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Chapter 1030  The Domineering King

Without any form of prior information, hint, or a warning… Argos Belomont, the Vampire King also known as the Revenant Sovereign of Vantrea, one of the 4 strongest saints of the present era suddenly showed up at the Conclave of Heroes and suddenly declared himself as the new official representative of G.o.d of Darkness. Shock!


Everyone was completely befuddled after this revelation and could not believe their own ears.

Many Emperors and Empresses as well as the summoned Heroes were shocked beyond belief as this powerhouse made this bold and unexpected proclamation.

"The rule that says a Sovereign cannot be present at the Conclave of Heroes applies only to those who do not serve any of the G.o.ds or backed their respective Heroes in case there is already an empire representing them.

I on the other hand am an exception because I now represent the G.o.d of Darkness as well as my Belmont Kingdom shall now officially back the Hero of Darkness." spoke Argos as he gazed at the Celestial Deity.

"You wrote these rules yourself, O' Celestial Deity, the first to pledge allegiance to G.o.d of s.p.a.ce and the first being of Vantrea to achieve 5th Enlightenment in the Laws of Cosmology.

Tell me, am I still ineligible to be present here?" asked the Vampire King while revealing the truth about the Celestial Deity himself. "No, you are not. I wrote that rule to protect the Heroes and the Emperors of the Empires in case a Sovereign turned hostile and tried to kill them.

There are ways such an individual could harm them without even lifting a finger or attacking them in any form.

But since you proclaim to be the representative of G.o.d of Darkness, I need to see the proof." stated the Deity in a stern and calm tone.

"As you should." said the Sovereign and summoned a star-shaped red object.


Suddenly, an unbearable aura of death and darkness spread across Hesperides and even the Legendary Rank spells, protection barriers, and artifacts couldn't stop the aura from affecting everyone present.

"What the h.e.l.l are you trying to do here?" spoke the Elven Emperor of the Zivot Empire which represented the G.o.d of Life.

"Ah, the Key of Abyss. It's been such a long time since I saw it last. Previously, the Emperor of the Abyss Empire presented it to me after the Conclave of Heroes was agreed upon by the G.o.ds over 3 thousand years ago.

You having this means you have been chosen by the G.o.d of Darkness and represent his will." iterated the Celestial Deity and with one of his 6 palms, he swept away the insurmountable aura of darkness.

"Well, now that it has been established… I would also like to make an announcement.

Since I now represent G.o.d of Darkness in place of the fallen Abyss Empire…

Anyone who dares to touch the Hero of Darkness after he exits from the tower…

Shall meet death at my hands as per the laws of the conclave." declared the vampire in a grim and domineering voice.

Argos Belmont then released his own aura of darkness, no longer hiding the fact that he was a Darkness element user.

"All of you know that one can create the 3rd form of their domain only after you become a 9th stage saint. Many of you can't even survive the 2nd form of my domain so what do you think will happen if I used the 3rd form in order to defend the Hero of Darkness?" spoke the Revenant Sovereign with a smug and sinister tone. "Out of the 12 Emperors and Empresses, barely 3 of you will manage to stay alive when we fight. Even if few of you survived, can you guarantee that your families, your children and wives; along with the Heroes you've brought here as well as some of the most powerful saints of your empires present here will share the same fate?" he kept rubbing salt on their wounds like an overbearing tyrant.

At this exact moment, Havi Hos Sigfreed, the Emperor of the Vulcan Empire telepathically contacted him.

[Just like you ordered, I came here under the pretext of capturing the Hero of Darkness.

You also said I should declare my support to you and Kahn in case things turned sour.

But why are you suddenly revealing yourself as the servant of G.o.d of Darkness instead of keeping it a secret like we agreed last time?] asked the Fireborne emperor.

[Some… unforeseeable predicaments occurred recently.

That's why I had to parley with the Demon Emperor and suddenly come here instead of keeping it hidden since I'm the strongest guardian Kahn can have at this moment.] replied Argos without changing his expression in the slightest.

[So should I also proclaim my support now?] asked Havi.

[No, not now. It's too early. There is someone else who joined our cause recently. So it's better if you both are acting as insider spies in the opposition instead of revealing our alliance prematurely. I can't fully trust the new ally yet and he doesn't know about you already being on my side so I need your help to keep an eye on them.] iterated the sovereign as he too had his reservations about the new alliance he made recently.

[Who is it?] asked Emperor Havi. Argos revealed who this new ally was…


This time, even the Emperor of the Vulcan Empire had trouble hiding his shock.

[Why him?] asked Havi. He didn't move or look in any particular direction to not raise suspicion. [There is a reason, I'll tell you later. But that's why I need you to check if they are truly on our side based on the intel he provides and what you give me about the decisions that will happen after this incident. He can be trusted only if his intel matches with yours after the Empires decide to react and plan on how to deal with Kahn.] explained Argos as he maintained his arrogant expression to the rest.

This conversation occurred in only 8 seconds in real time so no one suspected anything. Havi then decided to not act on their previous arrangements and stood on the side of other opposing emperors and empresses. Argos on the other hand, continued his threatening speech. "h.e.l.l, if there weren't other 3 sovereigns present in this era, I could even kill all of you after leaving the Conclave.

Take my warning lightly and I will lay waste to all of your empires and your Heroes as soon as we leave Hesperides if the Hero of Darkness is killed by any of you here." His arrogant countenance along with a threatening glare sent s.h.i.+vers in everyone's spines. "So tell me… What's it gonna be? Can any one of you bear the consequences?" he asked with a deathly aura spreading from his body.

To his words, not a single one of the opposing empires decided to speak a word as their bodies could not even move at their will, not even the members of the mysterious group created to hunt the Hero of Darkness.

"Good, now stay in line like obedient children." he spoke haughtily, oozing a tyrannical aura.

"Besides, Hero of Darkness shouldn't even be your concern." he made a declaration.

"Why?" asked an Emperor. "How come none of you have noticed it?" he asked with a coy tone.

And next, his gaze turned to Anakin, the Hero of Time as he pointed his finger at the hero.

Without waiting another moment, the Vampire King made another grand revelation at the Conclave of Heroes. "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a Time Regressor. He's come back from the future!"  

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