumped into the vortex.

But after Feng Wu entered the vortex, something suddenly happened.

The vortex instantly collapsed, making Feng Jing, who was following behind Feng Wu, feel left out.

After a long while, he turned to look at Zhou Shu’s incarnation. “You tricked me?”

“It’s not me. It’s your grandson.” Zhou Shu’s incarnation frowned. “The Origin World seems to treat him as someone who entered this place through the normal way, so it affected the pa.s.sage.”

This way, he didn’t know when Feng Wu would appear after he went out.

“Little Brother, open the pa.s.sage again and let me out too,” Feng Jing said anxiously. He didn’t care about Feng Wu. He didn’t want to stay here. He wanted to go out and go home.

“I can’t open it.” Zhou Shu’s incarnation shook his head. He could sense that the Origin World had already been alarmed. It wouldn’t be so easy to sneak out again.

“What do you mean you can’t open it?” Feng Jing looked anxious.

“Literally,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said indifferently. “I can’t open it now. We have to wait for a period of time. Only when the Origin World lets down its guard can I open the pa.s.sage again.”

Feng Jing: “…”

Didn’t that mean he had to stay here for who knew how long? No, it was too dangerous!

“This place isn’t too bad. Feng Jing, let’s become stronger here together,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said.


A thunderclap sounded in the sky, and a powerful aura spread out. All the trees in the forest were impacted by this aura and fell to the ground as if a squall had torn through them.

Ling’er and Bai Yue appeared in the air and fell.

A light enveloped the two of them. The moment the Heavenly Dao True Bead in Ling’er’s arms left the Origin World, it shattered on its own, as if it couldn’t be brought out.

But when the Heavenly Dao True Bead shattered, the light it transformed into still entered Ling’er’s consciousness, allowing her to obtain a cultivation technique.

When Bai Yue stepped onto the ground again, confusion flashed across his eyes. After a while, he slowly came back to his senses.

“We’re back?” He looked at the scenery in all directions, then at the bright sky.

The oppressive dark red sky everywhere had already disappeared. Everything in front of him felt so refres.h.i.+ng and relaxing.

This place is still the best! Bai Yue had never felt that the sun was so comfortable, that the fresh air was so intoxicating.

The next moment, Bai Yue was stunned.

He was horrified to discover that his memories of when he was in the Origin World had not disappeared!

This isn’t right!

Logically speaking, after leaving the Origin World, shouldn’t I have forgotten everything that happened inside?

Why do I still remember?

Bai Yue was deeply confused.

Is it because I didn’t enter and exit the Origin World through the normal way?

“Bai Ze King, long time no see.” A familiar and distant voice sounded in Bai Yue’s ear.

He raised his head, and what greeted his eyes was a face that he would never forget: Zhou Shu of the giant spirit race!

“You’ve changed back your appearance, Lord? Didn’t we just meet?” Bai Yue couldn’t understand.

Zhou Shu smiled without saying anything. His gaze landed on Ling’er, who was absorbing the Heavenly Dao True Bead with her eyes closed.

The little girl from back then had already become a tall and slender lady.

Zhou Shu once again experienced the psychological process of his incarnation—his daughter was gone again.

Even though he didn’t know how long they had spent in the Origin World, Ling’er had already grown up. Clearly, there had been some mistake.

Zhou Shu looked at Bai Yue and was silent for a moment before asking, “Bai Ze King, can you lend me a strand of hair?”

There were two people here, Bai Yue and Ling’er.

He would rather use the Zhuang Zhou b.u.t.terfly Dream Technique to enter Bai Yue’s dream than use it on Ling’er.

That would be too awkward.

Bai Yue had yet to recover from his shock. He subconsciously pulled out a strand of hair and handed it to Zhou Shu.

Zhou Shu used his hair as a guide and used the Zhuang Zhou b.u.t.terfly Dream Technique again. A white light enveloped him.

In the Origin World, Zhou Shu’s incarnation looked ahead without any expression.

Even though he was blocked by s.h.i.+ Changsheng, his face was still expressionless.

“Brother Cang, what a coincidence.” s.h.i.+ Changsheng had a playful smile on his face. “Or should I call you something else, Brother Zhou?”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said in a calm voice.

“The Heavenly Dao True Bead is gone. You’re late,” he continued. “I killed the Heavenly Dao Monster myself and obtained the Heavenly Dao True Bead myself. Brother s.h.i.+, you should know this very well.”

“Let’s not talk about that for now.” s.h.i.+ Changsheng shook his head. “Brother Zhou, that’s not right of you. Is it fun to pretend to be from an ancient race?

“Your transformation divine ability is really impressive. This time, I was almost fooled by you.

“Fortunately, I’m still a little capable.”

“What exactly do you mean?” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said coldly. “You suspect that I’m another person?

“I am Cang Wu from the giant spirit race.”

Zhou Shu’s incarnation looked at s.h.i.+ Changsheng coldly. “If you don’t believe me, I can give you a chance to verify my ident.i.ty.

“If not for the fact that you didn’t gain anything this time and I feel you’re a little pitiful, I wouldn’t have talked so much with you. In our world, the strong prey on the weak. Everything depends on strength. You didn’t get the Heavenly Dao True Bead because you didn’t have the ability. It has nothing to do with me.”

He clasped his hands behind his back, looking confident and calm.

His reaction made s.h.i.+ Changsheng a little uncertain. Could I have made the wrong judgment? That shouldn’t be the case.

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Legendary Armament Canon Chapter 981 - 981 If You Can't Get It, It's Because You're Incompetent (2) summary

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