Legendary Armament Canon Chapter 989 - 989 The Death of Zhou Shu (2)

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Chapter 989 - 989 The Death of Zhou Shu (2)

989 The Death of Zhou Shu (2)

Apart from this, Zhou Shu couldn’t figure out why else Ling’er wanted to avoid him to forge.

After all, Ling’er’s forging techniques were all taught by him, and he had also taught her the Martial Dao.

As for Ling’er herself, she had actually not learned much in the Origin World.

While Bai Yue protected her, he also made her lose some opportunities to gain experience.

This was inevitable. There were gains and losses. With the True Martial Sword and the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception, there was no need for Ling’er to learn other cultivation techniques.


How could the Martial Dao True Beads and Heavenly Dao True Beads in the Origin World compare to the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception?

One of the moves of the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception was enough to make a martial artist become a peerless expert.

While thinking, Zhou Shu flew back to the stronghold of the giant spirit race.

As soon as he entered the stronghold, he saw a familiar person. “Feng Wu? Where did you come from?”

After Bai Yue and Ling’er returned from the Origin World, Zhou Shu had once used the Zhuang Zhou b.u.t.terfly Dream Technique on Bai Yue.

He naturally knew that his incarnation Cang Wu had sent Bai Yue, Ling’er, and Feng Wu back together.

But only Bai Yue and Ling’er had appeared in front of him at the time. Feng Wu had disappeared.

He was still thinking of taking the time to find Feng Wu. He didn’t expect Feng Wu to come looking for him himself.

“Lord…” Feng Wu’s expression was a little strange. He said hesitantly, “Before I came out of the Origin World, I seemed to have taken the wrong path and saw something. When I came out, I couldn’t find the Bai Ze King and Ling’er anymore.”

“You took the wrong path?” Zhou Shu raised his eyebrows. The pa.s.sage of the Origin World was a gap he had opened with the Legendary Armament Canon. There was only one path.

“What did you see?” Zhou Shu noticed the second half of Feng Wu’s first sentence. His focus should be on what he saw.

“I saw…” Feng Wu hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth, lowering his voice, and whispering in Zhou Shu’s ear, “I saw you die in battle, Lord.”

“I died in battle?” Zhou Shu frowned slightly. For some reason, he immediately thought of Ji Lutian.

Ji Lutian, who had returned to ancient times with him, should have come from a later time of the era he lived in.

During that time, Yang Hong was already the King of Men. His elder brother, Mi Ziwen, had become the Invincible G.o.d of War. Even Yin Wuyou and Lu Wenshuang had become the G.o.ddesses of Frost.

Zhou Shu was the only exception.

At the time, Zhou Shu had suspected that there was something wrong.

Before he arrived in ancient times, the human race and the Demon Realm were in a confrontation. Although the human race was at an absolute disadvantage, with Zhou Shu’s strength, it was impossible for the heavenly slaves of the Demon Realm to pose a threat to his life.

In any case, as long as he had the Legendary Armament Canon, his strength would continue to increase. Sooner or later, he would be able to defeat the enemy.

I died in battle?

How is that possible?

Under what circ.u.mstances would I die in battle?

In any case, Zhou Shu couldn’t figure out how he had died in battle.

Especially now that he had cultivated the Freedom Transformation Technique, unless all his incarnations were killed, even if his main body died in battle, as long as one of his incarnations was still around, he could revive again.

This was also the profundity of the Freedom Transformation Technique. When his main body was around, it was naturally his main body. Without his main body, any incarnation could transform into his main body.

If someone wanted to kill him, they had to kill his main body and all his incarnations. Only then would it be possible.

Could anyone do this?

At the very least, no one Zhou Shu knew could do this.

Even those Grotto-Heaven Masters definitely couldn’t do it!

Speaking of which, although Zhou Shu’s current spiritual essence cultivation had yet to reach the Grotto-Heaven realm, his overall strength was definitely at the Grotto-Heaven realm. Although there was a gap between him and Grotto-Heaven Masters, this gap wasn’t irreparable.

If he really encountered a Grotto-Heaven Master, it was really hard to say who would win.

“Feng Wu, tell me in detail,” Zhou Shu asked Feng Wu doubtfully.

Feng Wu pondered and said, “Actually, I’m still a little confused.

“When I left the Origin World, I seemed to have entered a river of time and saw many scenes. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this before, but it’s like a dream. Many people and things flashed before my eyes.

“I don’t know any of those people. Only you, Lord.”

Fear flashed across Feng Wu’s eyes, as if he had remembered something terrifying, and his body trembled slightly.

“I saw you fighting a few very powerful people. It was too scary, too scary, too scary,” Feng Wu muttered repeatedly.

“Do you still remember what those people looked like?” Zhou Shu asked grimly.

“I don’t remember.” Feng Wu shook his head. “No, it’s not that I don’t remember. I didn’t see them clearly.”

He tried his best to remember and said, “There was someone who looked like the sun. His entire body was s.h.i.+ning with light, and I couldn’t look straight at him. Oh right, there was another person. He seemed to have an endless sea behind him, and gigantic waves surged into the sky…”

Zhou Shu frowned slightly. These things sounded like Martial Dao divine abilities, but there were many Martial Dao divine abilities with similar effects. It was impossible to know who Feng Wu was talking about just by relying on these descriptions.

“And then you saw me die in battle?”

“Yes.” Feng Wu nodded. “Those people were really too terrifying. Lord, although you’re powerful, it’s difficult for two fists to defeat four hands. I saw your body pulverized under their attacks.”

“Even if my body was pulverized, it doesn’t mean I died,” Zhou Shu said solemnly. “How can you be sure that I died?”

“One of those terrifying people said that he’s finally dead,” Feng Wu replied.

Zhou Shu frowned and fell into deep thought. Feng Wu’s description didn’t have much value.

The only thing he could be sure of was that at some point, he would be surrounded by some powerful enemies, and his body would be pulverized.

An enemy who could pulverize his body was indeed a little terrifying.

After all, he had reached greater mastery in the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, the Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld Technique, and the Eight-Nine Arcane Art.

Even the bodies of ancient races might not be stronger than his.

Therefore, the enemies were powerful not because Feng Wu’s cultivation was too low.

A few powerful enemies besieged him and pulverized his body. Who could make him give up on escaping and be willing to fight them to that extent?

“Feng Wu, think carefully. Can you remember where I fought those terrifying enemies?” Zhou Shu asked solemnly.

Feng Wu pondered and said, “That place is strange. It’s pitch-black everywhere, as if there’s nothing around. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I was completely attracted by your battle and didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings.

“By the way, I think I heard someone say something.”

Feng Wu imitated the person, “Zhou Shu, even though you’ve survived through ancient times, you won’t be able to escape. Surrender and become one of us. It’s your only way out.”

“Become one of them?” Zhou Shu thought. The other party is a faction? Or… a race?

Zhou Shu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He thought of Ling’er’s abnormal behavior after returning from the Origin World.

Could Ling’er have seen something like Feng Wu?

Is it because she saw my death that she’s unwilling to tell me?

After all, telling a person about their own death wasn’t good news.

If Ling’er also saw the process of my death, is she trying to do something to change the outcome?

Zhou Shu felt enlightened, and his heart warmed.

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