I Am the Fated Villain Chapter 478-2: A drop of unimaginable forbidden blood, The invitation of war (2)

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Chapter 478-2: A drop of unimaginable forbidden blood, The invitation of war (2)

At this moment, in a void like a broken universe. One after another, terrifying figures like Demon G.o.ds stood upright, shrouded in chaotic mist, covering the sky and the earth.

The terrifying aura surged in this mysterious s.p.a.ce, which was depressing, causing the soul to burst. Many Supreme beings from the Upper Realm had gathered here, and they were discussing many intense things.

During the mood swings, it seemed to be surging like a vast sea, making the stars tremble like dust.

“Before the arrival of the army from the Upper Realm, I will not act rashly. It is estimated that the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions are also recruiting manpower to prepare for a large-scale counterattack.”

An old-fas.h.i.+oned Enlightened being slowly uttered. He, who became famous thousands of years ago and had great prestige in the Upper Realm.

“Should we just wait for this group of ants from the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions to jump around? Every day the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions are not leveled, I feel uncomfortable all the time…”

“Why did we spend countless years in this Realm? Isn’t it because of the relations.h.i.+p between the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions?”

Another Enlightened being interrupted, his face was very cold as his whole body was wrapped in a layer of dim light. He came from the Ancient Ten Thousand Races, he was the Ancestor of a Clan, with light blue scales.

There were two bright dragon horns on his head, flowing with a terrifying aura of annihilation. At this moment, his words were filled with murderous intent, and he had never experienced such emotional fluctuations in millions of years.

“I’m sure I won’t let the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions be proud for long.”

“Although I can’t make a move now, it’s a good choice to let the younger generation suppress and kill their younger generation. I think the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions will definitely fight, and I dare not lose face.”

“Now Gu Changge’s destruction of the Nine Great Mountains is a good opportunity to hit the morale of the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions!”

An Enlightened being said indifferently, the stars and rivers above his head trembled, and changed dramatically as his thoughts changed. Obviously, he had long been concerned in his heart. It was not that he would relax his attack on the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions just because of this.

What he said instantly made the other Enlightened beings narrow their eyes, think of something, and smile. And at this time, outside this s.p.a.ce, there was a wave of fluctuation from the s.p.a.ce tearing suddenly.

Gu Changge walked over and appeared, just in time to hear what they said.

“This method is not bad, and according to the usual practice, we can just wait for all the heroes, and they still need some experience, so we can use the geniuses of the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions for their training.”

He nodded slightly, with a smile on his face, and agreed. Seeing Gu Changge’s arrival, many Enlightened beings here couldn’t help being shocked. If it wasn’t for Gu Changge tearing up the s.p.a.ce and deliberately creating momentum, otherwise they would never have sensed when he arrived.

Although they were just a dharma body right now, such a method really shocked them. Their guesses about Gu Changge’s strength also made them fearful.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Since the old guys in the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions are afraid of death, those young people will definitely not be able to bear it, and this is also a good way to greatly damage their fighting spirit.”

“The Eight Desolations and Ten Regions are used to peace, how can the geniuses on their side compare with the geniuses on our side who have fought all the way!”

Since Gu Changge said so, all Enlightened beings discussed it for a while, and they all felt that this method was the best at present. Eight Desolations and Ten Regions would definitely agree.

Choosing to retreat at this time would definitely shake the morale of the army for them.

“Now it’s difficult for me to wait for my true body to arrive, so the overall situation here can only be handed over to Young Master Changge first!”

“With you stepping forward, I can rest a.s.sured” Several Enlightened beings nodded and added in a little solemnity.

“Then it’s decided, I’m going to fight against the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions.”

Gu Changge’s eyes flashed strangely when he heard this, and then he smiled.


He probed this s.p.a.ce with his big hand, and immediately caught a huge amount of starlight. The aura of Dao flowed, converging into an endlessly bright pen.

A word of war!

