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Chapter 1730 Soul Protection Item

Date- 16 April 2321

Time- 10:38

Location- Card World, Way Beyond, ????, Secret Hideout 

In his long life span, Handsome Fox's unique ability has never failed him. So imaginably he was astonished to see that his unique ability had no effect on Ezra. He did not believe that there was a problem with his ability. He believed the problem was Ezra, his target. 

"Turns out you have quite a powerful trick up your sleeve, no wonder you were so confident," After having used his ability repeated on Ezra, Handsome Fox soon deduced why his unique ability had no effect on Ezra.

It turns out Ezra's demon core was being protected by a strong protective casing, It was so strong that the roots of his seed were not able to penetrate it and reach Ezra's soul. Unable to reach Ezra's soul, the seed was not able to pa.s.s his hypnotic suggestion to Ezra. As such his unique ability had no effect on Ezra. 

"What's going on?" Muth Diya asked Handsome Fox listening to his words. He was worried that Ezra's elder might have given him some item to protect himself which was why Handsome Fox's ability was having no effect on him. He was also relieved at the same time because if this were truly the reason why Handsome Fox's ability was not working on Ezra, as long as they robbed Ezra of the item given to him by his elder, they were golden. 

"It seems the dwarf has a high-level item that protects his soul, it must be a trinket from his elder to protect. We will have to strip him of it for my ability to work on him," Handsome Fox answered. 

This time Handsome Fox did not ignore Muth Diya because the only thing he had going for him in the faction after selling them the rights to the card world for a more than generous reward was his unique ability. If his unique ability were of no use then he really had very little to be proud of in front of Muth Diya. Which he could not stomach so he answered him to validate himself.

"Score," Muth Diya exclaimed as an item with the ability to protect its user's soul and the capability to defend against a demiG.o.d's unique ability was worth a fortune. However, only a fool would sell it instead of using it themselves.

Handsome Fox ignored Muth Diya, inwardly wondering what was he happy about. As he was going to keep the item for himself. After all, he was doing most of the work here. Without him, the mission would be a bust. Since his contribution to the mission was the most it was only fair that he gets to keep the soul protection item when they were sharing the merits and rewards from the faction for completing this mission equally. 

"Um…" Handsome Fox frowned as he felt Muth Diya's spiritual sense cover Ezra as he blatantly searched the dwarf's body for the treasure. He was annoyed by Muth Diya's action but he chose to stay silent and used his spiritual sense to find Ezra's storage item. 

After a good five minutes, unable to find anything on Ezra's body except for his clothes, both Handsome Fox and Muth Diya asked Ezra in unison, "Where are you hiding your storage item?" 

"You guys are stupider than I thought you were if you really believe that I will just tell you where I am hiding my storage item," Wyatt shook his head listening to the devil and demiG.o.d duo. 

Wyatt did not like the duo probing him with their spiritual sense but he had no choice but to endure it. Not because he was trapped but because he was conducting an experiment on the numerous hypnotic suggestion seeds that had latched on to calamity soul gem trying to break through its protective covering. 

The experiment Wyatt was conducting was the various methods the Hive AI had come up with to remove the seeds and their roots of Handsome Fox's origin card from the victim's body without harming them. Even though the surrounding s.p.a.ce was scrabbled to stop him from using the inter-realm travel function of devil merchant code, Wyatt could still level here whenever he wanted to but he stayed because right now his body was the best subject for him to test the various contingencies against Handsome Fox's ability. 

As of now, Susan, Corey, Bloodette, and Cortney have fallen prey to Handsome Fox's ability, there would be more if he did not find a permanent solution for his origin card. Wyatt also found that Handsome Fox could learn the victim's location from anywhere in the card world using the roots in their body, this made it more of a priority for him to remove not just the seed in Susan's body but the roots in Corey, Bloodette, and Cortney's body. Not to mention he could only awaken Corey Park in Corey Bright's t.i.tle demon core by removing these roots from her body. All Five of them were his trusted friends, therefore he needed to do his best to find the most efficient method to remove Handsome Fox's abilities from their bodies along with a permanent solution against Handsome Fox's origin card.

"Is it in his demon merchant codex's inventory or something?" Handsome Fox asked Muth Diya as he was not well informed about the demon merchant codex. 

"No, that is not a thing," Muth Diya scoffed. 

"Well his elder has shared his executive VVIP Member of the Infinity Libary status with him, they have all sorts of exclusive privileges maybe storage must be one of them," Handsome Fox did not believe it to be true but he said to defend himself.

"It is possible," Muth Diya had no choice but to agree with Handsome Fox when he put it that way. As a Ruler cla.s.s organization, the Infinity Library had a very close relations.h.i.+p with the devil merchant code so it would be a surprise if they had inventory or storage privileges that the rest of the devil or demon merchant could not enjoy. 

"Well, what do we do now?" Handsome Fox asked 

Muth Diya thought for a second and then said, "He is awfully quiet for a change, maybe that might not be the case."

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