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Chapter 1827: Seal

“This place is…” Zu An said in surprise. He hadn’t expected to encounter such a splendid and magnificent scene.

“This is the lowest floor of the great tomb,” Jing Teng explained.

“Why don’t I see any prisons or monsters?” Zu An asked as he looked around. He just felt as if he were among the heavens.

He noticed that all of the shooting stars seemed to be spinning around a single larger star. However, that star was clearly a bit dim.

When he stared at it, he realized that it was no star at all, but rather a talisman. It wasn’t like w.a.n.g Youjun’s Red Radiance Yellow Talisman, which released a sinister energy, nor was it like Sun En’s Record of High Firmament, that gave off a domineering air. This talisman had a neutral and peaceful aura. Looking at it felt like being brushed by a gentle breeze while being bathed in warm morning sunlight.

However, there seemed to be a layer of cracks on its surface, as if the talisman would split in half at any moment. No wonder it looked dull and l.u.s.terless, on the brink of destruction.

“Do you really want me to be a monster?” Jing Teng asked with a smile. She was gorgeous to begin with, and now that she was bathed in stellar light, it was as if a faint veil had been cast over her surroundings. She was even more beautiful than the stars around her.

Zu An couldn't help but sigh, replying, “If even a monster could be as beautiful as you, why would people be scared of monsters?”

When she heard him praise her beauty, Jing Teng was really happy. However, on the surface, she couldn't help but say, “Says who? There are some monsters who are really beautiful, you know? For example, the ancient Heavenly Devils were all remarkably beautiful, but cultivators of the world all tremble at the sound of their name.”

Zu An had heard of the legend of the Heavenly Devils. It was rumored that once one reached a certain cultivation rank, a Heavenly Devil would appear to corrode their mind. If a cultivator gave in to the temptation, that Heavenly Devil would devour their soul.

He looked calmly at Jing Teng and said, “Heavenly Devils are definitely not as beautiful as you.”

Mi Li, who had actually been perking up her ears the entire time even though she was supposed to be asleep, couldn't help but scoff. “Playboy!” She turned over in the special bed she had made and fell asleep again.

A shy look flickered across Jing Teng’s face as she pulled Zu An forward with her.

Suddenly, Zu An’s expression changed. His entire body started shaking intensely. He hadn’t felt anything when he was descending the staircase, but after he took a few steps, he felt boundless might cras.h.i.+ng down on him. While the previous terrifying floors made his fine hairs stand on end, it was hard for him to even breathe on this floor.

In that instant, all of the stars in the sky seemed to have come alive. They released endless brilliance, forming a great constellation map formation. It seemed to have targeted him.

Zu An had previously only appreciated the beauty of the stars, but at that moment, he sensed terrifying power coming from him. Endless pressure rushed at him from all directions. His body caved in, and if it hadn’t been endlessly tempered by the Primordial Origin Sutra, he would already have been crushed into powder by the pressure. He finally understood. What beautiful constellation? This was the core of the great tomb’s seal, the very thing that was subduing the terrifying monsters in the tomb.

“I’m done for…” he muttered. Endless ideas pa.s.sed through his mind in that instant, but there wasn’t a single one that could help him out of this predicament. Unless…

He was about to move when a pair of soft lips pressed against his, bringing with it a light, fragrant breeze. It was Jing Teng’s aura. A cool strand of energy entered him from her lips. For some reason, when she embraced him, the terrifying pressure around him immediately decreased by a great deal.

Zu An’s eyes widened. He was full of curiosity, because Jing Teng’s cultivation was beneath even his. Why was it that she seemed completely fine before the terrifying great formation’s pressure?

Still, regardless of the reason, she had helped him pa.s.s through this trial.

“Come on, don’t look at me like that… I’ll get embarra.s.sed…” Jing Teng said when their lips parted, bashfully looking away.

“Why…” Zu An began to ask when that terrifying pressure rushed at him again.

Jing Teng raised her head nervously and said, “Kiss me!” She didn’t wait for Zu An to react and got on her tiptoes to kiss him again.

Perhaps it was just because those red lips were soft and sweet, but Zu An felt that the terrifying pressure had decreased substantially again. Now that they were so close to each other, he could clearly see her eyelashes trembling slightly. She was really nervous and embarra.s.sed, and not as fiery and bold as she looked on the surface.

When he sensed her underripe movements, Zu An instinctively took the lead. He gently guided her and taught her… When had Jing Teng ever experienced such a thing before? She moaned, and her entire body melted in his arms like water.

Their lips only separated again after a long time. Zu An was about to say something when he groaned. The endless pressure attacked again, and this time, a strand of blood couldn't help but trickle out from his mouth. He was stupefied. What was going on? It was fine when they were kissing, but things turned bad again as soon as they parted. Could it be that he had to continue to kiss Jing Teng in order to endure the current situation?

If not for the fact that he already understood Jing Teng’s nature from traveling together all this time, he would even have wondered if Jing Teng had done something to him on purpose.