As he wrote down the stroke, the word immediately broke through the s.p.a.ce and flew towards the direction of Heavenly Lu City in the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions with a roar of terror that trembled in the world.

This was the word of the Great Dao, with the laws of heaven and earth as pen and ink, every word and sentence contained great majesty.


Soon, the brilliant battle word tore apart the sky and was reflected in the Heavenly Boundary Abyss. Blowing the monstrous fog, with the endless chain of laws and order, made all the monks shake and tremble in their hearts.

“This is the Lord’s breath…”

In the depths of the battlefield, a terrifying figure, shrouded in thick fog, looked like an Immortal G.o.d of War. The fluctuations he radiated made the sky tremble, and it was so powerful that it was boundless.

The aura alone suppressed all the cultivators’ faces, and they were almost out of breath. The tremor came from the soul. This was the power of the Emperor realm, overlooking the world, emotions alone could cause changes in the world.

He usually spoke rarely, full of endless majesty. But feeling this aura at this moment, he couldn’t help showing respect.

In Alpha’s hand, the surface of the Immortal Slaying Gourd was shrouded in blood, and streaks of smoke pierced through the sky and were engulfed by the mouth of the gourd. All the dead bodies, and the life substances in them, including the origin, evil spirit, murderous spirit, blood, etc., could all be acc.u.mulated in the Immortal Slaying Gourd.

There was no doubt that the crops of cultivators who came to the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions had all died and buried here. The mighty army of the Upper Realm stopped in the sky outside the Heavenly Boundary Abyss.

Boundless, as far as the eye could see, the number exceeded several trillion and the power was so great that it changed the color of the world. As for the cultivators below the Sacred Realm, there were even more cultivators. Their bones had dyed the desert red. The scene was extremely cruel.

Plains, mountains, abysses, all terrains trembled. There was a sound of fighting, not very loud, but earth-shattering as if the whole world was about to collapse. Of course, this was the best nouris.h.i.+ng place for the Immortal Slas.h.i.+ng Gourd!

“Knowing that this battle is difficult and dangerous, but I, a cultivator of the Eight Desolations, have no fear, so what about the word war?”

In a distant place, the voices of Enlightened beings from the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions went very cold. The terrifying fluctuations emitting from them confronted each other in a distant land.

Enlightened beings did not easily engage in wars. But now, many cultivators who were fighting with the army of the Upper Realm trembled all over as they were cold from head to toe.

At this time, the Upper Realm issued a word of war. Could it be that it was planning the final decisive battle? And from the word war, they felt a terrifying murderous intent.

Just a wave of fluctuations could cause many powerhouses to explode. Many cultivators and creatures became uneasy. After all, the final decisive battle meant facing a full-scale attack from the Upper Realm.

At that time, Heavenly Lu City was likely to be breached, the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions would fall, and everyone would die. Soon, behind Heavenly Boundary Abyss, a group of old antiques appeared, observed the word war, and finally came to a conclusion and their faces turned ugly.

“The Upper Realm intends to send the younger generation to fight with us. This is a letter war.” Old Antique from an ancient family said with a heavy expression.

“Does the Upper Realm want us to know that even the younger generation can suppress us?” In an instant, many people reacted and were furious.

Especially the younger generation on the side of the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions were even more furious, wis.h.i.+ng to rush forward and fight with the Upper Realm.

However, the older generation calmed down very quickly, their complexions turned a little pale, and they understood that this was a conspiracy from the Upper Realm.

Whether it was accepted or not, it would be a heavy blow to the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions. The younger generation in the Upper Realm were obviously much stronger than the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions.

This battle would be very difficult, and they would even have to send in the talents from other generations. Then, the mighty Eight Desolations and Ten Regions army began to retreat as they returned to the War Fortress, hiding in the monstrous fog in the Heavenly Boundary Abyss.

After some discussion, a powerhouse from the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions appeared, and received the letter of war outside Heavenly Boundary Abyss, agreeing that half a month later, the two realms would fight!

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