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Chapter 861 Undeniable Truth

861 Undeniable Truth

Atreus hovered in the sky, stupefied and bewildered as Dorian revealed the person who ordered this slaughter of the remaining victims and soldiers alike. He quickly concluded that this was done solely to bury the hatchet of this incident and not let a member of the Hero's Party become the target of scrutiny and public outrage within the Beast Empire.

"How can this be... Aren't you all supposed to protect them even at the cost of your lives?

What wrong did they do other than being victims of tragedy?

There are even young children and babies among them! Who the f.u.c.k kills a newborn child?!" shouted Atreus, thoroughly outraged.

To his enraged words... Dorian responded in a stern voice.

"A soldier does not ask questions.

He doesn't let his emotions sway him.

He does not make his judgment and he does not disobey.

He simply follows the orders no matter what they are or how inhumane or cruel actions we have to take.

That is the law of the Military." he said with a conflicting mind.

As soon as Atreus heard those words, he wanted to go on a rampage and absolutely beat the s.h.i.+t out of everyone here. Especially Conan who was the cause of this tragedy.


His murderous aura erupted and he decided to act on his instincts.

[Control yourself, boy!]

Right then, Rathnaar spoke to Kahn and brought his mind out of turmoil.

[Do not mess things up when there are only two months left.

You revolting in this situation isn't going to change anything and neither will it bring back the dead.

Let go of your past life's morality. Vantrea is not a world where justice exists for the weak.] he spoke in a berating tone, bringing Kahn back to reality.

"Let's go. We have to report it to the master." said Dorian.

Burying his emotions in his heart... Kahn quietly followed before losing control of himself.

"Tch! What a busybody.?????e??o?el. ?om

Who the h.e.l.l does he think he is to seek justice for the citizens?

Weaklings and poor are just ants waiting to be squashed." scoffed Conan with a look of scorn.

Atreus heard those words but did not react as he quietly left.


This was the imperial order. Something cannot be refuted or disregarded.

If he acted now based on his emotions, he would get into a lot of trouble.

Besides... What difference would it make?

Everyone was already dead. There was nothing he could do and neither was it his place to meddle in this affair.

He was solely sent here to kill Hodag; not to play the role of some Warrior of Justice.


Under the dark and serene environment of the night, Atreus and Dorian returned to Aurelius.

Both of them then met their mentor and reported what happened.

"Dorian, you may leave. Atreus, you stay." spoke Romulus with an astute countenance.

Right after Dorian left, he created a barrier and talked with the shadow disciple.

"You seem aggravated." he said while looking at Kahn's despondent face.

"What the h.e.l.l was that?!" suddenly, Kahn lost his calm and asked.

To his infuriated expression, the heavenly king replied in a serious voice.

"Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for the sake of the empire."

"Bulls.h.i.+t! This wasn't done for some greater good.

It was to bury the incompetence and a huge f.u.c.kup by both Conan and the military.

All those people were ma.s.sacred just for the sake of burying this mess and not some greater good." retorted Kahn.

"And you think that the Empress feels no remorse for ordering that ma.s.sacre?

Do you think the ruling authorities kill people on a whim?

Are you aware of the consequences?" asked the Fenrirborne tribe leader.

"What righteous or justifiable reason could there be to ma.s.sacre the very people you've sworn to protect?" questioned Kahn sarcastically.

"What do you think will happen if this incident reached the ears of the populace across the empire?

Do you think it will just end up with some gossip between commoners while sharing a drink?

No... The aftermath will bring great imbalance of authority, riots and bloodshed." he declared with a domineering countenance.

"To the public, the chosen Hero and the members of his or her party are the epitome of belief and personification of their G.o.d's will.

Many use that faith to get on with their lives. It's what gives them a reason for hope and a will to carry on.

To them... These figureheads are their Salvation." spoke Romulus.

"Whether it's the imperial rule, the church or the temple of the G.o.ds or G.o.ddesses... The hero and their party members are key figures in controlling the

It's something that helps the law enforcement, the temple and the military to keep order.

If this notion is broken... There will be an uprising." he iterated solemnly.

"And what do you think happens when there's an uprising?" he questioned with an agitated gaze.

Kahn on the other end turned silent.

Obviously, he knew the consequences as he clearly remembered what happened years ago when he masqueraded as Azrael.

The result always stopped at great bloodshed and countless lives being lost over the conflict of opinions and societal structure.

"Those who want to use chaos in order to thrive on war will fan the flames till it burns everything and everyone.

Those who are ambitious will use the public's outrage to gain things that they couldn't achieve.

A skirmish for power and authority is never settled on intellectual conversations in the real world.

This isn't some democratic rule where people's opinions are valued.

To those who sit at the top... The lives of the citizens are just 'Numbers' and nothing more." revealed Romulus.

Even Kahn knew that this was nothing but a harsh truth of the world whether it was Earth or Vantrea.

"Hence, to avoid further casualties that would be hundreds of times greater than this... The Empress ordered this matter to be buried.

Kahn suddenly spoke while tightening his fist.

"I already knew what was to be done when you and Dorian were done killing that monster. Yet I sent you there regardless instead of hiding this fact from you." said the master while intently staring at his disciple.

"And before you blame or lecture me on the bounds of morality... Know that things like this have been happening from all across the world no matter which kingdom or empire it is.

It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last." he stated an undeniable fact.

"Have you not taught him anything?" Romulus asked Rathnaar.

Rathnaar then spoke grimly to Kahn.

"There was a time when I also did that.

You may call it oppressing the voice of the weak or saying we're just immoral hypocrites... And it is indeed true from a certain point of view.

But to maintain the peace and power of the empire... We are often forced to make choices and decisions that will haunt us for a long time.

One day... you will also be forced into a situation where you will have to make the same decision as us.

When that day comes, you will understand the plight and the pressure of responsibilities on your should.

If you want to be a great Leader or a War General... Just remember this one thing." said the peak saint as he revealed the harsh truth.

"The hardest choices require the strongest wills."

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