Jing Teng was alarmed and quickly kissed him. Then, she said through ki transmission, “Big brother Zu, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this place to harm you so much. I thought that since you were human, this formation wouldn’t work on you. I’ve never brought anyone here before and didn’t know that this kind of situation would happen. Sorry…”

When he heard her incoherent explanation, Zu An couldn't help but smile. He replied, “Why would I blame you? Besides, I can kiss the incomparably beautiful Miss Teng. I should actually be thanking this great formation.”

“Ugh…” Mi Li groaned, having woken up because of the great formation’s terrifying pressure. She held her chest and looked as if she was about to throw up. However, when she saw that Zu An was fine for the time being, after some hesitation, she gave Jing Teng a look before going back to sleep again. This formation was too terrifying. If she left the Tai’e Sword, perhaps she would also be sealed here.

What is that d.a.m.n Zu An brat up to? He always ends up in the most dangerous places. Just how many times has it been already? He’s really going to drag me down with him sooner or later…

When she heard Zu An’s romantic words, Jing Teng’s fair and white face became completely red. She couldn't help but give Zu An a look of playful protest and said, “I think I now know why you have so many women around you…”

Zu An was speechless. This was a situation where a single wrong reply could have unpredictable results, so he decisively changed the topic. “What do we do now? Could it be that we’re just going to have to continue kissing each other like this?”

Jing Teng’s face became even redder as she said, “Actually, just kissing isn’t enough.”

“Then what do we do?” Zu An asked.

In truth, he could sense that as well. For a while, even though the kissing could lessen the pressure, it hadn’t been able to completely eliminate it. He could still sense endless pressure surging from all directions; it was simply a bit weaker than before. It was only because his body was powerful that he could endure the remaining pressure. If it were anyone else, they would already have been flattened.

Jing Teng looked at him with starry eyes, asking, “Big brother Zu, do you like me or not?”

“Of course I like you. It’s just…” Zu An began.

Along the way, perhaps because that seed of ambiguity had been planted during the Ghost Bride incident, their relations.h.i.+p had been moving much more quickly than usual despite the uncertainties that remained. Furthermore, Jing Teng was stunning, tender, and beautiful as a peony. Perhaps no man could resist her charm. Even so, Zu An had to admit that the time they had spent together was too short. It was hard to really say that they were madly in love.

He almost slapped his own mouth just then. If he said such things in this situation, he’d have to be an idiot! Still, he didn’t want to fool her.

“It’s enough that you like me. I’m already really happy,” Jing Teng said, merely smiling sweetly and pressing her lips against his. Then, she continued, “In order for you to not be harmed by this great formation, the only way will be to ensure our auras are completely intertwined.”

Zu An was stunned, asking, “How do we do that?”

Jing Teng clearly began breathing quickly, but she quickly strengthened her resolve. She moved over to the corner of Zu An’s lips and licked the bit of blood away, then said in a soft voice, “I’ll teach you…”

Then, she held his hand and placed it in her collar. Her dress gradually slid off and formed a blossoming flower as it landed onto the ground.

A quick look at ????????.??? will leave you more fulfilled.

Zu An’s breath quickened. In that instant, the brightest thing in this room was no longer the stars, but rather this woman who looked like a sculpture made from fine white jade. His gaze quickly landed on her lacy white stockings. They really wrapped perfectly around her straight and well-proportioned legs, looking pure yet seductive.

“Do you like it?” Jing Teng asked shyly. The pink tint on her face made her look extremely alluring.

“I do,” Zu An said, feeling his voice grow hoa.r.s.e.

Jing Teng smiled, then kissed him again. Her breath was like the fragrance of orchids, her lips sweeter than honey. However, everything about her was too underripe. After her initial brazenness, she didn’t seem to really know what to do now.

Zu An gently took her slender waist into his arms. He kissed her small and delicate ears and said, “I think I should teach you instead.”

Pah pah pah!

Above, in Immortal Ruler Baopu’s burial room, Chu Chuyan was pounding a medicinal pestle. There was a bit of fine sweat on her temples, and her teeth were gritted as she used all her strength to mix the item in the pot.

Yan Xuehen nodded slightly and said, “Chuyan, use a bit more force. Only if you completely crush it through 981 continuous movements can you fully bring out the medicinal force of this pill.”

As she spoke, she added some bright and glistening petals in. They were spiritual flowers from White Jade Sect’s medicinal garden. Their nectar could aid in the healing of internal and external injuries, and bring out the medicinal force of a spiritual herb. It turned out that the group was injured from the earlier battle, so Yan Xuehen had taken out some of the White Jade Sect’s medicine to distribute to them.

Chu Chuyan voiced her understanding and used even more strength.

Pff pff pff!

The tender and beautiful flower petals and medicine that was full of spiritual essence were quickly mixed into a medicinal paste.

Chu Chuyan divided the medicinal paste among the group, then asked Yan Xuehen worriedly “Master, do you think Ah Zu is in danger?”

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