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Chapter 626 Suspicious Activities Behind Lilith's Back

"You ready for some new adventures?" 

Hearing adventure, Ren smiled and woofed happily. Although he didn't understand what Lith meant by that question, he still was happy because he would be with Lith, his master.

Lith chuckled and rubbed Ren's head. He then put some of his spiritual power into the teleportation circle and vanished from the Elven Castle.


Royal Castle, Nightingale.

Lith teleported back home and just as he had his vision turn clear, he saw three smiling faces standing right in front of him.

They were Lilith, Qingyue, and Luna.

"Welcome home, baby." Lilith said.

Lith smiled back and greeted his mother. He went towards her to hug her, but looking at an odd thing in Lith's hands, Lilith became curious and pointing at it, asked,

"That is…"

Lith looked at where his mother was pointing and realising it was Ren, put him up for his mother to see and said, "A puppy."

"Yeah, I can see it's a puppy. But why do you have him?" Lilith was busy while Lith was gone. She didn't have time to see what he was doing and thus didn't know how Lith ended up having a dog.

Luna and Qingyue, standing beside Lilith weren't as curious but were surely a bit interested to know what their Prince was upto.

"Why you ask?" Lith questioned his mother back. He then turned to look at Ren, only to see him have his tongue out and wag his tail happily.

To this day, Lith still had no idea why this guy was always so happy. 

"Yeah, I don't know." He shook his head and answered.

"Hmm?" Lilith was confused.

Holding Ren back in his embrace, Lith didn't clarify his mother's doubts and turned to look at Luna.

"Luna, put the coordinates of Abyssal-h.e.l.l, I need to make a visit urgently."

"What?" Lilith was surprised to hear that. "Why are you going there?" 

"To do suspicious activities behind your back, mom. Why else?" Lith smirked and joked.

Lilith became concerned hearing that. She didn't think Lith was joking and walking close to him, she held his shoulder and looking him in the eyes, said seriously,

"My baby, it's fine to do naughty things in the Elven Castle, but it's not safe in the Demon Castle. Don't even think about going there."

"Eh?" The comment took Lith by surprise. "What do you mean?" He didn't understand and asked.

Lilith shook her head and instead of answering, said, "you shouldn't go to Lucifer's place yet. It's not safe for you. Once you're stronger, you can go and do the naughty, but not now. She'll end up dominating you and you—"

"Wait. Wait. Wait. Pause for a second." Lith immediately spread his hands and said. 

"What is it?" Lilith asked.

'Oh boy, what happened to my mother?' Lith couldn't help but think. Why did she suddenly become so concerned and started giving him a lecture out of nowhere? Also, what even did she mean by domination!?

Lith held his mother's shoulder and looked back at her with the same expression she was looking at him with.

Ren accidentally was dropped due to it but the poor guy held onto Lith's s.h.i.+rt and woofed in pain.

Lith ignored him and looking at his mother, said, "Mama, chill."

"I was joking, there's no naughty thing happening behind your back and—"

"No, no, no." Lilith interrupted Lith and said shaking her head. "I am not asking you to not do the naughty. In fact, I want you to do the 'suspicious things' behind my back, but just not with Lucifer at the moment."

'Oh G.o.d…' Lith felt a headache coming. He dropped all plans to explain things to his mother and not get stuck into mindless conversations, he held Lilith's face and kissed her, sealing her lips shut.

Lilith was surprised with the sudden attack, but then felt happy to have Lith kiss her and reciprocated the feeling by holding his face.

Luna and Qingyue smiled from the sidelines looking at the scene unfold while Ren struggled to not fall down and held onto Lith's s.h.i.+rt with one of his paws.

Lith took his hands off from Lilith's face and took her in for a hug. Having his hands behind her, he gestured to Luna to go put the coordinates and Luna bowed and obeyed.

Once she finished putting the coordinates, Lith broke the kiss and said, "good talk, mom. I'll see you later. Bye." 

He kissed her forehead and immediately held Ren after sending some spiritual power into the teleportation circle.

"Hey—" before Lilith could say things, he vanished from his spot.

After he was gone, Lilith couldn't help but stare at the teleportation circle with concern and say, "My baby is rebelling…" 

She shook her head and continued, "so sad. Anyway, no matter what, if Lucifer dares to put her filthy hands on my baby then…"

Fire blazed through Lilith's eyes as she thought of many ways to torture Lucifer if she did something stupid.

Luna and Qingyue were dumbfounded looking at their Madam and wondered what got to her.


Abyssal-h.e.l.l, Demon Continent.

Under the roaring might of the ever red skies, everything was illuminated with a blood red s.h.i.+ne.

Atop a mighty hill, at the end of the scarlet lake, there stood a castle so holy yet so cursed that the onlooker couldn't avert his eyes.

The path to the castle was filled with dangers as wyverns and demonic beasts roamed through them. Some jumped from the scarlet lake, going from one end of the path to other while some squirmed over the leading pavement.

Guarding the path was a three-headed sleeping beast, hiding its claws but ready to slash the oncoming visitor with ease.

The demonic and chaotically serene atmosphere that Lith looked at seemed as if he had been transmigrated to a fantasy world.

ƥαṇdαηθνε| He wouldn't lie, even though everything was so so majestic and fantasy-like in this world, even though he had seen many beautiful things ever since his birth, this place…

It topped them all.

Today Lith really felt as if he was in a proper fantasy setting and it made him have a good impression of his aunt Lucifer.

He wouldn't lie, his aunt sure got a good taste in things.

Sightseeing with Ren, he roamed this place while being careful. This was the Demon Queen's territory and even though she was stupid, her prowess couldn't be underestimated.

Just as Lith roamed around for a few steps, he was stopped by a melodious and sweet voice.

"Your Highness the Vampire Prince, please don't roam around." 

"Hmm?" Lith and Ren both looked back, hearing the sweet voice.

As Lith had a look at who the person that interrupted him was, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

It was a tall lady having short green hair with fiery blue ends. Her eyes were slightly slanted and she appeared to be in her late 20s.

What was more fascinating about her was she wore a top that had no sleeve at one side and a half sleeve at the other.

At the sleeveless place, there were amazing tattoos spiralling down all over her hand. She also wore a silver earring and a nose ring which only ended up adding to her charms.

"You are?" He asked, suppressing his surprise while looking at this modern gothic lady.

"Adriel, the Demon Queen's secretary." She answered professionally.

"Oh, I see." Lith nodded.

Having introduced herself, Adriel continued, "This place is dangerous, roaming around would case harm. I do not know why the Prince has appeared here, but now that you're here, please come with me to the castle."

"The coordinates were wrong?" Lith asked curiously.

Adriel started walking towards the castle and without looking back, answered, "probably. Please start following me and do not be more than ten steps away." 

"Alright." Lith nodded and started walking with Adriel.

As he walked behind Adriel, Lith saw the demonic beasts scram away in fear. To his knowledge, he could guess that these beasts were all too high level. Probably all being King Rank and above.

He saw some Half Emperor Tier beasts in the mix as well and this made him wonder, 'are there Supreme Tier beasts here as well?' 

Well, that wasn't possible because Emperor Rank beasts were already sentient and had a humanoid form.

They may not choose to be in their humanoid form was a different matter, but they surely were sentient and no sentient being would want to be a slave of someone.

As he continued to walk further with Adriel and reached the entrance of the path to the castle, the sleeping three-headed beast woke up to see visitors and finding someone strange, glared at Lith with a serious glint in its eyes.

Lith looked at it calmly and Adriel, watching the beast to have woken up, raised her hand and was about to put it to sleep when...


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